Wednesday, February 27, 2008

rushing air

When you sleep on a inflatable air mattress theres a certain sound you don't want to hear. Ever... especially NOT after the shops have closed! And for the hole to be on the plastic side of the bed not the velvet side.. (the patches that come with the mattresses dont work on the upper side if its soft, velvety-ish no, they are for holes on the other side of the air mattress.) As i am told and have seen demonstrated by hubby.
But still when your faced with sleeping on the hard double bed futon couch (with a preggy belly person) You attempt surgery on the air mattress, with the aid of a rubber glue and the patch,, regulary check the mattress (altho a visual check sees it is very deflated) and re-pumping of the bed.
Who knows maybe it will be a night on a bed?
or a night squashed on the hard couch?
or on a carefully constructed line of cheap small cushions for one of us? (it could possibly go from head to butt.. and thats about it.. )

Sleep well Friends.


david santos said...

Hello, Tiffany!
I loved this post.

maria said...

Oh my gosh.. I do feel for you..and you are preggy (no kidding she says..?!)! I hope you can replace the mattress very soon! I wonder what caused the damaging hole?

I never thought about the fix-it patches not working on the velvety side.. that really sucks.

My friend.. you gotta have a bed!