Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tia turns 5

I found the time to also put together a tia vid of her birthday and things related to her birthday. I uploaded and altho it said live it wouldnt load and said the video was no longer available? wth? i looked it up and did what they suggested, editing the video info and stuff... but nope, must have corrupted or something as i did upload it when our speed was a crappy 7kb thanks to exceeding the download limit.
But now its back to the normal fast speed, uploaded and its working! YAY!!!!!!

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maria said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Tia's birthday :-D Did you make the Power Puff girls cake? And the Disney princesses cake with photo image?

I hope she enjoyed the day and her prezzies?!

More q's..sorry! I'm trying to guess the music.. was it Ashlee Simpson or Hilary Duff? Any of those two?