Thursday, February 28, 2008

wee...wee..wee.. all the way home

Its not unusual to see the odd looking bum walking down our street... but 2 in a row?
and both at the fish n chip shop? yes i caved in and went back... theres something about salty foods and colds, i think salt is the easiest thing to taste when you can't taste much due to colds.
For whatever reason that is.

One bum with tatty cheap trackies was leaving with his order. the other was outside smoking. he looked okay-ish, as well as anyone in mis-matched old trackies.. whatever he was smoking, it was the heaviest ciggarette.. totally disgusting, i initially thought something was on fire close by. He was sitting outside but it was coming inside like a tide.. with each breeze came a bad funky smog.

We escaped the fog to the lolly shop. Ah relief!

And the lovely lolly shop lady is so happy to see Tia. I'd swear she had all boys! She loves to see Tia all dressed up!

Back to the chip shop. The smokey man is now sitting inside, waiting on his order still. We sit down Not far away...
oh my gosh that smells like WEE!!!!!!! Oh my gosh it is WEE!!!! Oh?!! IS IT ME? *think about Tiffany* So i think, Tia is fine, she is in her usual tutu which she has worn 4 days straight but shes very good at wearing undies underneath it.. surely if it was Tia i would have noticed earlier?
Is it me? Ok yes, i admit the extreme coughing fits i'm having lately and the sneezing from my pregnancy hayfever do make me go eep *crosses legs, tightens muscles*, i take it as a daily reminder to do pelvic floor muscle exercises. But no this is not the smell of tiny little bit.. this is the true smell of a bigger problem...

The man gets up to receive his order and walks out.. the smell goes..

So it wasn't me at all.. i should have known.. for true if it was me, i'd surely have smelt it all day?!!! I walk home with a smile on my face....

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maria said...

Oh.. I can relate re: those smells. Not me.. but being around people who clearly shower less than once a month.

And also crossing my legs if I sneeze.. but I'm getting into TMI territory here! So I won't say more..!

I think that's lovely when someone in a shop (like the lolly shop you mentioned).. just gushes over your kids.. It's such a satisfying thing (as a Mum I think) and it makes me realise I don't gush over other people's small children often enough.. even though motherhood did become me and I gushed over my own child.