Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New furniture

A painting/collage done by Aunty Kristy for Tia during her last stay. Note in the bottom on the photo (on tia's bed) is a new butterfly shaped cushion, story time grandpa bear and a teddy bear wash station made by Tia at school made out of boxes and things (destined for the recycling bin sometime soon!)
Tia's room all neat and tidy! Horray (and yes day 2 and it still looks like this albeit the desk mind you, its full of papers, drawing and writing) I love the new desk (the mint green might have something to do with that) It was a 56kg box from Officeworks... "Ready to assemble" should have said "Ready to assemble every single piece" true flat pack furniture!!! $169 for the desk and $39 for the bookshelf.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

observations...& a catch up

Been pretty busy! so here's a quick run down of things!

* I had the parent teacher & child interview this tuesday @ 4.25pm. A bit annoying.. seeing as it meant waiting around for 55mins! (by the time we walked home we'd have to walk back and end up being 5mins late for the interview. We could have walked 15mins to hubbys work and sat there for 30mins.. but too tired. Also staying at school meant Tia was entertained with the play equipment, sand pit and various classmates coming and going. She also had all her fruit for the day which she hadn't eaten. So it all worked out to wait around!)

* Tia has started home readers. Interesting considering she has some difficulty saying her alphabet and recognizing letters.. yet surprisingly she knows what some of the words are already! She also wrote "dad" the other day without any help. Weirdly tho she wrote both D's before adding the A in the middle. LOL! Ive noticed that with some words even doing her name sometimes she will write it out of order (like she did with "dad") Im helping out in her class on a monday afternoon while they do hopping, jumping, balancing, stilt walking etc time and tuesday morning i help out in the class, listening to each kid read their home readers, let them pick a new book and mark it off on the list. I might help out on a friday morning as there doesnt seem to be a helper written down on that day... altho that would conflict with a morning friday parents meeting but they were trying to figure a new time seeing as the board member of the spot i declined can't make it that time! lol!

* Alyssa has 2 new teeth. A total of 4 teeth which are all cut thru (2 bottom around 3months. 2 top at 7months) and i can feel and see 1 more bottom one starting to poke thru. She has a very toothy cheeky grin now!!!

* Alyssa got her 6month needles today. A rotavirus imm (rotatek) by mouth (which is meant to be sweet but she hates it) and a needle in each leg of just about everything! They do it now both shoots at the same time, hence why its a nurse and dr doing the injections these days! (you'd hate it, if u hated needles... they um, count it down.. so yeah.) Again tho Alyssa cried right after but after a few seconds was her happy self again! (not like the baby we heard while we waited! GOSH did she scream!!)

* I think it was the bush fire warning sms day.. i predicted no such heat wave. Walked out to collect Tia and swore that we were having a dust storm. made me wish i had a pair of sunnies!!!

* I took a break from video games to go on hubbys pc. Which is moved from office/guest room into the lounge room.. and was a bit freaked to feel the chair and table shake..(i believe i told the boys that the table was shaking... so it was interesting to tell them that it was a earth quake, that they did not notice! LOL!) there was no noise.. the next day i read online that there was a earth quake in melb that measured 4.6 on the scale! That makes 5 or 6 earthquakes ive experienced in my lifetime all in australia!!! (only one in victoria)

*went to a parents etc group meeting at the school... it was there AGM which they changed the constitution. interestingly that some take it all veeeerrrryy seriously while others are relaxed, wanting to make it easier etc... you can imagine which side i'd rather be on! ;) Luckily its not like that normally, im told! I was offered a spot on the board but declined after i thought "can i do it?" and no i can't... I'll have my hands full come august with the new baby and a 13month old... it would take me awhile to adjust to the new bub, feeding, sleeping and collecting tia schedule!

*Im now 18weeks preggy! whoot!!!! Have my first drs appt tomorrow! If started to feel it kick, usually when im trying to go off to bed! Time is flying! Now that morning sickness is over, i dont really feel pregnant, to me i dont really look pregnant (altho i do, as hubby keeps going on bout the mummy tummy) i guess it comes down to me remembering the last few weeks of enormous mummy tummy and yet its not like that yet! I just look fatter! LOL!

* Congrats to Maria & Paul! :) God bless your family and all the best!!!

Observations today!

* spotted a pair of undies on the footpath on the way to the drs.. suppose someone is missing their spare pair? lol

* 2 Ladies (in separate places) with awful dress sense.. imagine blue pattern pants mixed with a old looking bright floral pattern t-shirt!

* a sign read "hot chips" "charcoal souvlaki" yumm burnt souvlaki anyone?

* another sign said "no alcohol zone. Max fine $2000" now thats a expensive drink!

* the new dr on days of our lives (given that Australia is waaaay behind thanks to cricket, tennis and golf) looks like Ben cousins!

* bought hubby a new razor today. interestingly it has a personal trimmer at the bottom powered by 1 AAA battery. Is shower OK.... Im not keen on the facial hair thing he has going on and he is pretty aware of it. If its there i prefer it short.. im just not into feeling facial hair when i kiss him... bleh!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, March 2, 2009


The baby and i arrived at the movies to see Twilight. I had decked out the pram with all the essential quiet baby toys (teething items mostly), bottle and some biscuits.

It was in cinema 8... which im guessing means it will shortly stop showing. It seems thats how this cinema runs.. you go to see a movie "on its last legs" and its in the smaller cinema rooms (and definately not in the club lounge)

Twilight was interesting. Im a sucker for a love movie, preferably with no big names, no blonde men (just not into them), and not in some well known city e.g New york, paris...
I also do enjoy the odd vampire movie... not the ultra ugly ones (e.g count nerfatu? the old black and white movie) not the over-the-top gore n crap (e.g blade)...

anyways back to Twilight... i thought the vampire speed and grace of climbing
of which there was alot of... reminded me of ang lees (crouching tiger hidden dragon) and of Zhang Yimou (hero) use of wires in those jumping, flying, climbing vertical walls scenes...

Its a dead give away what the cullen family (kids are "adopted") are (being vampires) and a dead giveaway that the native americans in the movie are werewolves.. (obviously something in the next movie) but everyone else just seems "charmed" and oblivious to the facts.. lol.

The main characters being isabella (human) or "bella" and edward cullen (vampire) are acted out well. Edward in the first 15-30mins wasn't attractive... once he stopped looking soo angry/sick he really was stunningly pretty.. (matter of opinon i suppose)

I was intrigued just how this movie would turn out, i didn't watch any trailers or look up story lines.. so i feel partly dispointed in that it wasn't a huge story line with tons of plots, weaves in and outs of story etc.. But i did enjoy it for the simplicity!

It was interesting that these vampires had reflections in water & mirrors and that they could go out in the sun (and not fry to a crisp) they just glowed a bit... a nice twist on the old traditional.

My favourite scene was Bella going to meet the Cullen family. The "dad" is Dr Cullen, his wife and they have 5 vampire teenagers. Anyways you see the Cullen family watching a italian cook on tv making dinner (if not for the first time in a loooong time) i thought that was really sweet. Upon entering the kitchen the mum says hi and whatever and then says "youve given us a reason to use the kitchen for the first time!" LOL!!! and then edward says "she's already eaten", bella "yes, im sorry..i just thought since you didn't" and then the mum "of course.. you were just being considerate" (but in a happy voice)

*the cullen family only feed on animals. None of them make proud of what they are.. they are very much aware that they are monsters..

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