Friday, February 29, 2008

Trust New idea to screw up

The news is out, thanks to New Idea Australia. About Prince Harry fighting in Afghanistan. Thats a real shame. It was nice of the military to give access to journalists under instructions that it would not be published until prince harry was back safe home.

Truly, i feel sorry for Prince Harry. He wanted to serve in the military ages back, the media got a hold of it and went wild.. then the crazy terrorists went crazy.. Now its likely to happen again.

Its a new Low for New Idea magazine.. ^^ so happy i dont buy it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

wee...wee..wee.. all the way home

Its not unusual to see the odd looking bum walking down our street... but 2 in a row?
and both at the fish n chip shop? yes i caved in and went back... theres something about salty foods and colds, i think salt is the easiest thing to taste when you can't taste much due to colds.
For whatever reason that is.

One bum with tatty cheap trackies was leaving with his order. the other was outside smoking. he looked okay-ish, as well as anyone in mis-matched old trackies.. whatever he was smoking, it was the heaviest ciggarette.. totally disgusting, i initially thought something was on fire close by. He was sitting outside but it was coming inside like a tide.. with each breeze came a bad funky smog.

We escaped the fog to the lolly shop. Ah relief!

And the lovely lolly shop lady is so happy to see Tia. I'd swear she had all boys! She loves to see Tia all dressed up!

Back to the chip shop. The smokey man is now sitting inside, waiting on his order still. We sit down Not far away...
oh my gosh that smells like WEE!!!!!!! Oh my gosh it is WEE!!!! Oh?!! IS IT ME? *think about Tiffany* So i think, Tia is fine, she is in her usual tutu which she has worn 4 days straight but shes very good at wearing undies underneath it.. surely if it was Tia i would have noticed earlier?
Is it me? Ok yes, i admit the extreme coughing fits i'm having lately and the sneezing from my pregnancy hayfever do make me go eep *crosses legs, tightens muscles*, i take it as a daily reminder to do pelvic floor muscle exercises. But no this is not the smell of tiny little bit.. this is the true smell of a bigger problem...

The man gets up to receive his order and walks out.. the smell goes..

So it wasn't me at all.. i should have known.. for true if it was me, i'd surely have smelt it all day?!!! I walk home with a smile on my face....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

rushing air

When you sleep on a inflatable air mattress theres a certain sound you don't want to hear. Ever... especially NOT after the shops have closed! And for the hole to be on the plastic side of the bed not the velvet side.. (the patches that come with the mattresses dont work on the upper side if its soft, velvety-ish no, they are for holes on the other side of the air mattress.) As i am told and have seen demonstrated by hubby.
But still when your faced with sleeping on the hard double bed futon couch (with a preggy belly person) You attempt surgery on the air mattress, with the aid of a rubber glue and the patch,, regulary check the mattress (altho a visual check sees it is very deflated) and re-pumping of the bed.
Who knows maybe it will be a night on a bed?
or a night squashed on the hard couch?
or on a carefully constructed line of cheap small cushions for one of us? (it could possibly go from head to butt.. and thats about it.. )

Sleep well Friends.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back into the zone

First off, i'm talking bout diet, exercise... no that kind of zone is still beyond-ish me.

Back into the zone.. and totally hooked!!!!! (how much longer can i last?)

I'm playing my new game, which james surprised me with. He knows what i like. Its really special when he brings me home a video game without finding one for himself. hahahaha

The new game is harvest Moon for my DS.

Harvest moon is a game that ive played over the past 8years? Every so often a new version would come out or you'd get the one thats new to the console. So i played one on the old playstation 1, the playstation 2 and now the ds version. Fine its only 3. But its a H-U-G-E game, never really finished it. But then for me, i did finish it in that my character got married, had a kid got all the upgrades.. so yeah

Harvest Moon on the DS is great. However the stylus is very under used. The biggest pain is in your rucksack you have all your items, tools, ores, accessories. Whatever you havent put away in your tool box etc. And when you harvest a whole crop, of say onions. theres 8 onions, they all go on top of each other. which is great it means 8 onions is only taking up 1 spot, not 8. But the pain comes when you want to give one away as a present. not 8, just 1. i havent quite worked it out other than it requires tapping the stylus like a nutter on the screen. x.x ugh

In Harvest Moon, your a young single adult male. Your on a quest to make your family proud. Build a profitable farm, seasonal crops, ducks, chickens, cows, sheep,a horse, a cat, a dog. With that you have seasons to deal with, ground to turn over, seedlings and plants to water each day (no water restrictions! hahaha) snow storms that keep you inside (usually back to bed) to survey any damage the next day. The products of your animals, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, mayo, wool(sheared), yarn. Cows and sheep to make pregnant (potion-a-la-pregnancy) chickens and their eggs go in the hatchery for more chickens.
then theres the tv channels, in this one they need to be unlocked thru hard work. argh! The channels are usually; tutorial, weather, shopping. However in this version there are alot more channels!
In this version (im getting exhausted just explaining) you build all the sheds minus the horse house. Theres a silo, poultry shed, livestock shed, pond, mushroom shed, basement. These usually take alot, alot of gold. And then theres the collecting or buying (ow) the hay/wood/stone whatever your building it out of. Which requires either growing grass for the hay. Chopping sticks or stumps for wood, stone houses require using the hammer to break stones. (is this the right time to mention you are partially human in this game. You have a fatigue and stamina which when you exhaust.. well just that you pass out... and some nice person drags you home.
Various House upgrades like kitchen, bathroom and a big bed (required before you get married)

Oh yeah, and when you have that time... try and fit in a life. Women! Gah!!! Each girl is different, different families, different locations, different likes/dislikes when it comes to gifts. Theres a guy in the town already chasing them your 'rivals'. You can do stuff to make them dislike you, there are different heart levels depending on how fond they are of you (showing off all your hard work) Theres town bloody festivals, different dates thru the year. You dont have to go to them, but all the shops are closed, the people are all at the event.. nothing gets sold, nothing gets built, upgraded.. however the farm goes on, it must be kept after! If you want to go, you'd better have the animals fed, brushed, milked, sheared. The crops watered, harvested.. *gah*

In the winter, it snows. Nothing grows, the trees go dormant... the animals still need their care. But this gives a much needed break to get out to the girls, festivals and the mine. Mine? Oh yes the mines.. i now have 3 mines in total to conquer (get to the bottom of) without passing out.. taking alot of save/loads, alot of energy drinks, alot of food. And theres alot to collect, depending on the mine. Either ores to upgrade your tools once youve used them enough. Jewelery to give to the girls, creams etc strangely enough for the girls, gems to sell or give away like ruby, topaz and all important diamonds. your using your hoe and the hammer in here! Theres also animals that don't like you that you need to wipe out. in the mine theres holes (where u can fall 1-3-10 or 100 levels) falling 1 or 3 levels is fine.. i dont know about 10.. not sure if ive done it yet. Or you can find the stairs using the hoe. Mine 1 has 10 levels.. the others have INSANE amount of levels.

Ive got targets to meet to unlock harvest sprites (oompa-loompas/gnomes) who i can hire to help me out on the farm. yee-ha for hired help!

*yawn* yup now im feeling sleepy....
(are you tired yet?)

Friday, February 22, 2008

The lazy stirfry

This is a super stirfry for lazy or busy people. Its very quick and easy and requires little cooking ability.


a type of meat or tofu.
whatever stir-fry-ish veggies you have e.g carrots, onions, capsicums, shitake mushrooms!
Noodles or rice.
Sweet chilli sauce
Soy sauce
pepper/salt to taste

First fry up your meat, then the onions. Have your rice either cooked or the water boiling for the noodles. Add the rest of the veggies. You dont need a wok. sure they help. but a big frying pan or pot will do the trick. When all is cooked add perhaps 3-4tbs os sweet chilli sauce and 1 tbs of soy sauce. add pepper and salt to taste. Stir thru the meat n vegs. and serve on a bed of rice/noodles.
yeah i dont bother to julienne carrots.. its a lazy stirfry recipe!
We love the Hakubaku noodle range. Particularly the soba (buckwheat) In australia find it in the asian section in both Coles and Wooloworths $2.40-ish one packet does 3 meals for 2-3 people.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

a smell in the kitchen

and before you start wondering. No its not a good smell.

I go thru the crisper in the fridge and check the fruit n vegs on the bench. my crisper is small so not everything can fit.

And im shocked. Going thru the kitchen yesterday. Checking all the fruit n veg and heres what i found.
The pumpkin ive been to lazy to bother roasting, was going to make muffins, scones or something with it instead but never got around to finding a recipe or how to do that. Its gone off a bit around the bottom. Bye bye pumpkin!

i admit to buying discounted banana's intending to make banana bread. However 2 bananas are fully black, squishy, wet and smelly. Ive saved all the good ones, peeled them, bagged them and put them in the freezer. Its something i might try to get to today. I noticed that it has gotten rather juicy (had them up on top of the fridge/freezer) which meant i was able to ignore them for a bit too long. Some dark brown dried lines indicate its run down the side.

I keep looking. The smell is still there.

inside the fridge, the watermelon i bought 2 weeks ago. It looks mostly fine, no smell. However one side looks like its frozen. I've found out previously that watermelon frozen doesnt taste great, and even in cling/film wrap watermelon either goes completely watery tasting or absorbs fridge smells and tastes like as if you ate the fridge. Not great.

now i'm checking the cupboard. And it doesnt smell great in there.

oh my. I check my discounted brown onions. None are off, soft or otherwise. Despite being old-ish.

I hesitantly check the potatoes. After all theyre 2 weeks old. I bought them full price.. they couldnt possibly be... oh. man that smells bad. Thats the smell. 2 potatoes have gone brown-ish, slightly mushy looking. stinky. I grab the ones that dont have stinky brown juice spots on them. And throw the rest, im not risking that rinsing the still good potatoes with stinky juice will take away the stink. the discounted potatoes i got just recently are fine.

Clean all those juicy-ish spots up with a dash of bleach. And Now my kitchen doesnt have that odd smell. Horray!

awake and quizzing

As seen in maria's blog

You Are a Sprinkled Donut

Flamboyant and flashy, you're easily distracted by shiny things.

You're definitely a snazzy number, and you usually catch everyone's eye in the room.

And you've got the goods to back it up your colorful image.

(Though too much of you gives people a stomach ache!)

if im catching everyones eye, then im not noticing it ;)

Pepperoni Pizza

Robust and dominant.

When you go for something, you go full force.

You tend to take control of situations easily.

And in return, you get a ton of respect.

ummm, me? dominant? hmm...

You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.

You're friendly and easy to get to know. This makes you very popular - without even trying!

and because im still up and somewhat addicted... the same kind of cookie

You Are an Excellent Cook

You're a top cook, but you weren't born that way. It's taken a lot of practice, a lot of experimenting, and a lot of learning.

It's likely that you have what it takes to be a top chef, should you have the desire...

awwwww isnt that nice..

You Are 65% Passionate, 35% Compassionate

You are very passionate, especially when it comes to love.

In fact, it's sometimes difficult for you to tell between love and lust.

You jump in head first, and figure things out later... usually when it's all over!

Your Inner European is Swedish!

Relaxed and peaceful.

You like to kick back and enjoy life.

oh lol

i cant sleep

picture courtesy of Im up to week 19 *linkie*

im off instant coffee, i have been for ages now.. and im proud of that and saddened too. I love my coffee!!! However i havent ruled out the occasional iced coffee. But today, doing the groceries i decided to bring home a 2lt bottle of iced coffee flav milk. And i've had hmm 3-4 cups.
Today has been a busy day had about 2hrs in the afternoon to sit around till i had to make dinner and all that. Alot of walking, in the blissfull cool rainy weather.. not that my feet agree, no my feet want new shoes ;) i agree with my feet, however i did agree more with my bump! My bump requested i get more tshirts to wear as err being lazy, busy and i guess both.. i will wear my normal clothes around home that bug me as they dont fit my bump, the maternity tops i wear when i go out.. and well not wanting to pay at the laundrymat to get 2 t-shirts washed 3 times a week they get well..



there i said it. not grubby, no stains.. just that sweat smell, various perfumes smells and not so nice smells... so yes i now have 5 tops to fit my bump. 1 is a winter-ish one with long sleeves the others short sleeves/t-shirts. That will help ease my uncomfortableness and laziness..

where was i?

ah yes. coffee and awake.. even after a tiring day, no naps, no lay downs, past my bedtime its 12:33am. Late. Late for someone who counts down the minutes some nights bored waiting for the magical 10pm! (going to sleep earlier is a problem) Ive got a constant weird frequency buzzing in my head, i cant stop thinking, and for some weird reason its like theres a loop as if a ghost was in our house typing away on the computer, but i dont believe in ghosts so i instantly think someone has snuck in and hid themselves in a cupboard somehow just so when we go to bed they can use our computer. WTF?! crazy huh! And ive got to pee again, why? i have a sore throat (coming down with a slight cold Tia had for a day or two, mainly runny nose but most colds start with a sore throat ive found) so im drinking alot water to ease it...

for a few seconds anyways.

and my lip has got that windburn, dry, split in the middle.. i get that sometimes. However lipgloss makes it pretty bearable until i smile.. x.x

Oh and im not finished!

Im trying to get to sleep, hubby has already fallen asleep he must have been really tired. He is so cute, talking dungeons and dragons (the pen n paper, role playing game) in his sleep. Which is great, much more interesting than if he talked about work. Its a nice change. Very cute. and guess who wakes up and decides to kick me, roll around and get into tight places or like give my belly button a hug? The baby as usual knows im trying to go to sleep (everything is all of a sudden very very quiet) and decides its time to play! >< One other thing annoying me and keeping me up is the xbox 360. Its on, its loud.. sure its not a bother during the day like most noises. But when everything is quiet... its LOUD! You know how some laptops can have that constant whir noise, the fan going and all.. well the xbox 360 has a few fans i think and one happens to be a big fan. i think.. its still on coz hubby is downloading games, trials, add ons to games we already have and stuff.. over a gig or so.

So i guess im waiting until i have to fight to stay awake until i go to bed. theres no point in staying in bed getting frustrated it will only take longer to get to sleep.

On the note of pregnant people getting advice from total strangers. When Tia and I were at the beach on monday, a old lady, english the obvious 2nd language. Told me that being out in the sun for a long time was not very good for pregnancy "Not long time for you here, yes". *rolls eyes* my instant thought was, WTH.. and then agreed that i was over being out in the sun, over the fact that sun exposure will bring out the zillions of freckles on my face that kindly disappear in the winter. or i just fail to see them unless they get really dark.

Pregnancy has been good, i mean.. at our shopping mall/centre currently is a group selling membership to paint balling! Of all things they ask me as i'm approaching if i'd like to play.. i have that uncontrolled reaction to reach for my bump. yes he got the idea.. realises that he was pretty stupid. LOL! and comes back with "does your husband play?" ARGH! lol..

Its now 1am, and i can hear what i think is bass (or someone head butting a wall).. meaning the new neighbors are playing music. ARGH! I met the new neighbor recently.
Within a day of them moving in, i wasnt happy. The teenager decided to have a big fight with some male, (brother? lover? friend? who knows) he was so sure she had stolen something.... she was telling him where to go and whatever else i have no idea/dont want to know.. all i know is that when she wouldnt let him in the front door he would go around to the back and to her window which is right next to our kitchen window. The mum recognized me as i was on my way home the other day, introduced herself as my neighbor, said she had a teen who runs away alot.. yadda yadda.. apologized for any disturbance or noise..

hopefully i can go to sleep soon..

Monday, February 18, 2008

The new bub ultrasound

Taken on 14th february 9am. 18th weeks into pregnancy! Didnt find out if it was boy/girl. The position the baby was in didnt make it easy. It also decided to move and do like a somersault, one minute it was there the next the minute it wasn't! It had its hands into tight fists, the womb was jiggled and it was odd to see the baby react to that like woahhh what the ???!!! the result was a good shot of the hand which i dont think i have. We were given a selection of the pictures on cd tomorrow i will get to pick up all the ultrasound pictures on that kind of x-ray film stuff from the doctors.
So either we wait till the end for boy/girl which i dont personally think i can handle! Me be patient? Ive been told by a few people now that such and such was told it was a boy and it was a girl.. yadda yadda.. but they cant possibly get it wrong later on can they? isn't it obvious? don't they re-check? lol
they also did my kidneys for some reason? for the record i have a great blood pressure even with my tummy fat.. it wasnt what the doctor asked for.. thought it was weird.

cant stop itching

argh! i thought when my feet where healing and pealing from extreme sunburn that the itching was bad then. But Lately my stretch marks thanks to pregnancy are itchy, for some reason my thighs are itchy and now my calf/shins are soo darn itchy.

I dont know how often ive forgotten to get that milky calamine lotion stuff usually used on chicken pox. I dont mind looking like ive had a fight with some wet chalk! If it would take the itch away. Yes i get shaving rash often on my legs and usually a trip to the beach will actually make it happen, weird enough. Maybe now ive been biten by mites or something on my legs.

ive got that itch reliever in aerosol can so i might give that a shot.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A great weekend!

started on saturday, i was itching to leave.. early.. but no we left on time.
Got into the city, got off at central. remembered what street the hotel was on, william st! and that is errr where? all i could remember was flagstaff station (inconveniently closed on weekends) flagstaff gardens was opposite and it was north of chinatown. Hubby was happy and kept saying that if he saw the map where it was we would have no problems getting there. lol.. so it took some walking, some consulting of those handy map poles and a long walk.. but we got there
Darn the batteries are flat in the camera! Discovered this on the walk.. Went up to the top 10th floor.. ah luxury!!! What a room! and a real bed! 2 tvs.. hot chocolate, decaff, coffee all waiting to be used or taken home.. hahahaha
But wait... theres wine in a ice bucket and a ox of chocolates.. that wasnt planned.. lucky theres a card.. and gosh its a card from hubbys boss and his wife congratulating us on a year in melbourne!
I dont think we are still over that, how superbly generous and kind.. wow.. i guess the chocolates are for me? i claim them anyways ;) lol
After hubby has a few drinks we go and get some batteries, walk around the place. Checked out minotaur and the sanrio shop! Were im flustered is it being surrounded by hello kitty everything or the prices? $40 for a hello kitty shopping bag?!! i settle for a $8.50 lanyard for my keys and $8.50 on 2 hello kitty hair clips and 2 hello kitty hair ties.. OW! But wait ive already got $7 store credit on my HK membership card!!! whoot! perhaps every $10 spent i get $1 store credit.. awesome..
back to the hotel room with batteries, hello kitty stuff! and sore feet..
Thinking of dinner, not wanting to go far by now.. hmm lets have room service.. lol. never done that before! My lasagna n chips i felt ripped off, where was the belchamel(sp?) sauce? it was just layers of sheets n meat with shavings of parmasan(sp? stinky cheese) cheese. the chips, were amazing! No joke.. Hubbys fish n chips was whiting fillets bout 5 of them pretty small with chips, lemon, tomatoe sauce and some other mayonaise-ish mustardy sauce.
That night we watched foxtel for some reason.. and then went upstairs and checked out the small gym and the spa/pool.. and had a great time. Came back to the room and put tia to bed..
i got in our spa bath, but turned it off as it was noisy and im over the whole spa thing by now.
Into bed and asleep..

next morning we went to the queen victoria markets, which we havent done before. It was massive, always repeating and tiring. *yawn* we went pretty early and by the time we were leaving it was starting to get busy! i found a stall selling churros and got one for all of us... we then tried in vain not to get our clothes covered in icing sugar. doh! Found a stall that was selling fudge! OHMYGOSH! real fudge! And how many flavours?! crikey!!! I got one $3.50 caramel.. Watched the suga factory people make some lollies and found a present for the boss. Rock candy with the words 'thank you' inside.. it was great fun, some of the t-shirts were funny, but you can get those.. also got a awesome heat pack that once i saw was different to the ones u just microwave i had to have it! ;) And hubby has taken it to work today, to show people..

Then it was off to breakfast, magnation on elizabeth st, a games shop, chinatown and the crowds. I was disapointed, perhaps by the time we got there it was 12, last year i thought the lion dances were around 12-1pm, this year they seemed to be earlier. Still there was dragons, massive dragon and lots of lions dancing around and a crowd that followed them everywhere. Dont forget the loudness of the fire crackers ouch! The markets up the top were a joke. this year it seems they were mainly just from banks and boring companies.. the joke was that it being on the road. there was a massive amount of dangerous crowds pushed next to the markets so one lane of the road could be kept open for those to use the car park!!! i kid you not.. the space you get to walk/squeeze thru is about 2m wide. im so glad people didnt get trampled to death! we got out of that quickly, what i thought was quickly but we had not gotten far at all.. i was really pissed at how rude people were considering we had tia. So hubby stayed with our stuff and tia and i went off to get some footage of lions and dragons.. and fire crackers..
it was great, loud and im about to really get nasty at the next person who decides to interfere in my personal space.. as it turns out i didnt have too. Im watching kids making paper lotus flowers with a incense stick i was given when this lady does so and ends up wearing the end of my incense stick ash, stupid woman! It put it out alright, i thinking that might have burnt.. she notices on her red (meant to be lucky) t-shirt that it has ash on it now.. including the black ash.. i cant stop thinking of how dumb she was.. and glad that God gets his own back without us having to do anything..
we found the sonic manipulator guy, getting ready and straight up asked for his cd. i think he was kinda shocked about that, but i did say the next time i saw him we would get his cd.
after that we are walking back to the hotel and then to southern cross station to get a train back home. What a day! Used the heat pack on the train home on my back, hips and knees... got home and went and had a nap. Hubby woke me in time to watch the biggest looser, awww...

Happy Chinese New year weekend slide show

Click to play In the city
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first time at smile box. Wish i had some more time to go thru all the designs and ones that would shrink my photos and stuff. but this will have to do.
Pics: Our room, the kitchen, the bathroom and spa bath, the upstairs big spa, night view from rooftop, view from big spa room, view out the window in the morning with a big balloon out there ;), china town chinese new year lion dance, chinese new year dragon, room service lasagna n chips $17 & fish n chips $34!!!, picture of mirror roof in elevator, lil finch birds in macdonalds in the city, sculpture that i studied in school thats in the city, a bottle of lovely local wine in ice and a box of chocolates a surprise arrival gift from hubbys boss!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Those moments

Tia and i are at the laundrymat (3 doors up from the 'lolly shop')
"Im hungry mum!" she says.
'of course you are' i reply sarcastically.

"Lolly shop mum?".
"Do you have your money?"
"Uh, no. Wheres my bag?!!! I can't find it"
"it must be at home then. Oh well. Can't get lollies without money. You should have bought your bag which has your money in it"
"mummy, how bout the money in your bag?"
"No, your money isnt in my bag"

ROFL!!! I told Hubby that last night, and he thought it was great at the money in your bag bit.. and then loved my 'mummy' line that her money wasnt in my bag.

HATE WHALING.. love japan

(mother n bub caught recently using explosive harpoons!! Normal harpoons just arent scientifically gross enough for them..)

and japan your pissing me off!!!

Im slowly wondering about my love for the frivolous side of japan. The Lights, tv screens and cosplayers... its culture and history.

If its one thing i can't stand its a country that thinks its higher than everyone else be it USA, Iran or Japan.. If its one thing i can't stand about a country is that its so guilty enough to want to kill whales they use the only loophole they can 'lethal scientific research' which is just checking that inside every whale it looks the same, and tastes great on a grill.
Can you name a exclusive native Japanese animal? go on try...

Its true food is running low around the world. its true many countries sacrifice farm land to pollution dumps, housing for the population. If its not a drought affecting around the world, its a flood in africa, australia, china ruining crops.
How many people do you feed with all the whales they catch?

Can much be expected from a country that even kills their own dolphins for goodness sake? I have to wonder, Is there anyone in Japan who is extremely pissed off with their government and these fishing companies?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


You know you have a list of things to do in your head or maybe written down. And theres always something that you keep putting off, altho you know it needs to be done and you just end up struggling to do and not do it or remembering and then happily forgetting that it needs to be done. It might be weeding the garden, asking to borrow something, the dishes, dusting, clearing out the gutters or checking that email address thats so old its on every spam list and thats all that it gets..
My thing however, isnt any of those. Mine is talking on the phone, to strangers.. but my family and friends would probably add i dont often call them either.

yesterday i called up to book Tia back into childcare for fridays (i'd walk to the office, but then Tia would insist on going to 'little school' even tho its shut and locked up and there would be tears) I am dreading picking her up on friday.. as she wont want to leave! (and yet i on the walk up to the gate, the clinging ones are all waiting around to be taken home asap, awwww.. tia is the one who doesnt want to help pack up the sand pit, no she wants to keep playing and she runs when she sees me! hahaha!!!)

and i also called up the doctor im seeing to make an appointment for this week, which turned out to be for the next day (today) while calling the doctors is pretty darn easy, i've only just today found out how to say my doctors last name properly since ive heard it a few times over the past 2 days!

and i also called in advance to book my 18 week baby ultrasound. Today i had to book it elsewhere as the doctor said he was more confident in these machines and not the place i had booked, fair enough! he should know, as i havent used or been to any of the places i will just trust his judgement. So that means a call to the new ultrasound place and a call to the old ultrasound place to cancel my previous appointment. ugh!!!

Altho its a silly kind of thing to hate doing, it felt good knowing i no longer had to dread doing it.. it was done. All done.

Fast forward to today

Im excited about the 18 week ultrasound. While i think ive felt the baby move, im a tad umm reluctant to say yes it definately was the baby.. ive had kicking feelings ever since i felt them with tia.. its weird.. perhaps thats just digestion? and so thats what i put them mostly down too.. Its still quite little at this stage 15cms long, the size of a pen! Theres still plently of time to get kicked alot.. however it feels quite often that my bladder is turned into a trampoline or punch bag! lol! Oh i got carried away.. So thats the answer the doctor got from me today, my blood pressure is perfect-o and i got poked in a uterus finding way.. i know i still had extra skin from previous pregnancy and the tummy fat but the uterus poking i have never missed.. do they have to do it so hard? However i had no idea it was up that high.. erm coz of the tummy fat i guess. x.x

The date i made for the 18week ultrasound is thursday the 14th of feb... Nothing like doubling down on a reason for hubby to take the morning off work! hahaha! Valentines day!

Monday, February 4, 2008


A update on how things are going. :)

On friday, Tia and I went to the beach in the afternoon for a few hours. I bought a $4 inflatable ring for her to play with, that took some figuring out on how to blow up the cheap ring! She loved playing with it. It was low tide, so she spent alot of time playing in the muddy sand in between a small pool of water stuck due to the sand and the tide all the way out. We had alot of fun towards the end, rolled up my pants and took her into where the beach was. Had her lay on her back on top of the ring, she loved it, just floating around being pushed by the waves. Whats odd coming from one who hates getting water on/in her eyes.. is what she enjoyed most when there was a bit of a tiny tiny surf (but the most ive ever seen at frankston) basically she rode the waves (like a metre away from where we were in the water) onto the sand where the waves ended on the increasing shore line (as the tide decided to come in) and splash on her, true thats how you end up with sand in your bathers.. but she wasnt thinking of that! she loved it..
I put sunscreen on my feet when we got there (thought the socks n shoes might rub it off on the walk?) and then was the only thing i re-applied sunscreen to half way thru the time we were there! lol! i think im paranoid over getting sun burnt feet again!

We have been waiting for the bengal kittens to arrive at the pet shop, i wonder what they will look like?

Had a place to move into in mind, its not available till saturday. I hate when you ring up a real estate agent that they promise to call you back and then they dont.. or you speak to the head receptionist of non-big brand rental real estate companies who never know whats going on..
But now ive got doubts on whether its close enough to a school, wary that im putting all my eggs into 1 basket when the photos online are 7 years old? isnt great to have time stamped photos.. lazy real estate people. That and why do some places have photos of the kitchen and the back yard or something but not the bedrooms? ugh..

Ive had some days where i feel completely zapped of energy at the drop of a hat.. feeling like i could so go back to sleep before lunch! ha!
(my collection of polish chocolates)
I found a new awesome deli and import shop, that stocks alot of polish chocolates and other euopean (i say that coz i cant read it except that its european) stuff. Like i think i found german mushroom paste! lol! I also found some kinda local ginger creamed honey for $6 a jar. Oh how i missed ginger honey! lol! I also noticed a tin of hungarian? poppy seed filling.. false positive opiate drug test here i.. nah i didnt get it.. I got some polish gingerbread covered in chocolate biscuits, OMG ive never had gingerbread that reminded me more like marshmallow it was so light, puffy and wow. ^^ thumbs up to kopernik! WOW! i walked out of there with chocolates and honey! lol!.. interesting shopping trip dont you think

i looked up babies crying on youtube to show tia, that altho the baby is very quiet now its going to be very noisy. i came across this cute little funny cry. she is sooo cute.. i looked up births on youtube also, but felt anxious and a tad disturbed afterwards..


Bollywood movie on sbs last night was Devdas.

It had a sad ending (i promise no singing in this one)

Had the absolute gorgeous Aishwarya Rai as Paro, Shahrukh Khan as Devdas.
It was a sad movie, tears in some places but most of all you just wanted to stand up and slap alot of people around so the wake up and stop being evil and so bitchy! ARGH!
The story goes paro and devdas were best friends as kids, neighbours also. Devdas family are landowners (higher class to paro's family) his father a lawyer or a judge, a harsh man who doesnt understand devdas and his wants to be with paro as a kid and in doing so punishes him and sends him away to study for 10years in london. Paro lights a lamp in belief that someday he will come back, it then turns into a 'life' flame for devdas.
But devdas is coming home, its been 10years. Devdas mother is going crazy putting together this grande home coming (the india way) dressing nicely and lighting the welcome lamp. She asks everyone else to close their eyes (her servants and her daughter-in-law) as she wants to see his face first! well Devdas goes to see paro first, but she refuses to show him her face. Word spreads that devdas has gone to see paro first and mama chucks a tantrum.. devdas arrives and his mum wont look at him, he tricks her that he has left but instead he was hiding behind her and that makes up for devdas.. however paro and her mother are now in the bad books! ugh!!!!!!!
It comes clear to everyone that Devdas and paro are in love. In comes the necessary roles of bitchy sis in law and devdas mother not helped by the father who would never accept devdas to marry one of lower class.
paro's mother gets a invite to visit next door, she believes they will ask for the marriage of paro and devdas. But no it was a cruel trick, devdas mother explains she only wanted her to come over as a dancer as she was before marriage and entertain her guests.. and that they will never let devdas marry paro. Paro's mother swears she will find a groom in 7 days for paro, who will pay a bride price and paro will marry into a much richer family than them. paro learns of this and risks her reputation by visiting Devdas in the middle of the night in his room to ask him to marry her, but he says he cannot as his father will not allow it.. DUMB DEVDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paro marries into a very wealthy family, she finds out then that she now has 3 children, one who is about her age and married to a S.O.B!!!! S.O.B vows to get back at paro. paro also finds out that the marriage is only to satasify her MIL, to look after the kids and the estate. Her husband is in love still with his late wife and mother to his kids. Its loveless and she now has a facade marriage which she despises.

Devdas is heart broken, lost.. he leaves home without paro (they could have eloped but he didnt think or see paro) that night that he refuses to marry paro on the grounds of his families wishes.
He lives with his friend and turns to alcohol, he ends up in the care of the most beautiful dancer, singer prostitute of the brothel his friend took him too. She falls in love with him, he doesnt allow her to touch him. each time he passes out or becomes ill she looks after him, she gives up and becomes a recluse, with wealth but stuck with her past profession and class. paro makes a effort to seek her out after hearing where devdas has been staying, devdas father passes away.

Paro gives her blessings to the prostitute. she invites her over to a ceremony in her house, the SOB son in law, knows who she is and you expect she will be beaten and run! But no he gets a slap in the face and she goes to tell that perhaps he has a sister who is a prostitute due to the fact that they have people of higher classes children but they are always cast aside.. That he should be ashamed of using their services.. etc.. SOB son in law also knows about devdas and has told paro's husband and his mother. They forbid her to leave the house ever again as punishment, even tho paro points out that her husband still loves his late first love and she also loves her first love.

In the end he says he loves her too. Now devdas has accute liver failure? and a drop of wine would be lethal! He gives up drink to see india by train, but is so very very ill. He meets his drinking friend on the train and the friend insists he has a glass of alcohol for the sake of their friendship, he drinks. His friend then finds out.. oh dear..
Devdas makes his way to keep his promise that before he dies he will knock on paro's door. He is breathing his last, on the ground outside the walls.. Paro finds out and runs.. only to have her daughter and son to try and stop her from going against her punishment, her husband orders the gate to close and Devdas dies as the gates shut with Paro behind them.

this has bits from the movie to the music 'bring me to life' by evanescence.