Monday, March 31, 2008

Is she ill?

Out shopping today and Tia saw broccoli and had to have it.. she even couldnt resist trying to eat some of it raw?!
She usually will have it when we order chinese.. as both hubby and I detest broccoli (we call them 'trees'). Altho my mother-in-law once made a awesome creamy cheese broccoli and cauliflower bake-ish thing.. and i loved it.. however i havent liked cauliflower or broccoli since then..
ive never ever cooked broccoli before! I even manage to get stir-fry frozen veg mixes (altho rarely buy them) without broccoli...
guess i'll have a shot at cooking broccoli and make some belchamel sauce (mines really cheesey and i was bought up on it being used as a macaroni n cheese sauce etc..) from memory (watching cooking shows) broccolli is usually 'blanched', which is put into boiling water for a bit and then into cold water? Wish me luck...


Living in Victoria, where the court cases are still being heard or yet to be heard and judged has meant that Underbelly the tv series does not air in Victoria.. every other state just not here.
And yet i know alot of people who have already seen the whole series, due to the leaks, piracy and so forth..
In truth i couldnt be bothered to even watch it..
i have no interest in it at all..
not even that its considered breaching court orders for it to be screened (mostly in public venues) makes it the slightest more interesting... to me at least.. yet to victorians who can't watch it each week.. theyve gone out of their way to purchase the season and watch it.. lend it around.. watch it via web, download it via torrents and so forth..
But what has me wondering, if why ban it on tv, when the books are ok? What's the point? that to read the book for free you would have to borrow it from the library or the alternative to actually buy it..

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

@ 8-9pm i believe we were all meant to turn off our lights.. however i only just got reminded then..
however its a bit late now! (10pm)
I must admit i was going to snob it anyways, i mean at this time all we have on is the 1 kitchen light (a energy saving one) and we do pay extra to apparently receive 20% green power (not that it could be proven)
Did you remember?
If anything i'd rather have killed our tiny money eating/energy eating hot water system that heats the tank up each time we turn on any hot water tap. And if anything little hot water systems should be banned!!!!! And no i don't think we could switch it to 'off peak' seeing as a family of 3 (almost 4) can't live on the amount of hot water in a tank that fits inside a freaking kitchen cabinet! Just add it to the list of reasons of WHY we'd LOVE to get OUT of this flat IF we could find a better place! Ho-hum

Friday, March 28, 2008


Look at this face! No wrinkles huh! Its due to her amazing wrinkle cream apparently.
I'll start at the beginning of the story.
We had just watched Dr phil and oprah was starting and on the ads they had a commercial for garniers ultra Lift spf 15 cream. And Tia goes "Oh no Mummy! Ive got wrinkles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *runs off and comes back a few seconds later* "Look mum. All my wrinkles have gone away!"
this happens again so i went to see what she was playing with in the bathroom.. turns out that Liquid hand soap on a bit of toilet paper rubbed into the cheeks does the job.... err.. LOL

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Names For A Baby Boy

Cartoon from here
The Sex of our bub is still NOT confirmed. 50/50 chance yeah?! ROFL! I liked the cartoon tho!

Im just going with what the main majority of people are thinking it is including hubby & the old poll.

Heres the one ive liked for a few weeks:

\a-tlas, at-las\ is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "to carry". Atlas was a mythical Titan who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders, so the name bears connotations of great strength.
*I am ignoring the fact of the name used in the game Bioshock*

and a few days:

Magnus \mag-nus\ is pronounced MAG-ness. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "great". A royal name in Norway and Denmark; also a saint's name. The name was introduced from Scandinavia to Scotland.

Hubby insisting on:

Leo \leo\ is pronounced LEE-oh. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "lion".

Leonard \le(o)-na-rd\ is pronounced LEN-ard. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "lion strength".

Interesting and may grow on me (from video games):
Auron \a(u)-ron\ is a variant of Aaron. Aaron is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "mountain of strength" (i like it pronounced OR-ren.)

Altair \a-ltair, al-tair\ is pronounced al-TARE. It is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is "bird". Also possibly of Latin origin. The name of the brighteststar in the constellation Aquila.

Vincent \v(i)-nce-nt, vin-cent is pronounced VIN-sent. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "prevailing". From Vincentius. The name ultimately derives from the Latin verb "vincere", meaning "to conquer".

Cid \cid\ is of Spanish and Arabic origin, and its meaning is "lord". El Cid was a heroic Spanish knight of the 11th century whose story is told in numerous medieval epics.


(he would be the guy u first see in the clip)
well i searched, clouds name meaning.. ROFL.. and didnt get far as u can imagine. All i found was that the japanese name Jun means cloud. I still have not finished Final Fantasy VII released in 1997 and im praying my old ps1 save thats 7yrs old hasnt been corrupted in that time.. (im not far off finshing it ) Amazing how a few more pixels can make someone much more sexier.. altho with the storyline of the game it didnt need to be amazing. I have heard that it is being re-done?!

Link is a short form of Lincoln which means Lake colony. Link is the hero from All the Zelda games 1st released in 1987. Recent titles are Zelda, The legend of Zelda: the twilight princess on the wii and Zelda: The phantom hourglass on DS. (which hubby plays)

Combos i like are: Leo Magnus Atlas. Atlas leonard Cloud, leonard auron vincent. leo Atlas link

Tia our girl was going to be named Theophania Isabella Anstacia by her crazy parents... however many people were concerned that it might take her much longer to be able to write her name, lol.. I had a email pen-pal in finland when i was in my teens her name was Tia, and i remember how much i luved her name.. thinking it was exotic.... ROFL! So it was decided almost 5 years ago now (come may) that we named her Tia Theophania ;)
With the above combos i doubt we would call our possible son LAM, ALC, LAL or LAV.. lol

Hope your easter was great!

However you may or may not celebrate it. Just hope you had a great time and stayed safe! ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

bummed for fresh pasta fettucini ideas

Ive taken a liking to fresh pasta, the only downside i find is that it comes in a huge amount and i need to make a few meals of it b4 its no longer any good. i think fresh pasta somewhat is of better quality than the dried stuff, i quite like it..

i made a beef strognoff-ish dish. beef, onions, mushrooms, pepper and evaporated milk. that was yum with the pasta thrown in.. but yeah its been awhile since ive done anything italian noodle like. Any ideas?

KFC Chicken Melts

picture taken from this blog found via google and it was the only one..
Hubby had it when it first came out and ive seen people eating them every so often in the food court.
KFC chicken melts is: a large tortilla, chopped shallots, chopped tomato, grated cheese and a few pieces of popcorn chicken. I have never actually seen it served with the cheese actually melted!!!!!!!!!!(only in pictures) Its pretty sucky, overpriced and a huge mess to eat. Its a tortilla folded in half and then cut into 4-5 pieces..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heat Rash

A heat wave had hit melbourne.. and it was a few hours till my mum and sister flew in/took the train and arrived. This was Thursday.
It was a easy 30 deg plus day, Tia and i walked at 9.30am to her daycare, then a 20min walk in the path of the sun and no shade to Hubby work to drop off the brownies i made the night before(which he forgot to take that morning) *which i had a sit-down and cool down in the air con* and then walking 20mins back in the other direction to the shops. At about 1.30pm i left the shops, walked home in the heat. 2.30pm back out in the heat 10min walk there and back to pick up Tia.
Trying to clean the house, organize bedding, towels, pillows and other chores.. before doing another 10min walk to the laundromat at around 5-6pm *still baking hot* ordered some hot chips from the shop next door and sat in the h-o-t laundromat for 45mins before walking home again, resting my feet and still trying to de-clutter, clean and organise the house..
and then i saw a huge blotchy blood red patch...
argh instant stress!!!!!!!!!!
My heat rash was on the back of my leg just above my ankle.
My heat rash, is only itchy after waking up in the morning from rubbing on the sheets. Im what 23 weeks pregnant, not far along. But it was the first day or so without taking a few cold showers thru the day to cool down, wearing long pants... usually on hot days i do nothing, stay inside, with cold baths/showers to cool down.
My heat rash looked heaps blotchy, bright blood red. it was really strange. I had no stiff joints, neck, headache, no new cold symptoms. (ruling out anything nasty) i only felt sick due to me stressing over it all.

Day 2 of the heat rash it had gone from blood red to a wine, magenta colour. It was going down. However with walking for 6+hrs shopping locally even in air con. (my pants must have been rubbing the back of my leg) I noticed a faint pink blotchiness that eventually went bright red later that night.

Day 3 was a trip to the city in the afternoon. The first heat rash had dulled even more. The new heat rash in same spot just different patches.. slowly turning magenta. This day was filled with 3-4hrs walking in melbourne, (melbourne central, bourke st mall, lil bourke st, down to flinders st station, then over to southgate and back to flinders st station)

Day 4 was beach day. Old rash still hanging on, light red. New rash being stubborn and magenta. Got cream. paraderm was apparently a good cream for itches, bites and heat rash but has been dis-continued. *no where had it* So mum bought me the new cream, thats supposed to be the same called Medi Quattro First aid cream.

Day 5 was yet another scorcher in the heat wave. stayed home till 2pm and then walked 20mins to the train station to say bye to my mum. poor tia was so hot her face had turned bright red. i decided to take it easy and rest in the air con of the shopping centre for a few hours.
Both rash had gone down a bit more

Day 6 1st rash is a slight orange/pink can hardly see it. 2nd rash clinging on tad magenta pretty dull.

And by day 7-9 it had completely gone.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Maria

Have a good one!!! Hope u get nicer surprises in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!

where have i been?

Busy playing tetris with my mum on the 360, out shopping and showing off all the lolly and the lincraft & spotlight stores among everything else shops we have locally.

***NOTE if anything doesnt make sense and i dont use grammar and everything just turns into 1 big sentenance with sp mistakes its coz its damn fracking hot and the laptop is like typing on a heater. so deal with it. i might be nice and come back when the melbourne heat wave is o-v-e-r. my sympathy to all those in S.A****

umm so anyways i'll have some pictures up tomorrow when i have control of the pc.
i'll let u in on my rash... digestion.... horray.. err

and probably rant about china locking down tibet and making it impossible to get any info out of the area or pictures on any human rights abuses and so forth. come on china, u need not hide it.. we already know ur as guilty as O.J simpson and getting away with it.. olympics anyone????? PAH!!!!!!!!!!

Scientology protest sydney awesome theme song

The anonymous group walking on the way to the scientologist church in sydney to protest.
and a busker plays the imperial march as they walk past. (the first couple of seconds of the youtube vid) how cool is that!!!
Rest in peace Lisa McPherson

the wow are u brainwashed or what vid Tom cruise. Scientology the cult created by that sci fi writer... explains alot doesnt it..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

instigator kitty

Nori the cat is in the naughty book. Since she we have let her wander into Tia's room at night.. I believe nori is the instigator. nori at night, is full of beans! (compared to the day where she will sleep under the couch)
Once james woke to a asleep Tia saying "ow" alot to find Nori padding against Tia's back.
She wants someone to let her out at night, or day already..
I put her in the bathroom and closed the door, her kitty litter is in there and she drinks the bath water as she has something against the water in her stainless steel bowl?! And no noises yet.
I hope she grows out of waking tia up, to play and i think she believes that Tia can unlock doors and let her out (which she can't)
I have my sister and "her friend" (my mum?? or other family as a surprise) flying in tomorrow night. And i cant have Nori pestering them (they would be staying in the living room right near the front door) plus they would be sleeping on a airbed!
So perhaps having her in the bathroom is the best option at night, for now. hmmm... its cute, and then its not so cute. Nori does like Tia and thats good, and Tia loves it that Nori comes to her in the early A.M meowing and playing.. altho tia has learnt faster that she will get into trouble if she gets out of bed. So it got a bit hard to figure if Nori had Tia awake.. until i heard Tia sneeze. At least its only 5.30am... and Tia may have been up for a few hours but still.. tia has childcare tomorrow with kids all 3 years plus, so she needs her sleep to avoid any bad moods!!!!!
Still no noise from Nori, i expected scratching or meowing..

Monday, March 10, 2008


Edited to say that Nori published this post herself, which is better than her previytttttttttttt SORRY, oh she turned on caps as well.. better than her previous that was turning off the laptop. Now shes upgraded to blog writer and publisher.. !!!||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||\\\\\\\\\=]
nORI, also thinks my heart locket is a toy and my hair is also something that can be played with and chewed playfully..

hmm free tibet day

u dont have to be Tibetan, Buddhist or a hippie (remembering one of the P.E teachers from my school with a special hand painted combi van) to know that tibet was a free country (unlike chinese claims that its been chinese for centuries, yukky) and that it should be free.. it shouldn't be oppressed, political and people who speak out shouldnt be in exile, imprisoned or tortured.
Don't u hate it how some places bomb the crap and kill each other and yet get attention on the media all the time and yet something that has gone on for ages seems to be somewhat acceptable and swept under the carpet, even myself.. admit to oh yeah.. tibet.. man i still can't believe china is still such a a-hole... such a bully... and yet can host the olympics.. the first olympics where everyone will be monitoring air quality or how often they can see a yellow sun... the first olympics that deserves a memorial to all the poorly paid labourers who died building the structures.. the people who lost their homes for construction even a chinese-aussie.
I do wonder how the athletes feel about competiting in china, is it just another olympics where Gold is the only thought? Will athletes speak out? Will they have the guts? Obviously they dont feel very comfortable, as the aussie teams have been preparing in japan to get 'acclimatized', however if i was given a chance train in china or japan.. id be jumping up n down for japan..
Anyways it was good to be reminded of tibet, as it was on the news, with a demonstration in sydney outside the chinese consulant(sp? is that like a embassy?).

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Myer bargains!

We were recently blessed with myer giftcards. And its been interesting.
One bargain i found was men's trousers. Marked down to $30 from $60 with 50% off.
So i think we got 6-7 pairs of pants for $15 each! Thats insane, you couldnt possibly find trousers new at a price like that! 0.o I have been reminded that i shouldn't overlook the possibility of bargains found in myer! (especially, i guess at end of seasons!)

farewell to an interesting aussie

Jackie chan put to rest his father today. It was a interesting read on the wiki page on charlie chan!! What a life! What a reunion! wow!
He lived to the age of 93, which is amazing, i think! Charlie chan worked as a labourer and asked to be taught how to cook in the 80's while working for embassies. He came to australia and was chef for the u.s embassy! whoot! How cool is that secret service to chef! ^^

first night

So yes, as thought by maria. Nori Nori had been reduced to Nori. ;)
I have pictures (1 un-blurry one i think, gosh cats move faster than toddlers even while stationary!) and videos, ive been lazy and asked hubby to upload them onto the pc.. which hasnt happened.. plus he has taken over the pc with a few new games..

First night was interesting. We decided that Nori wouldnt be welcome in our bedrooms, on the account that cats have claws and we have a airbed! and not in Tia's room as the possiblity of smothering Nori by accident or something.. But Nori wasn't happy being left all alone, she knew where we were and meowed when we went to bed. I woke up to the sounds of Tia talking, which meant obviously that Tia had woken thru the night and let Nori inside her room. Woke up James and yup, sure enough Nori was in there. Nori meoowed and i heard Tia's door open and close again, lol! Nori was put outside the bedrooms again and meowed again.. but i guess stopped as i did fall asleep again.

Nori is a big sook, she loves attention, puts up with Tia following her everywhere, plays with everything. My shoes on the floor have been attacked, the inside of the flyscreen door has been scaled, climbing Tia's organza curtains has been attempted and foiled. The curtain in the lounge room have been attacked, no kitty-toilet accidents, she purs and pads like non-stop sometimes, ive got a few puncture marks from that on my belly. I am so thankful for lounge cushions!!!!

Its interesting having a kitten, or a pet in our family again. One that is toilet trained and doesn't stink (unlike our mice, rabbit)

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Theres a 4 legged animal in our house that has short ears and a long tail... (as opposed to when we had a rabbit) Our new pet, is 3months old or 12 weeks or more.. So its older, bigger than those little 6 week old kittens. However it means that its a tad safer to have around Tia (in that its more of handful for her to actually pick up and can run away from her) And that it has been around with its mum and siblings for much longer.. so we r hoping that it is nicely toilet trained..

currently its sleeping on the couch, not far from me.. with Tia sitting on the ground in front of it.. just waiting for her to be allowed to touch it, or to pick something up and try that to touch it or to put near it while its sleeping if im not looking. She really wants to play with it, she has seen her daddy play with it alot and figures she can do the same. Its the kitten's first few hours here, so im trying to keep her away, let it walk around the place and let it sleep & eat in peace for goodness sake.

Its a female, short hair tortoise shell cat. Mostly black with some bits of ginger and white here and there. I have no idea what to call it..
i'll post a picture some time in the next few days, currently it doesnt stay still unless its waiting to swipe at something (from hiding in a box) or sleeping..
i have a few ideas.. hmm let's see: Shinku, kusanagi, chiyo, sumomo, (the forever over done) sakura, ayumi, aeris, aurora... however im leaning towards nori nori (i think 3 nori is over-doing it) truthfully im a bit tired already about going over names....

Friday, March 7, 2008

WTH & attacked by a bird

Ugh! yesterday was a ugly ugly day!!!!!!!!!!
The pet shop did not call us. We expressed our interest in a kitten, were told we could not even put a deposit it on the kitten until the vet saw it on tuesday. But our name and number were recorded into the shops daily journal to call us straight after the vet had come/gone.. THAT THE KITTEN WOULD BE OFFERED TO US FIRST.
However i went out on wednesday to see a sign saying our kitten had been sold. I thought perhaps it was gone, somehow... or perhaps it was coz our name was down for it.. never recieved that call for the kitten.. not even for the others. that's right they had all been sold come thursday! Hubby argued with the pet shop staff that night. I was coping that ok my kitten has gone, but theres still the other 2.. but then being told
THEY HAD ALL BEEN SOLD. I burst into tears. (which the pet shop lady was pretty upset about.. upsetting a pregnant woman.. pfft)
So friday morning when the manager was in, hubby called to speak with the manager. Legally the kittens have gone we were told, but they are offering us a discount on any other kittens, with a few new ones added today. Quite rightly i think the staff are in for A TON OF CRAP from the manager. Our kitten was sold right after the vet left, right from under us.. with the staff person not following their policy... and with the rest of them not following the policy.

SO PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!! and so is Hubby...

but anyways *i'm at the point were i just dont want to think about it anymore, i just feel so sick*

However, i still do want a kitten!!!!

on the way to the shops, walking..(earlier to kitten incident) i was attacked by a bird. walking under a tree, when i heard a bird noise in my ear and felt something touch the top of my head. I wont be walking under that tree again.. i dont know what kind of bird it was.. i think seagulls could possibly be nesting right now, i've noticed alot more of them more inland than usual.. it happens about this time each year. I remember hearing alot of gun shots when we first moved into the area, and i thought.. gosh this really is a B-A-D suburb.. but after a few shots and listening.. it was used to scare huge flocks of seagulls away.. err.... until they returned a few minutes later..
I'm glad it didnt draw any blood... when i was a kid. I was attacked/swooped on by a magpie and it scratched my forehead. i remember running home shit scared with blood dripping onto my school uniform, and being driven to school the same way.. looking out for *that* magpie. I was late to class, with something for show and tell!!!! For the rest of the week i was driven to school perhaps, and a lady who lived on that street would walk me past that area waving a newspaper in the air.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

gosh some people are so slow!!!

remember back in my lets get real bout kids n laptops post *link* jan 21... i bashed sunrise gadget guys ideas on what a kid needs in terms of laptop and the governments generous idea of laptops and power points.
and only today march 6 have the rest of the world, journalists, politicians caught onto it.. gosh some people are so slow!

Rudd's computer pledge unplugged

Article from: The Daily Telegraph

By Sue Dunlevy

March 06, 2008 12:00am

THE nation's neediest high schools will get money to buy 100,000 computers before June 30 but the Rudd Government cannot say who will pay for the powerpoints to plug them in.

The schools who benefit from the first instalment of the $1 billion program will not get the promised ratio of one computer for every senior student.

Instead, the ratio will be one computer for every two students in Years 9 to 12.

These schools will have to wait till 2010 to get one computer per student.

The first round of funding will go to the nation's neediest 937 high schools.

Public schools will get 70 per cent of the funding, Catholic schools 20 per cent and independent schools 10 per cent.

While the $1 billion program has been widely welcomed, Labor backbenchers have warned ministers that schools are not equipped to handle the extra technology.

Most do not have enough powerpoints in classrooms to plug in the new computers. And a survey of teachers this year found two-thirds needed more training on using computers in the classroom.

Education Minister Julia Gillard yesterday refused to say who would pay for the computers to be installed.

"We are working with our state and territory colleagues to make sure computers are in settings in which they can be used," Ms Gillard said.

Monday, March 3, 2008

oh im a smartie.. i just knew it..

and now im partly scared.. theres some perks in watching alot of kids programs..
i mean with, sesame street and the stars that go on and have fun... playschool last week there was a segment were a 'vet' was doing the rounds in a little skit for the kiddies, and 'diddle' the cat was having kittens, her address was (some number) procreation drive. ROFL!!!!!! Thanks playschool for sending something out for the adults watching!

ask hubby (and yeah i know u can't) BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ive been going on and on.. that Rhys from SO you think you can dance australia LOOKED so much friggin like Elf from the faries (the guy in the green)
And i thought, geez i may as well blog about it, since ive been dying to.. so i looked up to get the rhys guys picture.. but then read his bio..
HOW RIGHT WAS I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Back in Australia he began work as an elf for children's entertainment group, The Fairies, which he still maintains a commitment to."

time for a laugh

Tampon art

Sunday, March 2, 2008

i am how old?

Results for 8th September 1982 :

You were born on a Wednesday.
Your star sign is Virgo.
The season was Spring.
You are 25 years, 6 months, 23 days old.*
It is 190 days until your next Birthday.*
You are 9,307 days old.*
You are approximately 223,379 hours old.*
You are approximately 804,165,738 seconds old.*

angry and stinky

ugh. Yesterday, i decided to stop putting off doing the laundry. I rarely ever do any housework on the weekend. Not wanting to spend time away from hubby.. but i had put off doing the laundry all week.. and a girl only has so many underpants, socks and maternity-tops.
2 loads of washing and all of it in one dryer.
I had the whole place to myself, which isn't that unusual.. altho not having Tia around was..
The dryer is half way thru drying the clothes, where i get out all of hubby's work shirts, 1/2 dry. (i find that if they are dry and i squish them into the lil shopping trolley/buggy they get crinkled beyond the ability of my crappy $10 iron. So instead 1/2 dry/wet in the buggy and put on clothes hangers to dry)
half way... i'm very happy playing my DS.. still addicted to my new game.
when teenagers decide they will sit in the laundromat and smoke, all 4 of them. They were definitely under-age smokers. One a girl, didn't buy in straight away that they could smoke in there. But there is a smoker-fill-me-with-cancer-ash bowl that does get used. All 4 of them took up all the seats.. Oh and yeah did i mention they weren't doing laundry, they were waiting and then consuming their chips from next door.. even tho the chip shop has tables n chairs outside.

I wait for the dryer to finish playing my ds, outside the laundromat. As i can't breathe inside, its like putting your head right into a chimney.. my cold is easing up and getting better.. but with that much smoke... damn right pisses me off..
makes me ssssooooooooooooooo want to move out ASAP so i can get my own washing machine again! The lease is over, its now just a waiting and praying game of finding a new place..

i walk in to get the clothes out of the dryer and into the buggy asap.. they wanna look at my underwear go ahead.. do i care?! no..

I leave pretty upset, pissed off.. i stink!!!!!! I'm shocked, i tell myself that the smoke just be in my nose or something.. but no it isn't. i walk in and hubby says 'have you been with a smoker?' err and we can leave out my reply to that! :( My hair stank, my skin stank, my clothes stank.. i had to shower and wash my hair, i couldn't stand it any longer!!!!
Hubby says to me, wow did your hair stink! I am so glad your not a smoker!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


The first day of march, the first day of autumn. Oh the relief! Summer is O-V-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby, Tia and I went out to the shops, with the thoughts (again) of getting a kitten!
There was kittens, sign said domestic x siamese. however they just look like furball tortoise shell tabbies with blue eyes.. ive never worked out what 'domestic' means other than it could be anything and everything, altho usually something that looks tabby like.

Tia and i went to hunt down the cat food, i realized just how much of a cat food noob i was. Growing up the only cats i got to play with were those at my nans, aunt & uncles and gran n pops house. My nan would have new ones alot of the time usually strays she would befriend and they'd move in. lol. Oh and when we were newly weds, in our granny flat the owner had a fat, lazy, Persian 'Henry'.. he was interesting.. when they went away we would feed him. They would have these packets of fresh meaty looking red blood stuff, fancy stuff for a cat on a diet! It smelt only a bit better than the canned stuff.. bleh!!

After trying to find 'kitten' food and wondering what age was 'furball' (lol) it was located and bought (with me thinking, how am i suppose to know if it prefers snobby sounding lamb over the beef? and been reminded again how nice it is now that cat food comes in beef, free of pilchards, sardines and other unprocessed fish stuff..).

A quick check on litter trays at coles was $8. Hubby said the pet shop ones were $14-$18.. and i said, let's try the $2 shop. Sure enough a kitty tray was found for $2! ^^

Back to the pet shop to find out... that they were 1) covered in fleas. The kitten i wanted was asleep and i could see fleas crawling over its face.. it was twitching, a lady said 'aw its dreaming of being chased by a dog' SAY WHAT?! no its twitching coz its covered in fleas! and how could a kitten know what being chased by a dog is like, when it may have never even seen one.. let alone be chased and lived.. its a kitten.. she must be thinking in 'cartoon' mode or something.
2) that theyve been sold to the pet shop as 8 weeks, but the shop are convinced theyve been lied to. The vet that comes to microchip, worm, vaccinate and de-flea is on in tuesday to do that and will be able to tell how old they really are. And then we have to wait until they really are 8 weeks until we can buy and take it home.
3) we are leaving with cat food and a litter tray and without a kitten.. ah well. Wait for a call on tuesday to let us know when we can buy the one i really like. Guess we have more time to do some paperwork? even tho we don't plan on staying here? Get some kitty litter home, more food and a bed or something for it to play, scratch on.. so i guess waiting isn't all that bad after all.