Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cadbury Chocolate Desserts range

Been eating into the new blocks of cadbury chocolate Desserts range.. whether its the stress of shopping with tia, the huge want/cravings of chocolate or the fact of the blocks of chocolate being on 'special' for the past 2 weeks or new chocolate.. who knows. (i also read that if u eat chocolate while pregnant that you will have a happy baby.. lol..)
Anyways ive eaten (with some help) 2 blocks of it already.. and only got the 3rd new block today!
Just trying to find pictures of them now. the cadbury website has no mention of the 'desserts' range.. and it looks like some of the range has been around for awhile (as in last year) but its still got 'new' on all the blocks here in victoria! And theres a few other flavours around that we dont have like boysenberry, banoffie pie, lemon cheesecake(um ew?)

The Fudge brownie block was disappointing.. (much like the other reviews ive read) It tastes like your average piece of chocolate with a grainy, sugar-ish textured filling... it should be labeled 'fudge brownie uncooked' i would have preferred the filling not to be gluggy.. a turn off really.

The Creme Brulee was amazing. It had tiny bits of caramel-ish toffee, in a somewhat icing-ish textured filling. It was milky, caramel, sweet and toffee tasting. This one i had to share alot.. as it was liked ALOT!!!!! however eating to much of it over 2 days i have ruined it and now feel ill thinking about eating it again.

The Tiramisu is quite nice.. not amazing, not bad either... however like the description says 'coffee creme filling' its exactly that.. it may as well be called coffee chocolate. Tiramisu kinda gives the thoughts of espresso coffee, a touch of liquer, harsh cocoa and a wee bit of cream and sweetness..(and of course LAYERS?!!!!) however its just a sweet coffee cream. same texture as creme brulee(but without the toffee of course)

I just saw the add for these 3 last night and they are still saying they are 'new'. I did notice that the packaging to the brownie fudge block is different and makes more sense than a chocolate looking tart on the old wrappers ive seen on the net.


Anonymous said...

ive tried them all and cheescake is my fav. But of all the cadbury line..."breakway" is my all time fav. They're like giant kitkats only nicer and more fattening.

Tiffany said...

the cheesecake one is just a lemon filling im guessing?

maria said...

I've been wanting to try the Creme Brulee based on your recommendation :)