Friday, March 7, 2008

WTH & attacked by a bird

Ugh! yesterday was a ugly ugly day!!!!!!!!!!
The pet shop did not call us. We expressed our interest in a kitten, were told we could not even put a deposit it on the kitten until the vet saw it on tuesday. But our name and number were recorded into the shops daily journal to call us straight after the vet had come/gone.. THAT THE KITTEN WOULD BE OFFERED TO US FIRST.
However i went out on wednesday to see a sign saying our kitten had been sold. I thought perhaps it was gone, somehow... or perhaps it was coz our name was down for it.. never recieved that call for the kitten.. not even for the others. that's right they had all been sold come thursday! Hubby argued with the pet shop staff that night. I was coping that ok my kitten has gone, but theres still the other 2.. but then being told
THEY HAD ALL BEEN SOLD. I burst into tears. (which the pet shop lady was pretty upset about.. upsetting a pregnant woman.. pfft)
So friday morning when the manager was in, hubby called to speak with the manager. Legally the kittens have gone we were told, but they are offering us a discount on any other kittens, with a few new ones added today. Quite rightly i think the staff are in for A TON OF CRAP from the manager. Our kitten was sold right after the vet left, right from under us.. with the staff person not following their policy... and with the rest of them not following the policy.

SO PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!! and so is Hubby...

but anyways *i'm at the point were i just dont want to think about it anymore, i just feel so sick*

However, i still do want a kitten!!!!

on the way to the shops, walking..(earlier to kitten incident) i was attacked by a bird. walking under a tree, when i heard a bird noise in my ear and felt something touch the top of my head. I wont be walking under that tree again.. i dont know what kind of bird it was.. i think seagulls could possibly be nesting right now, i've noticed alot more of them more inland than usual.. it happens about this time each year. I remember hearing alot of gun shots when we first moved into the area, and i thought.. gosh this really is a B-A-D suburb.. but after a few shots and listening.. it was used to scare huge flocks of seagulls away.. err.... until they returned a few minutes later..
I'm glad it didnt draw any blood... when i was a kid. I was attacked/swooped on by a magpie and it scratched my forehead. i remember running home shit scared with blood dripping onto my school uniform, and being driven to school the same way.. looking out for *that* magpie. I was late to class, with something for show and tell!!!! For the rest of the week i was driven to school perhaps, and a lady who lived on that street would walk me past that area waving a newspaper in the air.

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maria said...

This is the first time I've read this.. I'm so sorry about what happened. I probably would have done the same (burst into tears). That just wasn't right!!! And my hubby would have rang them and gave a piece of his mind to them too. Well.. that day realy did suck for you - and I'm so sorry it happened to you :-( What were the shop assistant/s thinking?

And how horrible to have the bird attacking incident.. my goodness.. I probably would have taken that personally too.. and just fallen in a teary heap! At Jenna's school she is often swooped by magpies. When we've gone bike riding.. it's Jenna that gets swooped and not me. We covered her helmet with drawn-on "eyes".. to deter the magpies...and that seemed to work. But she has a new helmet now.. yet to be tried.

Her last magpie swoop (at school) made contact with the top of her head.. it did draw blood and she had a tender head for about a week or so?

If you know which tree you were near or under.. yeah.. better stay away as much as you can.. or wear a hat?!

Anyway.. hugs to you my friend :-) I've not known of seagulls to swoop/attack like that.. But I'm not up to speed with birdlife that much.