Monday, June 30, 2008

Sick and pains

Just 16 more days to go... if the bub doesnt come early or late..
Ugh!!!!! Sunday was painful, exciting, yet sooo painful! It has me wondering if the bub will be coming earlier. If pregnancies and birth times could be predictable, following a pattern.. I would say the bub would be arriving next sunday! seeing as thats what happened with Tia, a week before she was born i had the same cramps coming and going that i took a panadol and it stopped. (panadol contains anti-prostagladins) I had the cramps again in a week followed with all the other signs that this time it was for real. (show, vomiting, the runs.. real pretty)

I had those nasty cramps, rotten back pain too.. and oh joy the memories come back.. I was pretty sure it was a 'false labour', all i had was the pain for 4hrs! The timing was all over the place and sure it started out ok then went "OMG this hurts" back to "meh, guess they are going now". It was somewhat of a 'training exercise', thinking how do i deal with this pain again? DH was busy working in another room... when i told him just before lunch, he was sooo excited! and asked how i knew it wasnt the real thing! LOL! I was told not to have the baby while he went and got some take-out for lunch... pfft!!!! and surprise! Still no baby when he came back!

Ive been gradually getting Tia's nasty sore throat, runny nose cold. Which she seems to get the most, i suppose i should be happy she doesnt get the barking cough ones. My lymph nodes are so swollen!! My throat is so sore and i feel like crap.

Sleeping these past couple of days has been AWFUL!!!! I wake up every hour, sometimes twice in the same hour after 1am until i get sick of it and get up at 7am or i finally get some sleep and get woken by DH alarm. Ive had that many dreams in a night, its crazy!!!
last night i dreamt;
1) i snuck in to some government intelligence building (to do with aliens) with friends and yet we were unsuccessful in escaping (i had the earth credit card that was on dr who last night. Voyage of the damned episode, with kylie minogue and Clive Swift (better known as Mr Richard bucket, from keeping up appearances).
2) i was chasing my pet monkey around a large mcdonalds in the girls toilets area. My mum was working there?! (i had a pet monkey?! what the?!)
3) i was taging along with a friend who won a prize of a makeover on a tv show, where they bought her a bunch of flowers that had some sort of electrical appliance in there too like a vaccuum cleaner?!4) i was at a huge kids play area (you know one of those ones in a building/wharehouse where u pay for your kids to play in) only it was massive and you wore these soft safety suits that if u hurt yourself and the impact lasted 3secs a saftey team would come out and see if your ok. They had random simpson characters (workers in costume) that would come out at random times and it was a stacks on, sort of thing.. i later discovered that the parents were being turned into hay. somehow???
5) i was on a mini-bus going somewhere with a group of people who sang annoying camp/bus songs.
and thats the ones i can remember..


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I remember those pre labour pains so well. Ack!

I hope the sickness goes away before baby arrives.

Hope you get some decent sleep tonight!

maria said...

Oh your dreams are so complex and funny (to an outsider hearing about it).. I'd be exhausted having so many details in one night! I have experienced the same.. but yeah, how distressing to be up so often.. in the end you'd just think..gosh..why bother to even stay in bed?

How exciting that things are happening.. You mentioning this brought back memories of similar symptoms before I had Jenna. I hope you aren't too uncomfortable.

It is SO soon now isn't it?!! You are doing really well. I feel sorry that you now have this 'cold' thing happening.. right at this time! Ergh!! Paul has been sick since about Thursday last week and didn't go to church yesterday.. stayed at home. I don't want to be catching anything from wasn't that long ago that I had a cold.

Stay warm.. rest whenever and however you can my friend.

((Hugggs & quick, soft rub of your belly))

Were you up at all to watch Trinny and Susannah last night?

Anonymous said...

I like the 1st dream...the gov agency happen to be australia post did it? baby is comming soon....yay!!!