Monday, March 10, 2008

hmm free tibet day

u dont have to be Tibetan, Buddhist or a hippie (remembering one of the P.E teachers from my school with a special hand painted combi van) to know that tibet was a free country (unlike chinese claims that its been chinese for centuries, yukky) and that it should be free.. it shouldn't be oppressed, political and people who speak out shouldnt be in exile, imprisoned or tortured.
Don't u hate it how some places bomb the crap and kill each other and yet get attention on the media all the time and yet something that has gone on for ages seems to be somewhat acceptable and swept under the carpet, even myself.. admit to oh yeah.. tibet.. man i still can't believe china is still such a a-hole... such a bully... and yet can host the olympics.. the first olympics where everyone will be monitoring air quality or how often they can see a yellow sun... the first olympics that deserves a memorial to all the poorly paid labourers who died building the structures.. the people who lost their homes for construction even a chinese-aussie.
I do wonder how the athletes feel about competiting in china, is it just another olympics where Gold is the only thought? Will athletes speak out? Will they have the guts? Obviously they dont feel very comfortable, as the aussie teams have been preparing in japan to get 'acclimatized', however if i was given a chance train in china or japan.. id be jumping up n down for japan..
Anyways it was good to be reminded of tibet, as it was on the news, with a demonstration in sydney outside the chinese consulant(sp? is that like a embassy?).


maria said...

I've always thought a consulate (with a Consul) was the same as an ambassador in an embassy.. But I looked it up..and it seems to be the same.. however an ambassador is described as a diplomatic official of the "highest rank".. a representative.. just like a Consul. But the term "highest rank" isn't used for Consul in the description for some reason.

A friend I once had... her husband started his own business (which has since failed) - and his plan was to import things from China. He went to China soooo often, my friend was a single Mum/widow. I was always uncomfortable with his love affair with China.. not that my opinion mattered any.. but it was me just not liking China.. and also my friend and her son were always on their own without him. He said he'd become a millionaire as China was IT.. and would be a force to be reckoned with on so many levels in the future. After the business failed, he was hired by another company.. and continued to spend most weeks in China doing deals over there.

Did you see that documentary once on SBS about girls in a sweatshop over there.. actually making jeans that sell in the U.S. for $100 or more or something.. I think it was 'Guess' jeans. Have we talked about this already? And they earned about $2 a week.. and it was like a prison camp. Worked to the bone.. very long hours.. no time for a life at all..isolated and barely rewarded. It was extremely sad.

Anonymous said...

yes all the athletes should boycott the 08 olympics. I understand alot of them wont even train in china for the pollution.

i'd say u definitely would want to see this then.