Thursday, February 7, 2008

HATE WHALING.. love japan

(mother n bub caught recently using explosive harpoons!! Normal harpoons just arent scientifically gross enough for them..)

and japan your pissing me off!!!

Im slowly wondering about my love for the frivolous side of japan. The Lights, tv screens and cosplayers... its culture and history.

If its one thing i can't stand its a country that thinks its higher than everyone else be it USA, Iran or Japan.. If its one thing i can't stand about a country is that its so guilty enough to want to kill whales they use the only loophole they can 'lethal scientific research' which is just checking that inside every whale it looks the same, and tastes great on a grill.
Can you name a exclusive native Japanese animal? go on try...

Its true food is running low around the world. its true many countries sacrifice farm land to pollution dumps, housing for the population. If its not a drought affecting around the world, its a flood in africa, australia, china ruining crops.
How many people do you feed with all the whales they catch?

Can much be expected from a country that even kills their own dolphins for goodness sake? I have to wonder, Is there anyone in Japan who is extremely pissed off with their government and these fishing companies?

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maria said...

Oh my goodness. I had a reply to this yesterday! I even did some research to inform myself more about whaling. I had a reply typed..but then ...(thinking back).. I know I was led to site called -- As it supposedly had Japanese people opinions on whaling. I couldn't find it immediately.. but then started reading other survey results (and opinions). I must have left the computer.. completely forgotten about the reply I had written and then later turned off the laptop!

I had done a copy/paste of an article that had appeared in the Age newspaper. They had said that 'the West' were in a weak position to protest whaling because we have our own inhumane animal practices like culling (kangaroo's for example).

I read that it's hard to kill a whale..even with the explosive harpoons and they die slowly. They have big brains, are a social creature and feel pain.. so whaling is inhumane.

The whalers just don't care and don't want to know!