Monday, March 10, 2008


Edited to say that Nori published this post herself, which is better than her previytttttttttttt SORRY, oh she turned on caps as well.. better than her previous that was turning off the laptop. Now shes upgraded to blog writer and publisher.. !!!||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||\\\\\\\\\=]
nORI, also thinks my heart locket is a toy and my hair is also something that can be played with and chewed playfully..


maria said...

At last we meet Nori! Very cute.. and what a cute photo too.. I can just imagine Nori (boy/girl?) trying to scale organza curtains.

Gosh it's so late.. I have read all of your posts but will come back to comment on them.. I better hit the hay :-)

Purrrrrr. ;-)

I Am Slimming said...

Gee Tia is growing up isn't see.

The naughty Nori is also quite cute too.

Hope the pregnancy is treating you kindly Tiffany.

xx Megan