Thursday, March 13, 2008

instigator kitty

Nori the cat is in the naughty book. Since she we have let her wander into Tia's room at night.. I believe nori is the instigator. nori at night, is full of beans! (compared to the day where she will sleep under the couch)
Once james woke to a asleep Tia saying "ow" alot to find Nori padding against Tia's back.
She wants someone to let her out at night, or day already..
I put her in the bathroom and closed the door, her kitty litter is in there and she drinks the bath water as she has something against the water in her stainless steel bowl?! And no noises yet.
I hope she grows out of waking tia up, to play and i think she believes that Tia can unlock doors and let her out (which she can't)
I have my sister and "her friend" (my mum?? or other family as a surprise) flying in tomorrow night. And i cant have Nori pestering them (they would be staying in the living room right near the front door) plus they would be sleeping on a airbed!
So perhaps having her in the bathroom is the best option at night, for now. hmmm... its cute, and then its not so cute. Nori does like Tia and thats good, and Tia loves it that Nori comes to her in the early A.M meowing and playing.. altho tia has learnt faster that she will get into trouble if she gets out of bed. So it got a bit hard to figure if Nori had Tia awake.. until i heard Tia sneeze. At least its only 5.30am... and Tia may have been up for a few hours but still.. tia has childcare tomorrow with kids all 3 years plus, so she needs her sleep to avoid any bad moods!!!!!
Still no noise from Nori, i expected scratching or meowing..

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maria said...

Hmm, I think bathroom may be your only option.. though she may miaow for some attention/to get out. I'd put some cat toys in there (in addition to something to sleep on) if you have anything.. though the toys being played with could wake people up too!

Our adult cat seems to go wild at night..and she'll go "frisky" over a biro on the floor.. She'll toss it about.. and think it's a mouse or something. She really loves the little fish filled with soy sauce you get from Japanese places.. she flicks those about too. She has a shiny pink Christmas bauble that she loves to bat with her paws too. We only have one official cat toy and that's a mouse on a stick? It's suspended with elastic and requires a human to dangle it and tease her with it.. which Jenna does. Phoebe has to be in the mood for that one.

I hope it all works out re: the visitors..and Nori! :-) Purrrrrrrr...