Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heat Rash

A heat wave had hit melbourne.. and it was a few hours till my mum and sister flew in/took the train and arrived. This was Thursday.
It was a easy 30 deg plus day, Tia and i walked at 9.30am to her daycare, then a 20min walk in the path of the sun and no shade to Hubby work to drop off the brownies i made the night before(which he forgot to take that morning) *which i had a sit-down and cool down in the air con* and then walking 20mins back in the other direction to the shops. At about 1.30pm i left the shops, walked home in the heat. 2.30pm back out in the heat 10min walk there and back to pick up Tia.
Trying to clean the house, organize bedding, towels, pillows and other chores.. before doing another 10min walk to the laundromat at around 5-6pm *still baking hot* ordered some hot chips from the shop next door and sat in the h-o-t laundromat for 45mins before walking home again, resting my feet and still trying to de-clutter, clean and organise the house..
and then i saw a huge blotchy blood red patch...
argh instant stress!!!!!!!!!!
My heat rash was on the back of my leg just above my ankle.
My heat rash, is only itchy after waking up in the morning from rubbing on the sheets. Im what 23 weeks pregnant, not far along. But it was the first day or so without taking a few cold showers thru the day to cool down, wearing long pants... usually on hot days i do nothing, stay inside, with cold baths/showers to cool down.
My heat rash looked heaps blotchy, bright blood red. it was really strange. I had no stiff joints, neck, headache, no new cold symptoms. (ruling out anything nasty) i only felt sick due to me stressing over it all.

Day 2 of the heat rash it had gone from blood red to a wine, magenta colour. It was going down. However with walking for 6+hrs shopping locally even in air con. (my pants must have been rubbing the back of my leg) I noticed a faint pink blotchiness that eventually went bright red later that night.

Day 3 was a trip to the city in the afternoon. The first heat rash had dulled even more. The new heat rash in same spot just different patches.. slowly turning magenta. This day was filled with 3-4hrs walking in melbourne, (melbourne central, bourke st mall, lil bourke st, down to flinders st station, then over to southgate and back to flinders st station)

Day 4 was beach day. Old rash still hanging on, light red. New rash being stubborn and magenta. Got cream. paraderm was apparently a good cream for itches, bites and heat rash but has been dis-continued. *no where had it* So mum bought me the new cream, thats supposed to be the same called Medi Quattro First aid cream.

Day 5 was yet another scorcher in the heat wave. stayed home till 2pm and then walked 20mins to the train station to say bye to my mum. poor tia was so hot her face had turned bright red. i decided to take it easy and rest in the air con of the shopping centre for a few hours.
Both rash had gone down a bit more

Day 6 1st rash is a slight orange/pink can hardly see it. 2nd rash clinging on tad magenta pretty dull.

And by day 7-9 it had completely gone.

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