Saturday, March 1, 2008


The first day of march, the first day of autumn. Oh the relief! Summer is O-V-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby, Tia and I went out to the shops, with the thoughts (again) of getting a kitten!
There was kittens, sign said domestic x siamese. however they just look like furball tortoise shell tabbies with blue eyes.. ive never worked out what 'domestic' means other than it could be anything and everything, altho usually something that looks tabby like.

Tia and i went to hunt down the cat food, i realized just how much of a cat food noob i was. Growing up the only cats i got to play with were those at my nans, aunt & uncles and gran n pops house. My nan would have new ones alot of the time usually strays she would befriend and they'd move in. lol. Oh and when we were newly weds, in our granny flat the owner had a fat, lazy, Persian 'Henry'.. he was interesting.. when they went away we would feed him. They would have these packets of fresh meaty looking red blood stuff, fancy stuff for a cat on a diet! It smelt only a bit better than the canned stuff.. bleh!!

After trying to find 'kitten' food and wondering what age was 'furball' (lol) it was located and bought (with me thinking, how am i suppose to know if it prefers snobby sounding lamb over the beef? and been reminded again how nice it is now that cat food comes in beef, free of pilchards, sardines and other unprocessed fish stuff..).

A quick check on litter trays at coles was $8. Hubby said the pet shop ones were $14-$18.. and i said, let's try the $2 shop. Sure enough a kitty tray was found for $2! ^^

Back to the pet shop to find out... that they were 1) covered in fleas. The kitten i wanted was asleep and i could see fleas crawling over its face.. it was twitching, a lady said 'aw its dreaming of being chased by a dog' SAY WHAT?! no its twitching coz its covered in fleas! and how could a kitten know what being chased by a dog is like, when it may have never even seen one.. let alone be chased and lived.. its a kitten.. she must be thinking in 'cartoon' mode or something.
2) that theyve been sold to the pet shop as 8 weeks, but the shop are convinced theyve been lied to. The vet that comes to microchip, worm, vaccinate and de-flea is on in tuesday to do that and will be able to tell how old they really are. And then we have to wait until they really are 8 weeks until we can buy and take it home.
3) we are leaving with cat food and a litter tray and without a kitten.. ah well. Wait for a call on tuesday to let us know when we can buy the one i really like. Guess we have more time to do some paperwork? even tho we don't plan on staying here? Get some kitty litter home, more food and a bed or something for it to play, scratch on.. so i guess waiting isn't all that bad after all.


Jadey 0:-) said...

Try buying a kitten from a rescue agency. Stuff these petshops! Please don't buy from a pet shop!

maria said...

That's great news that you're getting a kitty.. I bet Tia is over the moon about it (assuming she knows)?!

I have tried to get our cat to like all the food I think sounds fantastic.. the casseroles and sliced beef etc.. but she really struggles with it. She doesn't like 'loaf' style anything either.. Her fav has to be any kind of fish, whole/chopped in jelly! Yes, pilchards and sardines. She also loves "You'll love Coles" dry food. I was telling hubby I tried it because the packaging said "highly palatable" and there was a picture of a Vet and her comments about her own animals loving it.. And hubby laughed and said I always get sucked in with marketing but also added "I also love that about you". So I think of the Coles dry food as maybe cheezels and kettle chips.. or McCafe friands and mud fingers for Phoebe the cat. That's what highly palatable is to me.

Lol @ what age is furball formula. You know .. growing up.. all my cats used to throw up furballs. Phoebe hasn't thrown up in the 7 months we've had her. Is it because her dry food is "furball formula".. ? Hmmm.

$2 shops are great for pet things. I was thinking as I was reading your post "go to a $2 shop"!! Lol.. and yeah, you did!

I'm so sorry about the fleas.. I hope all will be well after Tuesday... Assuming you decide to go with the pet shop.