Saturday, March 8, 2008


Theres a 4 legged animal in our house that has short ears and a long tail... (as opposed to when we had a rabbit) Our new pet, is 3months old or 12 weeks or more.. So its older, bigger than those little 6 week old kittens. However it means that its a tad safer to have around Tia (in that its more of handful for her to actually pick up and can run away from her) And that it has been around with its mum and siblings for much longer.. so we r hoping that it is nicely toilet trained..

currently its sleeping on the couch, not far from me.. with Tia sitting on the ground in front of it.. just waiting for her to be allowed to touch it, or to pick something up and try that to touch it or to put near it while its sleeping if im not looking. She really wants to play with it, she has seen her daddy play with it alot and figures she can do the same. Its the kitten's first few hours here, so im trying to keep her away, let it walk around the place and let it sleep & eat in peace for goodness sake.

Its a female, short hair tortoise shell cat. Mostly black with some bits of ginger and white here and there. I have no idea what to call it..
i'll post a picture some time in the next few days, currently it doesnt stay still unless its waiting to swipe at something (from hiding in a box) or sleeping..
i have a few ideas.. hmm let's see: Shinku, kusanagi, chiyo, sumomo, (the forever over done) sakura, ayumi, aeris, aurora... however im leaning towards nori nori (i think 3 nori is over-doing it) truthfully im a bit tired already about going over names....


maria said...

Is the kitten called Neko then (your title)? I liked the idea of "Nori Nori"! Though it might be at risk of being shortened to "Nori". Your name choices are exotic.. and great! I immediately thought "Patch".. but then saw what you had written and felt like a dufus-cat-namer.. Did my suggestion make you laugh?! A female childhood cat I had.. had several litters of kittens..and one of them I gave to a school friend (in primary school)..and it was a female tortoiseshell... and she called it Patch.

How about if you chose something Gaelic..then you could really stump people.. because you can never pronounce those names!!

I'm glad you have a new pet..and I hope they gave you a sizey discount!! And that they threw in a bag of kitty litter or something.

Here's some unsolicited info..(discard it at will)... We use Catsan (blue pack) clumping litter. I do fork out $ for it.. but I change it much less often than cheap litter and it doesn't reek badly like the cheaper litters. I also buy a 15kg box of it every 5 to 6 weeks.. only available here in KMart.. for around $17.

Just like when you have a baby.. I'm sure your kitty (and yes: baby) advice will not end there (though I'll zip-it if you tell me too)! everyone is always quick to!! Lol!!

I hope she is settling in well and that you are all happy with her!!

Anonymous said...

neko pictures doko des ka?