Wednesday, March 19, 2008

KFC Chicken Melts

picture taken from this blog found via google and it was the only one..
Hubby had it when it first came out and ive seen people eating them every so often in the food court.
KFC chicken melts is: a large tortilla, chopped shallots, chopped tomato, grated cheese and a few pieces of popcorn chicken. I have never actually seen it served with the cheese actually melted!!!!!!!!!!(only in pictures) Its pretty sucky, overpriced and a huge mess to eat. Its a tortilla folded in half and then cut into 4-5 pieces..


Anonymous said...

im vegetarian, but kfc was the very last meat dish i ate almost 7yrs ago...kfc...i remember it well

Anonymous said...

HI!!! Nice to hear from you and thanks so much for wanting to keep an eye on me. I have a great video of my dumbo birds making a hell of a mess on my facebook - are you on there at all?! I can't seem to figure how to upload on blogger.

How are you doing??! Sorry I disappeared for a while, but I am back!

maria said...

Like a 2nd grade quesedilla? I'm so curious about the taste.. but I'd suffer badly if I ate one right now. I know I mentioned this in an email.. but I'm curious also about the dipper sauces out now.. esp nacho cheese.. I wonder if it's spicy hot?