Thursday, February 21, 2008

i cant sleep

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im off instant coffee, i have been for ages now.. and im proud of that and saddened too. I love my coffee!!! However i havent ruled out the occasional iced coffee. But today, doing the groceries i decided to bring home a 2lt bottle of iced coffee flav milk. And i've had hmm 3-4 cups.
Today has been a busy day had about 2hrs in the afternoon to sit around till i had to make dinner and all that. Alot of walking, in the blissfull cool rainy weather.. not that my feet agree, no my feet want new shoes ;) i agree with my feet, however i did agree more with my bump! My bump requested i get more tshirts to wear as err being lazy, busy and i guess both.. i will wear my normal clothes around home that bug me as they dont fit my bump, the maternity tops i wear when i go out.. and well not wanting to pay at the laundrymat to get 2 t-shirts washed 3 times a week they get well..



there i said it. not grubby, no stains.. just that sweat smell, various perfumes smells and not so nice smells... so yes i now have 5 tops to fit my bump. 1 is a winter-ish one with long sleeves the others short sleeves/t-shirts. That will help ease my uncomfortableness and laziness..

where was i?

ah yes. coffee and awake.. even after a tiring day, no naps, no lay downs, past my bedtime its 12:33am. Late. Late for someone who counts down the minutes some nights bored waiting for the magical 10pm! (going to sleep earlier is a problem) Ive got a constant weird frequency buzzing in my head, i cant stop thinking, and for some weird reason its like theres a loop as if a ghost was in our house typing away on the computer, but i dont believe in ghosts so i instantly think someone has snuck in and hid themselves in a cupboard somehow just so when we go to bed they can use our computer. WTF?! crazy huh! And ive got to pee again, why? i have a sore throat (coming down with a slight cold Tia had for a day or two, mainly runny nose but most colds start with a sore throat ive found) so im drinking alot water to ease it...

for a few seconds anyways.

and my lip has got that windburn, dry, split in the middle.. i get that sometimes. However lipgloss makes it pretty bearable until i smile.. x.x

Oh and im not finished!

Im trying to get to sleep, hubby has already fallen asleep he must have been really tired. He is so cute, talking dungeons and dragons (the pen n paper, role playing game) in his sleep. Which is great, much more interesting than if he talked about work. Its a nice change. Very cute. and guess who wakes up and decides to kick me, roll around and get into tight places or like give my belly button a hug? The baby as usual knows im trying to go to sleep (everything is all of a sudden very very quiet) and decides its time to play! >< One other thing annoying me and keeping me up is the xbox 360. Its on, its loud.. sure its not a bother during the day like most noises. But when everything is quiet... its LOUD! You know how some laptops can have that constant whir noise, the fan going and all.. well the xbox 360 has a few fans i think and one happens to be a big fan. i think.. its still on coz hubby is downloading games, trials, add ons to games we already have and stuff.. over a gig or so.

So i guess im waiting until i have to fight to stay awake until i go to bed. theres no point in staying in bed getting frustrated it will only take longer to get to sleep.

On the note of pregnant people getting advice from total strangers. When Tia and I were at the beach on monday, a old lady, english the obvious 2nd language. Told me that being out in the sun for a long time was not very good for pregnancy "Not long time for you here, yes". *rolls eyes* my instant thought was, WTH.. and then agreed that i was over being out in the sun, over the fact that sun exposure will bring out the zillions of freckles on my face that kindly disappear in the winter. or i just fail to see them unless they get really dark.

Pregnancy has been good, i mean.. at our shopping mall/centre currently is a group selling membership to paint balling! Of all things they ask me as i'm approaching if i'd like to play.. i have that uncontrolled reaction to reach for my bump. yes he got the idea.. realises that he was pretty stupid. LOL! and comes back with "does your husband play?" ARGH! lol..

Its now 1am, and i can hear what i think is bass (or someone head butting a wall).. meaning the new neighbors are playing music. ARGH! I met the new neighbor recently.
Within a day of them moving in, i wasnt happy. The teenager decided to have a big fight with some male, (brother? lover? friend? who knows) he was so sure she had stolen something.... she was telling him where to go and whatever else i have no idea/dont want to know.. all i know is that when she wouldnt let him in the front door he would go around to the back and to her window which is right next to our kitchen window. The mum recognized me as i was on my way home the other day, introduced herself as my neighbor, said she had a teen who runs away alot.. yadda yadda.. apologized for any disturbance or noise..

hopefully i can go to sleep soon..

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maria said...

I really empathise with your lack of sleep situation. It can really affect your day, your mood.. everything.

I remember Jenna being most active in my tum at night too.

Was it Big M iced coffee you bought. I love iced coffee too..but not too strong.

The constant whirring/thinking in your head.. to me.. speaks "hormones".. So much is going on in your body right now. I hope your sore throat is ok now? Jenna had a very sore throat last week.. and recently some friends have had colds.. so is something going around?

Hope all the downloads are finished with now? My laptop makes a whirring sound from the fan.. I can't imagine all those fans that you described in the Xbox!!

Keep them lips moistened :-)