Monday, June 2, 2008

My apologies

Been working on a new layout.. needs alot more work.. since i havent gotten around to fixing it and putting it in.. x.x a quick look at my code and found the problem of the default background colour.. so is fixed and wow u can see text now ^^

im squeezing as much stuff into 10mins as i can.. as in 20mins the speed will hit almost dial-up speed. x.x Downloaded waaaaaay to much stuff during our 'peak time' *groans*
Re-installed the sims 2, unfortunately i threw out all the boxes and pieces of paper b4 we moved down here... which is pretty darn stupid since i really needed those key codes.. So i own perfecftly legal copies i just have not-legit key codes... and can't be bothered looking up 2 see if i can get into my old sims 2 online profile or ringing EA... i mean i dont have any boxes.. just the cds..

Friday night we had guests over and it was great! Saturday we were going to shop for prams and cots but hubby got a headache.. did visit toys r us, but they had a crappy range of prams.. hugely understocked.. ah well..
hope you all had a good weekend... gosh mine went past sooo quick!


maria said...


Thank you for the email!! Always happy to hear from you.

Your blog still shows no text up this end (and I'm on Paul's computer now). I just highlighted the text to read it.

Interesting prams

I do hope you find the perfect one for you & new bubs!

The code thingy's stuff.. that just goes way over my head.. I'm not really technically minded :-/

I hope you get your codes though!!

Have a great day! Jenna is back safely from camp.. I'm going to scoot over and see how I did with the banana bread comp. I jumped 5 votes on the weekend when the link was emailed to 40 people.. not my 40 people.. I don't have that many in my address book! :-)

Ciao..hugs... M.

maria said...

Oh gosh... 3rd place... I jumped another 4 votes since yesterday so that was good!

No prizes for 3rd place though. Out of 79 loaves.. I should be happy with that.

Though it was always a popularity contest. Unless all 79 loaves are baked, tried and tested... you can't really win on the recipe's merits eh?

Yay for third spot..


(You can discard my 'nana icon now... --sniffle--)....;)

Renee from Dulwich Hill (18%, 29 Votes)
Sandie from Inn Cuisine (14%, 23 Votes)
Maria from Foodie Wanderings (13%, 22 Votes)

Anonymous said...

i can read the text now...