Sunday, March 9, 2008

first night

So yes, as thought by maria. Nori Nori had been reduced to Nori. ;)
I have pictures (1 un-blurry one i think, gosh cats move faster than toddlers even while stationary!) and videos, ive been lazy and asked hubby to upload them onto the pc.. which hasnt happened.. plus he has taken over the pc with a few new games..

First night was interesting. We decided that Nori wouldnt be welcome in our bedrooms, on the account that cats have claws and we have a airbed! and not in Tia's room as the possiblity of smothering Nori by accident or something.. But Nori wasn't happy being left all alone, she knew where we were and meowed when we went to bed. I woke up to the sounds of Tia talking, which meant obviously that Tia had woken thru the night and let Nori inside her room. Woke up James and yup, sure enough Nori was in there. Nori meoowed and i heard Tia's door open and close again, lol! Nori was put outside the bedrooms again and meowed again.. but i guess stopped as i did fall asleep again.

Nori is a big sook, she loves attention, puts up with Tia following her everywhere, plays with everything. My shoes on the floor have been attacked, the inside of the flyscreen door has been scaled, climbing Tia's organza curtains has been attempted and foiled. The curtain in the lounge room have been attacked, no kitty-toilet accidents, she purs and pads like non-stop sometimes, ive got a few puncture marks from that on my belly. I am so thankful for lounge cushions!!!!

Its interesting having a kitten, or a pet in our family again. One that is toilet trained and doesn't stink (unlike our mice, rabbit)

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maria said...

I can understand not wanting Nori in the bedrooms. Our Phoebe sheds fur daily on a consistent basis and we have to use a clothes brush to get it off the velvet furniture. And we'll pick up clumps off the carpet in the lead-up to the warmer months.

Phoebe knows she isn't allowed in the bedrooms.. but occasionally she'll have a streak where she'll push the envelope and wander into the rooms as if to say "yeah, so what?". We have a sliding door that separates the bedrooms from the living area. Generally this door can be open during the day and she won't wander to the rooms.

At night.. occasionally.. still (!) she'll miaow for us.. or scratch at the door.. but she soon shuts up.

Have you noticed any shedding yet with Nori?