Friday, August 15, 2008

what a day...

Oh boy!!
or rather..
Oh Girl!!

Today it rained.. of course it did.. weve had nothing but rainy days for 2 or 3 weeks straight!! The grass path next door (short cut to shops) is a sloppy, slippery mud path now... its almost like walking on ice, but its mud?!

All week ive been at home, finish the 11am-midday feed and then off to the shops, as a pram ride will normally put alyssa straight to sleep. But today i had no urge to go out! I thought id see how we all would cope being stuck inside with the rain. (seeing as Tia has been told to clean her room all week, yet being out so often for so long, means its still in a bombshell state..)

This is how my day went;
Feed alyssa 6.45am, burp, she fell asleep in our bed, get out of bed without waking alyssa. Have quick shower, get bra off clothes line, get dressed fully, make coffee, drink coffee, alyssa wakes up, finish feeding alyssa, burp, she falls asleep, put her down on couch, find all the bowls have not been washed by the dishwashing faeries change brekkie plans, alyssa wakes up and cries, make brekkie, scoff it down while settling alyssa with a dummy. place alyssa in the pram, quickly pick up mess off the floor thats been there all week, move boxes, put a quick load of washing on, vac the floor, settle alyssa, change nappy, play with alyssa and tia. think about lunch, feed alyssa watching dr phil, alyssa falls asleep in cot, phone rings 3 times and stops & washing machine beeps alyssa wakes up (of course while im on the toilet, when else do home phones ring?! lol) settle alyssa, eat icecream.. change nappy, feed alyssa, successfully get off couch and walk to bedroom without waking alyssa, put alyssa down in cot, alyssa wakes up instantly, settle alyssa, alyssa sleeps 10mins, alyssa wakes up.. and now its 5.30pm! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubby comes home.. alyssa falls asleep

Nori update **** she is in heat AGAIN!**** FULLY INSANELY IN HEAT!
Tom cat has pee-d out the front & is stinking out my house (having serious thoughts bout getting one of those automatic every 15mins room spray things) and i thought male mice STANK! (like 10 male mice.. but no this tom cat STINKS!) The tom calling doesnt bother me, when im asleep i have the ability to sleep thru james alarm going off (at the moment anyways).. just cant sleep thru alyssa starting to wake or alyssa crying (which james can sleep thru) Previously didnt know there was any other cats on our street.. so no idea what this tom looks like.. The tom has found Nori as she has been outside a fair bit.. and today i did not want to deal with all 3 girls wanting my attention, all 3 making noise.. 2 is enough!! Id just like Nori to fall preggy have her kittens and get her desexed!! which is what ive wanted from the start (the desexing bit.)

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

1 handed post

one of these days i will finish a post i start... Alyssa is a month old. it seems to have gone fast in some aspects and in others just seems to drag on... mainly getting her to sleep during the day NOT in my arms!! she will fall asleep in the pram, so the past 2 days ive been out shopping, walking 4 hours.. its waaay 2 cold 2 walk outside for that long specially out that late.. yes shopping for 6hrs!!!!!!!!

been trying 2 get tia's room more organised, with tubs for toys.. hoping it will then stay miraculously clean.. she is on a tv ban until its cleaned.

nori with her winter coat is driving me insane leaving hair everywhere and anywhere..

hubby been cooking dinner, unless alyssa is blissfully asleep at that time.. very rare tho. he did a nice chicken curry one night and steamed dim sims the next..

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let the Games begin...

Well im pretty sure the olympic games opened last night.. im glad the rowing dude got the flag holding rights, i did hear the aussies would march out 1am our time.... i wonder just how many people stayed up that late to watch it? (i believe china is roughly 2hrs behind?)
and thats about it.. that i know bout the olympics. Wish the athletes well and all those who breathe the air over there!

Today ive woken up late, gone shopping, been out weeding & watching dvds... Ive noticed that theres a good reason to watch channel 10 during the olympics as they are giving away money each day, not sure on the details tho.

We bought season 3 of battlestar galactica today and have been re-watching our old Ghost in the shell, stand alone complex boxset since we have our old 5.1 surround sound system back!!! :D I also have sex in the city season 5 (miranda has a baby episodes..)

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alyssa Grace easy arrival birth story 14/07/08

Thank You Maria for the cute bunny hat & slippers!

Alyssa grace easy arrival 14/07/08
(or at least i think it was, lol)

Hubby and I had spent the weekend yet again trying to bring the labour on... only to get tons of pre-labor pains that would last all day.. just being a pain! In the end it left me tired and cranky! Monday arrived and i asked hubby to chuck a sickie, i wanted him to stay home with me. (so he did, just so happened he wasnt feeling great and had a headache that wouldnt leave even with pain killers) I decided that i would avoid anything that would bring on those pains, so sex, curries, walking were off the list! I had a huge urge to clean the windows and frames in our bedroom behind our blinds that i had noticed bots of mould starting to grow and used alot of undiluted tea tree oil. I started getting pains, i was somewhat excited and somewhat skeptical. I hadnt done anything on purpose, maybe it was going to be this time? I kept cleaning those windows! (theres alot of them in our room)
The pains were starting to last longer and get more painful!
I kept going to the toilet, keen on seeing a show! But with no luck!
I finished on the windows and started to play a bit of uno on the xbox360 to take my mind of it, like i did the other times...until it got really painful!! I finally had a show and was thrilled!!! woohoo!!!!! i then puked (how lovely) and hubby said he would clean it up.. (well i wasnt going to!)

The bub was on its way.. when a contraction hit, i closed my eyes, leant over the baby change table in our room or on the walls if i was in the hallway, swinging my hips around helped deal with the pain. I tried remembering that the pain was ok, not to panic and that it would soon be all over and finally we would know the sex of the baby and be in awe of that precious little bundle we had been waiting to meet! I also kept thinking to myself "darn whoever, whatever said, that you will know youre in full blown labour when your asking yourself why am i doing this again?" (this is bub & pregnancy number 2) I was certainly doing that, why did i choose to get pregnant again?! Why did i choose to re-live this pain?

I asked hubby to time the contractions and not to tell me what they were. When i asked 20-30mins later he said they were coming every 3-5mins and lasting 2minutes! ouch! He rang the labour-phone for the hospital... to which the midwife asked to speak with me, she started asking me for my info and another contraction hit and i passed the phone back to hubby without saying anything really but "oh God!" i felt pretty pissed off that for some reason my hubby wasnt good enough for them to get stupid stuff like my birth date and all that.. why they were asking again, i have no idea.. i was in the computer, been to my appts.. I didnt want to talk to them thats for sure, not when there was someone not in pain who could give them the info they were asking.

Hubby called up his bosses wife to please come get our girl (5yo) to look after (awesome people) she turned up half hour later with her grandkids in tow, much to the pleasure of our daughter! not only was her baby sis/bro on the way but now she would get to play with some kids while she waited!

Hubby then called up a taxi and it arrived pretty quick. I did alright on the 10min trip to the hospital, the bumps sucked (if only hospitals had a entrance to the hospital purely for women in labour that didnt have speed humps/bumps!!!!!) I didnt puke or have my waters break, so that was a relief!!! ROFL!

Arrived at the midwife desk at the ward and was directed into a small consult room. Where they wanted to ask more questions! Excuse me id like to fracking give birth and im still getting questioned?! argh!!!!!! I then found the results of my strep b test was negative (phew! Yay me!) I was then told again about not to be stupid, if i was bleeding bad they would give me the synto injection that i didnt want in my birth preferences. I did bring along my prenatal sheet and my birth preferences but for some reason hubby never handed them over.. My Bp was checked & was fine. The baby heartbeat was fine. It dragged out pretty long due to the contractions.. i was feeling them in my back mostly now and it really was painful. The midwife kept asking me if i wanted saline injections in my back to help get thru the pain, something about feeling like 4 mozzie bites.. i then was given a VE to which she replied i was already 8cms! (and that the saline injections she had offered to me was out of the question) i was given a white sheet to tie around my waist and i waddled down the hallway to the labour room with midwife & hubby in tow.
I kept getting asked if i felt any pressure... i think i did.. i worried that maybe i was pushing to early and part of me worried that i might be missing the cues to push and the bub would go into distress.. somehow i did get back into the zone, relaxed on the floor over the birthing bean bag on the floor and just pushed... it was then that i felt the baby move further down.. it was weird. With each little push i could feel the end getting closer! I was really so very happy. The midwife told my hubby to push a button behind him when she said so (that was just behind him & me) I pushed with each contraction, i dont remember what the pain was like at that time.. I gave 3 almighty pushes, the button was pressed, 2 other midwives (1 in training) came into the room.. someone said 'everything is bulging!' (odd how u remember the weird things) Then my waters broke.

The crowing this time didnt have that burning ring of fire of my first. No i think it happened a bit quicker? There was a ton of pain and i felt pain like a snip! I panicked and thought "oh crap they gave me a epistomy!(sp?)" I was breathing really fast, i heard the midwife say breathe slow and hubby repeated it and thats when it sank in and i calmed down. One last push and it felt like the body of the baby was being pulled out of me.. odd that it felt like that. i actually said "stop pulling the baby" lol.. (it wasnt being pulled out) 2nd stage lasted 8mins! (it felt much longer than that)
I moved from hugging the bean bag to sitting on my knees and picked up our little girl. She was gorgeous, all covered in vernix and screaming. lol. She did a bit of a poo before i picked her up and then 5mins later when i was holding her she peed on me!

I was then told by the midwife that i had a hour to deliver the placenta and bubs to have delayed cord clamping and if the placenta wasnt delivered in that hour id have to have the injection. I was shaking and getting cold, which i knew was a bad sign. However i delivered the placenta naturally. The placenta was complete but the membrane wasnt complete, i think tho it came out in the shower afterwards (sorry TMI) 3rd stage lasted 15mins!

I was asked if they could use my placenta in one of the classes. Which i agreed too, i was amused that my placenta was going to gross alot of mum n dads to be out! ROFL!
I was then told i had a graze and it didnt require stitches, thats the snip pain i felt!!!
I completely forgot about the advice id heard to kiss or laugh during labour to help with the pain. I got thru it pretty alright anyways without any meds..
The midwives were all so happy afterwards. Im really relieved that i only had 1 midwife thru the whole thing. (only later when i did the forms did i see that the midwife made a mistake on the medicare form saying she was born in august! whoops!)

we were left alone for quite some time, hubby had some skin to skin time with her... I noticed that our little girl was tongue tied (like her dad was)

and thats about it!
My dinner/lunch was plain cheese sandwich (already eaten), some sort of tomato soup, orange jelly and tea :( (i didnt have the soup)