Monday, February 18, 2008

cant stop itching

argh! i thought when my feet where healing and pealing from extreme sunburn that the itching was bad then. But Lately my stretch marks thanks to pregnancy are itchy, for some reason my thighs are itchy and now my calf/shins are soo darn itchy.

I dont know how often ive forgotten to get that milky calamine lotion stuff usually used on chicken pox. I dont mind looking like ive had a fight with some wet chalk! If it would take the itch away. Yes i get shaving rash often on my legs and usually a trip to the beach will actually make it happen, weird enough. Maybe now ive been biten by mites or something on my legs.

ive got that itch reliever in aerosol can so i might give that a shot.

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maria said...

Itching for me means an allergy of some kind.. And/or stress. I hope you can find something soothing to apply on it!? I hope they weren't mite bites.. or creature-related..but then they might be easier to treat?

If ever I have itchy in the tops of my feet.. I very easily itch the skin right off then a scab/sore will be there for about 2 months! Don't itch 'til you bleed!