Thursday, May 29, 2008

how cool is weezer

Ive liked alot of weezer songs. This is another great one with lots of youtube celebs!!
ah memories.. this is their new song Pork and beans
Hope u enjoy it! (go the coke n mentos! rofl)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Night sweats?!

The third chapter.. the third trimester.. the last leg in the race..
and im not sleeping that well.. For example. I noticed i was awake at 1am, 2am, 3am, 6am(thanks to tia getting up) and 7am (alarm goes off)
Im awake due to one or a few: Have to turn over, hot, need2pee...
I have been kicking the blankets off yet in the house during the night its like 10-14degrees cel... not warm, not hot.. (note we were 1 blanket less than usual last night and i still woke up with sweat?!!)

the weird thing is that its only in this one spot up high on my chest.. which has me thinking maybe im just leaking thru the night? but leaking alot! Oh the joys of breastfeeding! *sarcasm* its all coming back to me.. the weird feelings.. the pressure that builds up when; the bub is late for a feed or trying to get the bub to sleep thru the night(with no feed obviously) and yet the body takes a few good days to figure it out!

Im not looking forward to tonight.. I hope i sleep thru the night..

*edit* Its just sweat! Horray!!!!!!!!! Last night was pretty cold, all the blankets on the bed with small amount of sweat.. yuk below my neck. woke up once thru the night and then around 5.40am

Saturday, May 24, 2008

whats ur opinion?

A few things have happened this week..

A ZIMBABWEAN man has been jailed for two years after he sold urine to residents in a mining town claiming it was cooking oil, according to state media reports.
i would have been pee-ed off (no pun intended) too if that bottle cost me a my precious half billion dollar note too.. (not that i know how much was paid for it) a gross way to make money... beats my entrepreneurship young years of selling bad perfume mixed with swamp water as perfume as a kid... not that i ever got to the door knocking. And not knowing about the legal age of working, insurance, taxes or anything i did try to start a kids-gardening service for weeding gardens at 20c a bucket (full of weeds) (we only advertised bout 4 houses on our street)

Taser guns are being sold in the same way tupperware parties are held in the us. So i guess the next crime wave will be tasering each other.

"Women are asking for it, and there is a lot of interest," Ms Shafman said of the stylish C2 Taser models that retail at $US350 ($364), plus a $US10 registration fee.

"The biggest hit seems to be fashion pink at the parties."

Sure, perhaps id buy one.. but then whats me stopping from going nutters and tasering some guy who looked shonky who walked past? is it really so much safer than a gun, what if something did go wrong? and if i was attacked would i be able to get it out of my handbag in time to save myself? whats stopping it from going off in my handbag? and could i legally taser a dog who wanted a piece of me? they could make a real small model for that for kids for that reason.. but then can u really trust the kiddie tasers not to come out during a petty fight over the remote control? the whole thing is scary if u ask me!!!!
Look at how good our dollar is at the moment! US$350= A $364 whoot!!! How good is the aussie dollar going!!! Hubby is wanting a special 3D mouse... and found while he could order it in from a aussie company for $120 he could order the same mouse in from the usa for us$40 even with the conversion, postage it works out much cheaper?! *linkie for page about 3d mouse with youtube video demo*Then theres the artist Bill Henson in deep-deep-do-do over his nude photos of a young girl and boy. Is it art? Yes it is art. BUT! In this age, alot of effort has been poured into protecting our kids, their innoncence, their vulnerabilities and its not like we need anymore kids or teens in the nude in photos... any child who had been abused in that way would be rightfully offended that someone could do the same and call it art, hang it in a gallery and get away with it!.. If it had been a painting perhaps he may have gotten away with it.. and for sure many nudes painted back thru time sure they weren't accepted by society at the time.. Those saying its art and portraying innocence and exposing their vulnerabilities, i dont believe it requires any talent to take a nude photo of a kid/teen to show that! I think its plain to see that in a photo of a teen fully dressed and under many layers of jackets, lol.. We are also in a time when sexualisation(sp?) of kids is banned in advertising material (and thats them being clothed!) and so u may as well say nude kids/teens are banned full-stop!

today we all went out bed and mattress shopping! whoot! we have 2 furniture places a walk away(not ikea) and then theres a 'bed specialist' place (likely to be more pricey) in the other direction. We found a good bed and mattress. The bed, tallboy and 2 bedside tables in a package was $699 (down from $999 apparently) Hubby also found a new, nothing special, but practical desk to replace the old one we have for $99 (that and he needs a desk to fit 2 monitors on so he can do his graphics stuff better) they are both huge whopping 22inch+ screens ones a old sony one the other is our nice flatscreen one that came with the pc.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ironman movie review

I hadnt seen any previews of this movie before seeing it.. and was expecting some sort of obnoxious, arrogant super hero movie (i had read that it suited robert downey jr to the T).. with the normal moral dilemmas, family getting hurt, love interests getting into trouble, the usual public outcry of 'freak!' to 'our hero' media spin... that happy, light hearted.. go lucky kinda feel you get from superhero movies..

(hubby however already knew the story and was going in pretty prepared.. and wondering if they would stick to the original story.. he mentioned something about pretty close, then something about a chest/breast plate and mark 3?! and having to start over again.. hmm)

The movie, was more violent than the transformers.. it kinda had the same feel...
It was a cant take my eyes away from the screen kind of movie.. and a Oh $%#@!!!! how much can he take??!! kind of movie... the superhero gets some major thrashing towards the end.. also you dont know how much armour he is.. so with each thing (weapons, explosions, bullets, rockets.. then getting slammed around), your cringing in your seat thinking, 'will he make it thru this?'!

Whatever the main story.. this one has thrown in the Afghanistan thing. So alot of the action is in Malibu or Afghanistan. 'Iron man' (robert downey jr) has no family, he has his uber robots and his lovely personal assistant pepper pots (gwyneth paltrow)and everything else that a billionaire would have. Gwyneth is awesome in this movie, unlike previous superhero love interests or the woman around them, she is not some blatant sex goddess like cat woman.. she is quiet, reserved and sweet.

The moral dilemma in this movie is that Tony starks creates weapons and sells weapons. He thinks that he is doing the right thing, that he is aiding the 'good guys' until he is captured and sees for himself that the enemy have his weapons and are using them against the americans and Afghanistan civilians. After his escape from the terrorists and being saved by the usa air force and bestie 'james rhodes'.. Tony stark/Iron man decides to stop creating weapons! Unfortunately the 'board' of the company files a injunction against this so Tony stark wants to find out who is selling weapons to the terrorists.

This movie will be enjoyed by those who love to 'create' things, those who love electronics/robotics/engineering.. or a sexy looking red and gold armored body suit!(with the ability to fly of course) or to see what a-ton-of-freaking money can buy!

Iron mans big battle of the movie happens right at the end.. thru the movie Iron man/tony stark is battling terrorists.. and all is revealed towards the end of the movie..

from the wiki page! whoot! "The film's stars have signed on for two sequels, the first of them scheduled for release on April 30, 2010, and Downey also cameos as Stark in the upcoming The Incredible Hulk." and

"There was much improvisation in dialogue scenes, because the script was not done when filming began (the filmmakers had focused on the story making sense and planning the action). Favreau acknowledged this would make the film feel more natural though. Some scenes were shot with two cameras to capture lines said on the spot. Multiple takes were done as Downey wanted to try something new.[22] It was Downey's idea to have Stark hold a news conference on the floor,[9] and he created the speech Stark makes when demonstrating the "Jericho".[5]"~wikipedia
and according to wikipedia it is the highest-grossing movie so far for 2008 (altho prince caspian, batman and wall-e are still to come)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Very late. Superhero movie review

(Seeing marias movie review, reminded me...) I had better do a review before i forget to much about the movie!

First off, i feel kinda stupid for seeing this movie... its definitely a 'teen' movie... a movie that hubby would say (and did when i explained some of the funny scenes) that he had lost I.Q points! Its a movie i would not openly say that i went to see.. but i did.. with Tia! (there was 1 other person in the cinema.. so i did actually laugh out loud a few times.. but with the jokes, they were funny and then for the next 2 minutes your sitting back thinking, ugh enough already the farting isnt funny anymore!!!!)
"With great responsibilities comes bitches!"

The movie contains many many rip offs.. and that bit was great. We see alot of spiderman scenes, e.g missing the buss, being biten (this time by a dragonfly), assisting in someone stealing money only to have his uncle shot by that same person, the batman scene of his parents dying (however it was his fault for trying to be a 'hero' that he kills his own parents), the spiderman and love interest kiss on the ladder, theres the not-funny take off (i think i gasped at the time) about the x-men and the mutant college altho the sign says for non-asians.. im guessing thats making fun (at the studio of x-men/marvel etc) of the fact that there are NO asians in the movie x-men?

The hero is 'dragonfly', the villian is 'hourglass'. The most ripped off character is Stephen hawkings!!! Alot of bad stuff happens to steven hawkings and he swears the most as well... 0.o

Fake superheros that make 'cameos', Storm, wolverine, the human torch, the invisible woman(pamela anderson) and a take off of the two combined; professor X (but is african american) and the incredibles.. seeing as they (his family) are all dressed (in a suit n tie) like professor X (down to the little baby, they are ALL bald and all african american) oh and its a whole family each with their own super powers, he has a wife, a son, daughter and the baby. (who all live/attend the college.. follow him around etc)
they also rip off the tom cruise you tube videos...

The humor is below the table kind.. if u think farting, peeing and dumb arses are funny then this is a great movie.. however if you consider yourself a stable, intellectual, conservative, mature person well then youd be happy to know its no longer at the movies and not to buy it on dvd unless you cant think of any other better christmas present for a male 14+

tall jan is malicious cereal

I think the fact that i bought the new BRAN flakes cereal! proves that im a sucker for advertising and for trying something new.. a big sucker... i mean bran flakes?!

i really really did believe they would be 'delicious'.. i must have thought finally a high fibre cereal thats coated in sugar! Theyve finally figured that cereal can have high fibre and high sugar ROFL!
However its as delicious as eating corrugated carboard with an occasional gem of silvered almond.. what was i thinking? (ok so it might be nicer than just plain old bran flakes... and great for a bran flake fan)
When broken down in your mouth it feels gritty, no doubt because of the bran.. it sticks to the top of your molars worse than dry wheat bix.

From wikipedia article:


All-Bran comes in different varieties, although not all of them are available in all countries:

  • All-Bran Original (Available in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Colombia)
  • All-Bran Bran Flakes/All-Bran Flakes/Petales (Available in Canada, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, France, UK)
  • All-Bran Bran Buds (Available in USA, Canada)
  • All-Bran Strawberry Buds (Available in Canada)
  • All-Bran Strawberry Medley (Available in Canada, USA)
  • All-Bran Extra Fiber/All-Bran Plus (Available in USA, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, France)
  • All-Bran Flakes Chocolate (Available in Spain)
  • All-Bran Guardian (Available in Canada)
  • All-Bran Honey Nut Flavor (Available in Canada)
  • All-Bran Cereal Bars (Available in Canada, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, UK)
  • All-Bran Choco/Chocolat (Available in Spain, Belgium, France)
  • All-Bran Splitz (Available in Spain)
  • All-Bran Plus Yogur/Iogurte (Available in Spain, Portugal)
  • All-Bran Plus Fruit 'n Fibre/Fruta & Fibra (Available in Belgium, Portugal, France)
  • All-Bran Figue & Pomme (Available in France)
  • All-Bran Fruit 'n Oats (Available in Australia)
  • All-Bran Tropical (Available in Australia)
  • All-Bran Snack Bites (Available in Canada, USA)
  • All-Bran Yogurt Bites (Available in USA)

Friday, May 16, 2008

is there a emergency exit?

(what a clever comic eh!)

Ugh, for awhile now it ive been feeling verrrrry uncomfortable in the preggy belly. Its as if the little one is trying to swim north or west, east.. as if it was looking for a emergency exit or something.. it can get like that.. a extreme tight feeling. I swear i felt like a foot once pushing out in one of thoose extreme stretching feelings...

Ive figured out what the hiccups feel like. When the bub has hiccups this far along at 31 weeks it feels like i have a extra heart beat down near my hips. It has the hiccups alot lately. I can feel the hiccups are quite south and then i get prodded up north of the belly, so im hoping that it is upside down.. ready to go already. im in and out of the looop this time around... trying to remember it all..

In other news;
Tia's lip is all healed up! She really needed the pain relief after it was split, it really did look painful. It got the swelling right down, calmed her somewhat... For some reason they only had 7 ages + kids panadol which the doseage is worked out in weight anyways which suited her and then we halved the doseage still.. and then she only had a few sips of it after that anyways.. she ended up with a bad cold, which has gone back to a snotty nose.. which i prefer over coughing..
She went on a walk with her daddy and he told her they were going to a rocket ship shop (jaycar) she (being space captain tia at the time) was pretty disapointed and asked him where the rocket ships were?! lol..

Nori had some 'playing' time out the back, altho we did loose track of her and then she was found still in our yard.. thank God! She was driving hubby nuts as i was outside prunning all the dead stuff and Nori was constantly crying, wanting to get out! (and a few times she did runners out the door when I, hubby or Tia tried to get outside!) So need to get her a collar.. seeing as she can climb the fence?! She is a killer cat.. that i wish was more fat and lazy... theres still hope that perhaps when she reaches adult age around christmas she will get over alot of stuff.. like tackling playfully the backs of legs, playing with beads on the floor boards at 3am.. I dont like the idea of her going out, not unless she is on a leash??.. keeping her inside away from other cats was a great saving on vaccinations, worming, de-fleaing (to a degree) she gets wormed all the time since im paranoid about worms!!!!! That and our council has rules on cats being inside 24hrs or something like that.. Also unless a tick got really big, it would be hard to see on a black cat... eeewwww ticks.. or is it too cold down in vic for ticks?

Hubby wants to have a bbq in 2 weeks time, inviting everyone from work over.. first off it was going to be held outside. (until i brought up how cold it is outside come 5pm and later!) Then i bought up chairs, tables... stuff we dont have like say... A BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl.. to which he said could all be supplied... but im still anxious, nervous bout the whole thing.. (tho ive been told i dont have to be.. and theres no reason) oh and the entertainment for the night is ddr????!!!! yes, im afraid every function we have had, video games is the entertainment.. one time it was the playstation eyetoy, which went well.. everyone had a laugh at everyone standing up and looking silly. For some reason im just worried about the house tour.. the general emptiness of the house.. the lack of decorating, furniture etc... which i will have to get over b4 i drive myself nuts!!!!!

theres no one living on either side of us at the moment. The one on the otherside of a bit of green park comes with a homeless man.. who sleeps under the pine trees on the back fence, with all his rubbish, wine bottles etc.. the otherside is a pretty nice place, bit more expensive than here, a extra room.. So its been extra quiet lately!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

im still around-ish

We have moved into our new place. Had 2? freezing nights without electricity but did have hot water (gas). But now we have all settled in, the central heating is lovely!! (but at what price?) We had the fire going on those cold nights, which was lovely.. it was soft wood, so it did have to be constantly fed and wasnt great for lasting heat.. or heating much more than a metre from the fireplace. We had chinese takeaway for dinner those nights, it was great!!!
Glow sticks and candles were awesome in lighting the place up.
Our new place is big, lovely and comfy!

Been very busy running around getting forms, informing places of our new address. Took awhile to clean up the old place. Lots to do here (as nesting instinct is going crazy!) Have a great back and front yard, with the only grass being out on the nature strip! (great since we dont have a mower) I can feel happy watching gardening programs again, and get my pruning fix (when we get the tools) The kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms are great.. my laundry has purple walls and the toilet near it has bright orange walls.. the other walls in the house are ordinary house green, yellow, pink and white.

Tia is settling in. She loves all the mirrors, she loves the deep bath, she loves her pink walls in her bedroom, she loves that she can play outside!!!!!! She has had a few accidents, but that should go once she settles in and figures out where the toilet is each time.. and all that.

Nori is settling in. She has escaped outside a few times. (her bed and litter are in the laundry which is near the back door) she even escaped before we went out shopping on saturday and i didnt realise she was missing for about a 1 or 2 once we got home. so she spent 3-5hours out the backyard (under the deck no doubt) she came when i called her and ran inside (afraid she would get into trouble? or afraid of being outside?) And since that time, Nori has been wanting to go out again.. and protesting, crying so loudly for that to happen! to the point we started to think at 5-6months she might be in heat... It wont be happening, not as long as i can help it (the escaping outside bit.) Last night she spent the night in the laundry, cut off from the rest of the house, which is the first time here. She usually roams all the house (minus our room, in prep for the baby arrival) at night. But hubby didnt want nori waking Tia up last night..

Last night was pretty alright.. up until i was thinking of sending tia to bed. When i noticed she had her new bed socks on and she danced for a second on the wooden floorbeds and fell flat on her face! And started to cry. the fall looked heaps bad, both hubby and i were up in a instant. Hubby carried her to her room and sat her on the bed. I was terrified she had 1) smashed teeth 2)put her teeth thru her lip 3) broken her nose.

There was alot of blood in her mouth, she was crying. I then noticed a cut in her lip. When i stopped that cut bleeding, i saw that her teeth were all ok. Her lip however was swelling up. Hubby ran off to get some kids panadol from the shops. She was shaking, in a bit of a shock, tired and in pain. I rugged her up in her blankets. Her nose was bleeding a little bit, i wasnt sure if the nose had got a knocking or if the blood from her mouth had gone up into and out of her nose. (anything is possible when a kid is crying!) Tia fell asleep a few times, settled well and we waited for the panadol to arrive. The cut is on her bottom lip. It looked deep, but with the swelling now the envy of actors and those paying for botox injections it was hard to tell. Tia i noticed would look at the tissues i was using to clean her up/stop the bleeding and getting upset at that. So i made a effort to show her when it had really stopped bleeding (nose and lip) and kept the other tissues out of sight.
She had some childrens panadol and fell asleep as soon as i turned out the light. She woke up a few times thru the night. Hubby stayed up till 3-4am.

This morning, the swelling on her lip had gone down and its healing up nicely. And now there is swelling at the top of the bridge on her nose, with a faint pink mark. Im wondering if its bruised. Wont be able to tell if its broken or not 100% till the swelling goes down.. (and not worth taking her to the doctor till then) I can't say i noticed her nose swollen last night? or this pink line.. surely a broken nose would swell up instantly just like her lip did?

i'd think that 1) she would be in alot of pain with a broken nose? 2)i've seen more mysterious nose bleeds, bleed more than her nose did last night.

Oh and tia turned 5 on mothers day. She got a few nice presents (mainly lollies and clothes) money is a bit tight.. so her bike and helmet will have to wait for a bit.. just like any big present for mothers day for me. (i got bedsocks ^^ )

Still waiting for broadband. Decided to go with TPG. Never heard of them before.. but apparently our new speed will be 3 times as fast as our previous broadband connection. It was a offpeak and onpeak download limit (but both beyond our usual limits we would reach) But until that gets switched on we are on dial-up.. rofl. Im looking forward to this new speed!!! And wont complain about dial-up... just that they charge by the hour.. ugh x.x so stone age!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and all the mums had a great mothers day!