Monday, June 30, 2008

Sick and pains

Just 16 more days to go... if the bub doesnt come early or late..
Ugh!!!!! Sunday was painful, exciting, yet sooo painful! It has me wondering if the bub will be coming earlier. If pregnancies and birth times could be predictable, following a pattern.. I would say the bub would be arriving next sunday! seeing as thats what happened with Tia, a week before she was born i had the same cramps coming and going that i took a panadol and it stopped. (panadol contains anti-prostagladins) I had the cramps again in a week followed with all the other signs that this time it was for real. (show, vomiting, the runs.. real pretty)

I had those nasty cramps, rotten back pain too.. and oh joy the memories come back.. I was pretty sure it was a 'false labour', all i had was the pain for 4hrs! The timing was all over the place and sure it started out ok then went "OMG this hurts" back to "meh, guess they are going now". It was somewhat of a 'training exercise', thinking how do i deal with this pain again? DH was busy working in another room... when i told him just before lunch, he was sooo excited! and asked how i knew it wasnt the real thing! LOL! I was told not to have the baby while he went and got some take-out for lunch... pfft!!!! and surprise! Still no baby when he came back!

Ive been gradually getting Tia's nasty sore throat, runny nose cold. Which she seems to get the most, i suppose i should be happy she doesnt get the barking cough ones. My lymph nodes are so swollen!! My throat is so sore and i feel like crap.

Sleeping these past couple of days has been AWFUL!!!! I wake up every hour, sometimes twice in the same hour after 1am until i get sick of it and get up at 7am or i finally get some sleep and get woken by DH alarm. Ive had that many dreams in a night, its crazy!!!
last night i dreamt;
1) i snuck in to some government intelligence building (to do with aliens) with friends and yet we were unsuccessful in escaping (i had the earth credit card that was on dr who last night. Voyage of the damned episode, with kylie minogue and Clive Swift (better known as Mr Richard bucket, from keeping up appearances).
2) i was chasing my pet monkey around a large mcdonalds in the girls toilets area. My mum was working there?! (i had a pet monkey?! what the?!)
3) i was taging along with a friend who won a prize of a makeover on a tv show, where they bought her a bunch of flowers that had some sort of electrical appliance in there too like a vaccuum cleaner?!4) i was at a huge kids play area (you know one of those ones in a building/wharehouse where u pay for your kids to play in) only it was massive and you wore these soft safety suits that if u hurt yourself and the impact lasted 3secs a saftey team would come out and see if your ok. They had random simpson characters (workers in costume) that would come out at random times and it was a stacks on, sort of thing.. i later discovered that the parents were being turned into hay. somehow???
5) i was on a mini-bus going somewhere with a group of people who sang annoying camp/bus songs.
and thats the ones i can remember..

Monday, June 23, 2008

Girl names

Since its going to be a complete surprise to whether its girl/boy...
So its bout time we look at some girl names, (since its a 50/50 chance lol)

Adora (aka princess Adora who turns into She-ra, sister to He-man)
(yes the short version is dora.. which i dont like so much)Its a latin origin meaning gift or beloved.

Aurora (aka sleeping beauty)
From a Latin expression meaning "dawn," (short version is rory.. which i dont like)
Yuna pronounced 'You-nah'
(just a few origins and meanings 0.o) (aka Yuna from Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2 games)
African- Good looks, Japanese- Superiority apple, Breton-Desire

Sophitia pronounced 'soo-feet-tee-ah'
One james keeps bringing up. (aka Sophitia from Soulcalibur game series)
Greek- Wise goddess
other names i like: Autumn (even tho its a winter baby), Aiyana, Coco... thoughts on any others?

Friday, June 20, 2008

My cynical view

is pretty much summed up in that ad! Ugh, as long as we are all dependant on oil all around the world we will all have to pay the price! No bargains, just desperate pleas to the arab oil kings to GIVE US MORE OIL!!!!
WHich i did hear recently that they would release more oil... any savings from that would be gone the moment:
1) another 'analyst' cries oil shortage.. or the repetition of $2 a lt by christmas (i heard that last night!!!)
2) school hoildays (comming soon!!!!!)
3) Iran mentions anything nasty to Israel or vice versa
4) any new 'terror attack' that happens by muslim extremist groups on oil pipelines or oil producing countries..

nevermind bout those bio-fuels (which ethanol is partly to blame for food shortages?)
or those H2O cars... or the cars that run on batteries..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Maccas Chocolate dessert gold medal pudding

at $3.75... dont know if its worth it.. it tasted alright, quite chocolately.. make that dark chocolate. It was the size of a muffin case and about 2cm in height.
Its served in a interesting plastic container, i didnt see how these were warmed but my guess is microwaved or steamed? the plastic container was quite puffy due to the heat.. Tia had hers with soft serve, i had mine without... but it did need something to take the intensity down a bit.. that and make it a bit more interesting..
I would have liked glace cherries in it or some nuts? that would have been really nice.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ok first off Nori is mellowing... as opposed to a extremely stressed *in heat* teenager (who eats kitten food) there is peace in the house... she showed signs of going back to normal on sunday(as in she could walk without her tail kinked to the side and quiet) Then she had a day of full on, I NEED CUDDLES! I WILL NOT LET U PUT ME DOWN, GIVE ME LOOOOVEEEEEE!!!!
*just great when im trying to get her not to jump up me, or up on me(the difference is in the claws) as with the bub coming, i cant have her jumping up on me if im holding or feeding the baby*

Onto the baby stuff.... The cot and change table from toys r us got delivered on monday at 9am! wow! It cost $20 per item for delivery, the delivery guy drove a ute?! Not only that but he carried a 31kg (says on the box) box that was the cot by himself! Not only that but he was 50+years old easy! WOW!! Finally done what ive wanted to do for ages now!!! Wash the baby clothes, blankets and sheets! Just 4 weeks to go (if it decides on appearing on the 'due date')
Only now ive realised the baby doesnt have its own furniture for clothes.. so they will have to stay in a basket somewhere out of the reach of Nori and Tia!!!

Onto Tia stuff, well..... she is loving it when i read her a book... i watched a bit of the new *hit* with the kids since teletubbies was taken over by boo-bah which is now replaced with 'in the night garden' the character names are as usual over the top, names that can only be repeated by kids.. altho the girl is called upsy daisy.. Tia also discovered where the band-aids were in the bathroom and quietly played with them, sticking them on toys and more recently today she put one on her forehead and one across her nose... a new fashion trend perhaps? err...

Ive been out in the garden attacking some weeds, especially the ones flowering! eep!!! So dont need any more weeds! I cleaned the place up alot today! Considering i attempted to put the change table together by myself and that just didnt work.. the change table came with packaging stuff including thin sheets of polystrene to which Tia turned into 'snow' in the lounge room.. Ive found the overnight bags and started to put together my bags for the hospital. I found my last stay in public hospital with the food interesting. The food was mostly good, i remember missing out on breakfast one morning as Tia bub and I had been up mostly thru the early morning.. that sucked! (it was delivered and not eaten by the time they came back) This time im taking along chuppa chups and museli bars for those times i feel like im starving!!! Not that im planning on staying for very long. When i say very long to people they say, 'yeah 3 days is good'... LMAO. To me 3 days is a very long time!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Nori... the loud.. sook..

Nori has been so affectionate lately, the biggest sook!!!! (hint 1)
Nori has been so freaking loud!!!! Normally she would meow/cry if she lost a bead (her fave toys), got stuck inside a cupboard (curiosity to blame) or if someone is outside (and she isnt).. but lately its been almost constant.. constantly making a noise (less so if she is in with Tia, being snuggled against her will) (hint 2)

Last night Nori was going nuts, neither hubby or i wanted to hold her so we put her in her part of the house (the laundry, back door area.. lots of room) and closed the door. This morning she heard i was up and went nuts, the door was opened and she still went nuts.. she was rubbing everything (hint 3), rolling on the floor (hint 4) and hubby came out and all of a sudden she is walking on her low on her back paws (hint 5) with her tail over in a weird way (hint 6) and crying/calling (hint 7)

and i said... OMG SHE IS IN HEAT!!!!!!!!!! (*scores for the never-lived-with-a-cat person in the family*)

(she is still going nuts atm, must have escaped the tia room)

sure enough i googled it, and oh joy! *sarcasm*

she is...

and this will happen every 2-3 weeks?!!!!! oh joy *sarcasm*


Wishing i had the $$ to get her desexed... hubby meanwhile says let her out and she will come back...

yeah.. she will come back.. possibly with cat aids, fleas, worms and pregnant at 5-6months old?! When she is still eating kitten food herself???!!!! (even if she is a 'teenager')

If she did, she would be giving birth 2-3 weeks after my baby is due... (im aware of how good cat mums are but still...I'd be somewhat enforcing that my baby is a higher rank than Nori AND making sure kittens arent being snuck into Tia's room, snuggled with her under blankets or put in socks!!!!!)

I dont want her to have kittens, Hubby wants her to have kittens. If she isnt desexed or isnt pregnant in her life she will possibly get some cancer.. ugh!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tia turns 5

I found the time to also put together a tia vid of her birthday and things related to her birthday. I uploaded and altho it said live it wouldnt load and said the video was no longer available? wth? i looked it up and did what they suggested, editing the video info and stuff... but nope, must have corrupted or something as i did upload it when our speed was a crappy 7kb thanks to exceeding the download limit.
But now its back to the normal fast speed, uploaded and its working! YAY!!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

House pictures

Found batteries and then found the usb cable. Now ive found the time to do something with all the pictures... (yes i did have tia follow me around the house insisting on being in every photo!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Chilli burn

i bought a bag of bell shaped chillis (dont know which kinda they were, but i do know that the bell shaped round ones are just as hot if not hotter than their skinny looking cousins) at woolies for $1, reduced. By the time i got around to opening the bag up and thinking about cutting them up to freeze.. they were a bit moudly up top near the stem so i decided that fo $1 it was still a bargain for.. what for it.... chilli seeds! (can u see my problem now?)
All along i was thinking, just wait till i tell the world i de-seeded 14 chillis and that i wont be able to pick my nose for a week!!!! ROFL... oh yeah funny... real funny (ok pretty lame)
and why would that be do u think?
was half my brain trying to tell myself, STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!??
anyways, i got the zillions of chilli seeds, scraping them off...
i washed my hands and didnt think more of it.. just 14 chillis, after all...
i put dinner on and within a hour my fingers were starting to prickle, feel really hot and it was pain!! I washed my hands with dish washing concentrate detergent, relief... then pain. I looked up chili burn on google and found this blog post on chili burn
it was somewhat amusing to read all the additions, other remedies.. etc..

So the testing began.. i bathed/soaked my hands in lemon juice which was fine until it got warm and my fingertips burned again.
I tried rubbing my hands with table salt, the exfoliation was great, the rubbing i daresay distracted me from the pain i was getting from the burn for awhile.. and rinsing off in cold water.. ahhhh.
I tried a first aid cream the one with added pain relief stuff.. but it did crap all.
I tried soaking my hands in vegetable oil but that did diddly squat and then hubby tells me the difference between fats and oil.. oh well, no doubt after the salt the oil would be nice for the skin..
i tried soaking my hands in vinegar at dinner time, that was interesting juggling soaking time with eating time. Relief with the vinegar until it warmed (seeing a pattern here?)
I then held the bag of frozen peas and corn in my hands which was heavenly until i couldnt figure what was better, sore hands from extreme cold or sore hands/fingers from chili burn.
I repeated the salt rubbing.

This has me big preggy woman up and down all afternoon, getting pretty tired of it all.. then i soaked my hands in chardonnay.... and then gave up... it had been 3hrs of on/off pain due to 14 chillis... the best thing that worked had been cold. anything cold.. never mind the dissolve acid in fat, remove acid with alcohol, remove acid with exfoliation, go acid for acid or try to neutralize the acid...

I gave up, hubby said it shouldnt have gone on for so long in the first place.. something about it burning itself out... said it could be all in my head... PFFT!!!!! So with the pain now much less intense i let it burn, didnt do anything to stop it.. my fingers felt sooo hot, a few places were bright red on my fingers.. and after about a hour. It just stopped!

My hands today show no signs of what happened...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

*makes it to the winners poduim late*

better late than never. Thanks maria for passing this on to me :)
I'll pass it on to Jon hoh
(im yet 2 see your vid it just got to 9am and now my internet is just a bit better than dial-up until 4am comes around..) youve always got something japanese thats interesting... and until your trip to japan had something interesting to say about Adelaide (u never hear bout adelaide in nsw... and u get to victoria and all of a sudden its like victoria/melbourne has game on with sydney and adelaide.. ) Congrats :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cadbury Chocolate Desserts range

Been eating into the new blocks of cadbury chocolate Desserts range.. whether its the stress of shopping with tia, the huge want/cravings of chocolate or the fact of the blocks of chocolate being on 'special' for the past 2 weeks or new chocolate.. who knows. (i also read that if u eat chocolate while pregnant that you will have a happy baby.. lol..)
Anyways ive eaten (with some help) 2 blocks of it already.. and only got the 3rd new block today!
Just trying to find pictures of them now. the cadbury website has no mention of the 'desserts' range.. and it looks like some of the range has been around for awhile (as in last year) but its still got 'new' on all the blocks here in victoria! And theres a few other flavours around that we dont have like boysenberry, banoffie pie, lemon cheesecake(um ew?)

The Fudge brownie block was disappointing.. (much like the other reviews ive read) It tastes like your average piece of chocolate with a grainy, sugar-ish textured filling... it should be labeled 'fudge brownie uncooked' i would have preferred the filling not to be gluggy.. a turn off really.

The Creme Brulee was amazing. It had tiny bits of caramel-ish toffee, in a somewhat icing-ish textured filling. It was milky, caramel, sweet and toffee tasting. This one i had to share alot.. as it was liked ALOT!!!!! however eating to much of it over 2 days i have ruined it and now feel ill thinking about eating it again.

The Tiramisu is quite nice.. not amazing, not bad either... however like the description says 'coffee creme filling' its exactly that.. it may as well be called coffee chocolate. Tiramisu kinda gives the thoughts of espresso coffee, a touch of liquer, harsh cocoa and a wee bit of cream and sweetness..(and of course LAYERS?!!!!) however its just a sweet coffee cream. same texture as creme brulee(but without the toffee of course)

I just saw the add for these 3 last night and they are still saying they are 'new'. I did notice that the packaging to the brownie fudge block is different and makes more sense than a chocolate looking tart on the old wrappers ive seen on the net.

Monday, June 2, 2008

My apologies

Been working on a new layout.. needs alot more work.. since i havent gotten around to fixing it and putting it in.. x.x a quick look at my code and found the problem of the default background colour.. so is fixed and wow u can see text now ^^

im squeezing as much stuff into 10mins as i can.. as in 20mins the speed will hit almost dial-up speed. x.x Downloaded waaaaaay to much stuff during our 'peak time' *groans*
Re-installed the sims 2, unfortunately i threw out all the boxes and pieces of paper b4 we moved down here... which is pretty darn stupid since i really needed those key codes.. So i own perfecftly legal copies i just have not-legit key codes... and can't be bothered looking up 2 see if i can get into my old sims 2 online profile or ringing EA... i mean i dont have any boxes.. just the cds..

Friday night we had guests over and it was great! Saturday we were going to shop for prams and cots but hubby got a headache.. did visit toys r us, but they had a crappy range of prams.. hugely understocked.. ah well..
hope you all had a good weekend... gosh mine went past sooo quick!