Friday, June 20, 2008

My cynical view

is pretty much summed up in that ad! Ugh, as long as we are all dependant on oil all around the world we will all have to pay the price! No bargains, just desperate pleas to the arab oil kings to GIVE US MORE OIL!!!!
WHich i did hear recently that they would release more oil... any savings from that would be gone the moment:
1) another 'analyst' cries oil shortage.. or the repetition of $2 a lt by christmas (i heard that last night!!!)
2) school hoildays (comming soon!!!!!)
3) Iran mentions anything nasty to Israel or vice versa
4) any new 'terror attack' that happens by muslim extremist groups on oil pipelines or oil producing countries..

nevermind bout those bio-fuels (which ethanol is partly to blame for food shortages?)
or those H2O cars... or the cars that run on batteries..


maria said...

Planning to come back to comment! Sorry for my erratic, all over the place replies! :)

maria said...

Ha,ha I'd not seen that 'ad' before.. but I guess it's true isn't it. I was thinking the other day about the impact of paying so much more for things. I saw something on telly a couple of months ago that had restauranteurs lamenting that business was definitely down. People weren't going out as much to eat because of fuel prices going up and other things too. People were opting to stay at home more.

It's just outrageous.. it makes me feel like we're heading into a depression era when a box of matches will cost $1,000 and money won't be worth anything and people will use it to burn for heat in their fireplaces. It's a scary thought.

I'm always trying to figure out how to make the fuel in our tank stretch. I always seem to be travelling with the 'light on' and I have figured out I can travel 60km's with it on. I then might put $10 to $20 in the tank and the fuel light will turn off for about 12 to 24hrs or less! - but then it's back on again.