Saturday, September 29, 2007


Saw this on Tina’s blog

  1. What is your heritage? My background is English (my dad came over when he was 6) & Scottish (my mums side were Scottish settlers waay back). DH side has just about every European blood possible tho.
  2. What languages do you currently speak? I only speak English, I learnt Japanese in primary school for 2 years and French in high school for 3 years. I know very little Japanese, French, dutch, polish, Spanish, Italian and mandarin.
  3. If you had to pick a different nationality than your own, what would it be? Why? Perhaps English or Japanese. Japanese are usually very skinny with pretty faces that are very photogenic! English coz I love the accent and would love to live there amongst all the history!

guilty secrets

Saw this on traceys blog (and then tina's) Lol! So I thought I would tell you some of my ‘guilty secrets’.

1. When it comes to bedtimes, sometimes I might be so sucked into a game or blogging or tv that Tia can be up till 9-10pm!

2. In the case of secret no#1, Tia has put herself to bed a few times. I will be oh, is that the time?! And go in and find her asleep in her bed with the light on. The majority of the time this happens tho Tia is very happy to stay up and play.

3. There are days I can’t be bothered telling Tia to get dressed, considering I have to repeat a lot of the things I tell her do before it actually gets done. She is as bad as me when it comes to being distracted by something else! So often she will stay in her pj’s all day, unless she decides to get dressed without being told/asked. (note. She just asked me if she could get dressed?! I wish I could get thru to her that she doesn’t need me to tell her to get dressed!)

4. Tia if she had the vocabulary would call me mean bout this but in actual fact im terrible when it comes to making a decision especially if im trying to be good so when we go shopping I may go up and down the lolly & biscuit aisle a few times

5. I may get to the end of the day and think to myself, did I give Tia any focused attention today?! Argh! I feel like the worst mum if I spend it all day in front of the computer, stopping to make breakie, lunch, pee etc..

6. I will never forgive myself for when I accidentally hit tia when she was younger.. I was playing a dumb eyetoy game and she walked directly underneath me and I didn’t see her there!

7. Tia hates water on her face, any water! Even a splash! So washing her hair can be a nightmare! I’ve had to hold her under the water in the shower to rinse out the shampoo/conditioner (as she hates lying on her back in the bath)

8. when I want to do my exercise dvd I will tell tia to go clean her room, perhaps coz I know that she will just rather get attitude and hide in her room. But I cant stand her getting in my way, this place is tiny!

9. I buy lollypops in a packet and then take a lollypop for her when we go out shopping so tia doesn’t bug me for one, keeps quiet and it works out to be cheaper too!

10. I enjoy it when Tia sleeps in til 10am! I enjoy that ‘me’ time.

11. I often put socks on tia that don’t match, simply because I don’t have time to search thru the mess of her room for the pair. (all her clothes are in a suitcase when the room is tidy however when she gets dressed into pjs or clothes she takes everything out and never puts it all back.

12. I loved tia’s baby food (the egg custards that is) I’d sneak a spoonful and make up for it with some steamed apple or something for her..

13. I love using the term ‘tough bikkies’ on tia at the moment, simply because she doesn’t know what to think of it.. she loves food and I laugh when she asked me for some ‘tough bikkies’ when she was hungry!

What are your ‘guilty secrets’???

Friday, September 28, 2007

re: frazzled brain

How am i doing today? Im doing alright i suppose.. thats a good start!
How was yesterday? Not bad, until i got addicted to rock, paper, scissors on face book and ended up having a polite conversation with a stranger that i was playing rock, paper, scissors with.. and then fessed up when hubby came home.. and today i'm trying to get it out of my system and avoiding it :( and its a struggle.. i love playing alot of mindless games so it seems!
My DH hates me talking online. He gets very jealous! I understand.. i would feel the same way if he was the one going on myspace & facebook & forums, msn or online games as he has this charm and leadership thing that people follow and admire.. *sigh* Im not a huge talker either and he is. He loves when i talk and can't get enough of it and so when i go and talk/chat to someone else he feels jealous and like i dont see him worthy of being talked to or something like that. He understands that i have pretty much no local friends or social network here, he doesnt mind me meeting with people in person and talking to them. (he actually prefers it) so he doesnt mind if i do chat online, just not going overboard with it and spending all my time and words on other people.. so yes Maria, i am going a tad crazy here! ;)

re about the postcard.. i completely forgot u got that one, i googled 'coffee' and i recognized it as the one from the borders shop!

we tried out a local pentecostal (by local i mean, we walked) church, it had maybe 10 people there, they were friendly invited us out to dinner, to their daughters wedding being held there (in such a tiny room!?!) but i'm actually wanting a stable church with a involved hip kids ministry, i'm getting a bit tired of these churches with no kids ministry and i cant get much out of church if im trying to keep tia quiet, still, entertained etc and she could do with the extra socializing! so perhaps a new church this weekend, im not sure...
I laughed when u (maria) mentioned the book 'battlefield for the mind' as i have that book! But guess where it is & i didnt get very far into it before we moved. i also have her weightloss book thats also at mums!
speaking of which, i was expecting DH previous liver scans yesterday from mums place, and got a whole box! Which had my birthday presents and most of my albums and some of my scrapbooking stuff also, (unfortunately i dont think i will do much till i have all my scrapbooking stuff!) fussy aren't i?!

I also baked some protein, psyluim laced custard n cinnamon cupcakes and some protein laced choc chip cookies with almonds. yum i figure i may as well put healthy stuff in them!

[the druggy down the end of the flats was hurling abuse at this guy who was trying to punch him (but very unsuccessful) the guy has a car and he threatened (non-verbally) to run the druggy over using his car.. drove away in a hurry and then the druggy runs after him out on to the road telling him to do it! "your weak, your weak... jus do it!" *sigh* its been quiet here lately and pretty good.. will try to put it out of my mind.. Tia was quite unmoved about it and just kept drawing her princess picture and now she is drawing a cookie! lol! ]

back to my post..
my social outlets are: the occasional nice person at the shopping centre, the occasional nice sales person like at the liquor shop or woolies, the teachers/carers at Tia's childcare centre and the occasional nice mum there, the nice people who live here and oh i call my mum at least every week lately sometimes a few times if i need something, birthdays etc.. and all my online friends, blogging, online gamer friends, my brother on msn, friends i email.. ;)
thanks Maria for your encouraging and uplifting words!

i love the rain

Yes, altho it makes me stay indoors and i dont usually go out shopping.. or so much. My favourite time for when it rains would have to be at night when i go to bed.. hearing the wind and the rain drops, for me is very soothing. i try to stay up to listen to the rain but end up falling asleep very quickly. (it rained last night & this morning)
I can look out to windows on opposite sides of the room, at this moment one window is grey/white and out the other window is a brilliant blue. Funny, but that happens alot lately.

I've been thinking alot of the 7kg whopper of a newborn bub.. obviously from the early ultrasounds they knew it was going to be a big one! And along with the bad care given to mums n bubs in trouble with hospitals ive been thinking about it alot. This clearly isnt a one-off thing, it happens alot and not just with bubs n mums..
But thinking about my experience. You go to the doctors you say ur pregnant, they whisk you off to the toilet to pee in a cup.. they ask u when ur cycle started and then get the pathology back to estimate how far along you are.. with that info they gave me the due date of 11th may. it made sense, i went to the first ultrasound where they smear cold jelly on ur tummy and tell you that pixelated image is your baby they take photos of its arm bones, face, feet your cervix etc.. From the measurement of Tia's arm bone from the ultrasound they said she was older and my due date was then the 6th of may! (and now i can think back on that and say thats impossible..)
to cut this part of the story short, Tia was born on the 11th may! her original due date!
It was mothers day, i decided not to go to church that morning as i didnt feel well! I told my mum i was having some pain like a period pain.. and from then completely forgot it was mothers day until it was over..
I could have made a scientologist envious at the birth.. i was very quiet except for a "oh my god" when Tia came out.. oh the relief! lol! I was quiet during labour didnt ask for any pain meds and so the nurses were telling me i could go home!!! I had to ask for them to to a internal check and they were shocked! (so despite reading the bub magazines of other mums stories of nurses wanting to check all the time and then the birthing class constantly telling us not to let them do internal checks till the very end) (apologies if your eating your breakfast!!!)

In other good news, its friday!!! YAY!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

7kg baby born!!! or 17.1 lb baby!!!

BARNAUL, Russia (Reuters) - A Siberian woman who gave birth to her 12th child -- doing more than her fair share to stem Russia's population decline -- was stunned to find that little Nadia weighed in at a massive 7.75 kg (17.1 lb).

Nadia was delivered by caesarean section in the local maternity hospital in the Altai region on September 17, joining eight sisters and three brothers, a local reporter said.

"We were all simply in shock," said Nadia's mother, Tatyana Barabanova, 43. "What did the father say? He couldn't say a thing -- he just stood there blinking."

"I ate everything, we don't have the money for special foods so I just ate potatoes, noodles and tomatoes," she told the reporter, adding that all her previous babies had weighed more than 5 kg.

The Guinness World Records lists a 10.2 kg baby boy born in Italy in 1955, and a 10.8 kg baby boy who was born in the United States in 1879 but died 11 hours later.

The average weight for most healthy newborn babies is around 3.2 kg (7.06 lb), according to World Health Organisation figures.

Firefox password lifesaver!

[screenie.. i love my green skin add-on, my foxytunes (in the corner above the time) i got a ton of bookmarks in my bookmarks toolbar and 6 tabs or websites open in the same window]

Have you ever signed up for something or recieved a password (that you didnt get a choice in) that you had it on paper once and then lost it.. but you had used it online and used the password manager to save it.. and now that you saved your password you no longer have to remember the password and the time goes by (say its like a online billing invoive u only look at once a month or a forum that you check at least 5 times a day) its a lifesaver clicking that 'save password' option so you dont have to re-type your login name/number and the password...
but then relying on that means you completly forget that password!

So i had the same thing, only it was for our email account with our internet provider (so not a yahoo etc account) and i had it set up on my laptop.. (but now my laptop needs a erase and clean slate again.. plus its slow, so now i only use it if hubby is on this wonderfully quick pc) so when it came to setting up my email account in thunderbird i couldnt remember the password! (one we didnt get to choose) so i thought, i wonder if i can look in the password manager.. and so i clicked on options, security sure enough my email account was listed, clicked show password and hey presto! i've got it and saved myself 20-30mins waiting on the phone listening to terrible on-hold music/advertising!!!

I then thought i'd look at my firefox and its saved logins and passwords.. wow! the pages and things id previously signed up for and forgotten all about are all nicely saved in there! YAY!

I thought i'd share it with you guys, it would also come in handy if you suspect your children are talking or chatting or where they spend their time if you think something is 'up'..

Oh and if u ever thought that your computer is safe by setting it up so u have to add a password before your computer boots in to windows (in case it gets stolen, kids banned from pc etc) think again, theres a password cracking program that runs on cd.. just in case you didnt know..
(usually for very old versions of windows tho..)
altho no doubt theres all kinds of password cracking programs out there, but just like any program out there some nasty people decide to put viruses and the like in them.. for kicks i suppose.. so be weary of the programs you do download.
So do u guys use firefox/thunderbird or the microsoft versions? I admit im waaay behind in using the microsoft versions as i havent used them in 5 years or so now.. I'm quite happy with firefox seeing as its very easy to navigate and they were the first to use tabs (many webpages inside the one window)

frazzled brain

Today im going to take it easy. Yes i don't work, dont do any volunteering and only have to look after 1 child who no longer is a needy-newborn.. but for some reason i just feel quite stressed. Sure my days are spent constantly on the move.. but my brain never shuts up! I blog in my head, i have planned conversations with people in my head that don't happen.. argh! Im not quite sure how i can shut my brain up.. but im going to give it a shot.

I wish i had a backyard! *sigh* in the winter i love laying out in the sun! (but come summers heat and im more likely hiding out in the coolest room of the house be it the bathroom or the bedroom with a aircon (we have no aircon in this house tho another reason to move out before summer!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Cant get this song out of my head lately.. Lovesong by the cure

ah! the good old days where u could walk around with bad hair and panda eyes and be 'fashionable' i've recently noticed the teenage boys are bringing back the very same hair do. i think it looks heaps weird.. i think boys wearing tight tight jeans looks very wrong especially if they have skinny pencil legs, maybe thats just me?! i also saw a male goth today with the extreme version bad hair day cure do.. that was once i looked past the metal and the extreme black eyeliner.. interesting.. I applaud anyone who rebells and instead of following everyone has their own style.

How to become a goth vid. interesting.. been there done that..

Today i had breakie~~>went shopping~~>got muffins~~>went to hubbys work~~>came home~~> played on facebook.
ah yes, i got 2 marked down hello kitty underpants (did u want to know? lol) and they say on the back 'i love shopping' got bread and A2 Milk. Thought i'd give A2 milk a try, i've heard its easier for lactose intolerance and attention spans.. and so we shall see, however i had to walk to the other side of the shopping centre and i got the very last one, and $4.69 for 2Lt ouch! I rationalized it to the price of milk at the corner shop.. so then it sounded ok.
Yes thought i'd better go out today as the next few days i will be at home waiting for hubbys scans to be sent here from mums place.. which he needs so he can have his next scan.

I read about that awful thing that happened in a sydney hosiptal, i think im quite traumatized myself and i wasnt even there! (the woman who miscarried in the hospital toilets) surely they could have done something?! but no they were too busy or something.. trust me, you dont want to read the story!!!! and i no longer want to think or talk about the subject. :(

Monday, September 24, 2007

One of those days


Um, on a serious note.. *ahem* im upset coz i missed the moon festival in chinatown.. :( It was last weekend, and i only found out yesterday that there was a moon festival coming up i thought perhaps this weekend.. but i was wrong.
Yes perhaps i will one day have a $30 moon cake (as long as it isn't anything too strange inside)
Fast Ed from better homes and gardens (he always cooks stuff with 4-6eggs in the recipe) would love making moon cakes! Seeing as the main ingredient seems to be eggs (and even duck eggs)

Never had sultanas/raisins in the stuffing of a roast chicken, but i say go for it! yum! ^^ Had a weird apricot n macaedmia(sp?) nut (with sultanas) rolled chicken roast dinner tonight! Everyone finished their plates!

I must have picked the best time to start collecting make-up (and not the $2 crappy kind that i used to) as i have spotted alot of sales in the past few days! And got some great bargains!

Went out shopping, Tia her usual mis-behaving self, didn't want to hold my hand, stay with me or be dragged away from the mirrors.. this lady kinda didn't see Tia and smacked right into her, Tia mainly got a big gold bracelet smacked in the face.. Tia screamed.. and the lady is 'im so sorry' and im saying its ok, then i notice she is crying.. oh dear.. then we walk outside and then she walks into the corner of a railing for the ramp.. ouch! *more crying*

My day~~> breakkie, sending off b'days from august & fathers day card, shopping, home, lunch, workout, laundromat, facebook, dinner, blog.

Im in love with that picture of me, seriously.. LOL! Im going to have to get it on a mug or something with the caption 'beware of this crazy woman' LOL! or 'if you see this crazy woman give her a coffee!' hmmm have u got a better one? let me know..

Saturday, September 22, 2007

another saturday

Oh have u seen christines new tattoo?! wow! kudos to you, i couldnt sit that still or grin my way thru that pain.. thumbs up on the choice! just the buzz u hear outside a tattoo place gives me the creeps! as much as the sound of a dentist drill! eep!

Another saturday goes bye and i want to go back to the city, back to max brenners cafe.. theres always next saturday.. hahaha..

Thanks Maria for sending my that funny body flex vid, how on earth does someone come up with stuff like that?! very funny!

I thought this was funny.. Jim Carrey..(i dont endorse anything he promotes.. lol! certainly not the curling iron to plump up the lips but a interesting use of washing machines..)

Adventured again to the make-up aisle.. never going back to k-mart, yes they have sales but they never seem to re-stock, look after the testers etc.. its a nightmare when it comes to foundations in whichever form to find that there are no testers or no stock of your colour.. think i will find my price line card again and go there as they always have someone willing to help and are always stocked up on everything! I ended up going with a tru-blend covergirl foundation.. and a bottle of make up remover, which i have needed for ages, its not a good look to wake up with panda eyes.. yuk.. arent baby pandas just so cute?! i want one!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Having a mummy moment

Hmm lets start yesterday where it was mostly a mummy/mommy moment filled day.. (as in a dumb moment)

Decided i would go to the bank and deposit my birthday money a cheque from my grand parents! woohoo! only for the life of me, (and without the normal bank book u get, we didnt with this account) so i went in and said i needed to deposit it but didnt know how and so filled it out at the counter (holding up the line.. meh!) she said i didnt need my bsb and acc number and i could use my card if i just put in my pin... im like 'yeah about that, i lost the paper before i remembered what the number was' lucky i brought along my acc details! phew! then i had to go wait in a different line and they let me choose my pin, put it on my card and checked that it worked and hey presto now i can use my atm card for the first time! (can give back hubbys atm card!)

Tia was a absolute pain, oh i wish i didnt care how much people gave me looks.. wish i had more guts to discipline Tia in front of people! I spent so long going from shop to shop looking at makeup, since my anti-glob mascara has turned globby.. and Tia loved touching all the eyeshadows and powders and putting them on her cheeks.. it was a mess she called it 'beautiful' and i told her to look in the mirror and she taken aback the first time and agreed to take it off and then went back to putting more back on and then insisted that it was 'beautiful' *sigh* and then she was determined on not leaving until she had more 'beautiful' (eyeshadows... etc)
Considering i find it impossible to not make a decision quickly (unless impulse buying) i think i will pick a brand and stick to it.. looking at everything else, their specials, freebies etc.. frazzles me and gives Tia more time to get attached to playing with makeup and thus wanting to take it all home too. I usually HATE spending that much on something so trivial as makeup, but i thought id stop being such a tight arse and buy it in a act of faith (along with a eyeshadow in this funky pot) (buy one get 50% the 2nd)

back to mummy moments.. i had the birthday cards and a block of chocolate ready to send to my brothers & dad but i forgot the address so i brought it all home again! doh! And i couldnt find a happy fathers day card anywhere! damnit!

The house cage inspection lasted for a total of 2 minutes, i put so much time into making the house cage wonderful for the lady to poke her nose in and out again and she left with a promise of a plumber! (yeah i wont hold my breath) to fix the leaky tap and the forever dribbling toilet.. she left and i proceded to un-pack the place back to its former messy glory.

Glad everyone had fun with talk like a pirate day!! ^^

today, Tia went to childcare.. i secretly envied the mums holding the kids that dont want mum to go.. i just want Tia to miss me once, to bounce up and down when she sees me again.. instead of running away from me going to one play thing to the other.. LOL!

While Tia was at childcare i went and did the washing. I did a clothes and a towels (seperately) load of washing down at the laundrymat.. being a tight arse and not wanting to hog 3 washing machines (even tho the place was empty) i decided to try out the frangipani fab that Tina talked about.. only i had bad flash backs.. and yeah i got white powdery marks over most things the last time i used it, so today i used even less and got it even worse! argh! I dont get it, i think the machines down at the laundrymat really suck, they arent at all gentle! (i had forgotten my Nintendo DS, my T3 and my book so i was so bored!)Liquid clothes detergent-stuff is much forgiving, i usually use the sensitive skin amolin one.. I know i shouldn't overload the washing machiene but ah well... i came home and gave most of the clothes a wipe down with a damp sponge to remove the white/powdery marks.. maybe i should look at the scoop and see if theres a mark much lower on the scoop..

My abs are much better, i think im all healed up. doing the abs again yesterday relieved a ton of the pain.. which is good.. did butt n abs already again today. And ive been yawning since midday! Think i might have a early night.. boo hoo! Im getting old!

Did that cupcake catch your eye? It comes from this wonderful cupcake-maker-blogger that i lurk around on.. "Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit" Some good recipes and interesting cupcake stuff there! (free-plug there for the sake of stealing that lovely picture and having it on my blog)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today is international Talk like a pirate day

pirates vs ninjas! lol! By the orignal talk like a pirate boys.. err maties..
im totally divided.. ninjas and pirates are both cool! "What if bruce lee was a pirate?!" LOL!!!!
Arrrr ehh.. here use this pirate translator i did! here we go:

The pirate speaks,"So. Wow i did me exercise dvd t' bas. Id been avoidin' it but t' time had come for me t' grin and bear it risk hurtin' me neck and not gettin' anythin' out o' it.. when in actual fact it was pretty alstarboard, aye id be 'feelin' it' like ont he 4th crunch instead o' t' 8th crunch like t' chick, but then i dont have t' ab muscles o' that beauty! crikey!

So i have discovered that i have ab muscles, because today they were in alot o' pain! so i decided t' do t' ab muscles again tonight, and it was painful but now it doesnt seem so painful.. Yay! In other news, Tia in childcare went well, they keep sayin' 'she says t' funniest thin's' t' me, i know what sprogs say.. so i wonder what she has been sayin'.. lol! no doubt its her usual strangeness.. i had a laugh at ayeterday and t' 'giant dog poo'.. she said it in awe almost..

*yawn* i didnt get around t' goin' out today, it was rainy and im half expectin' a parcel o' ultrasounds that DH needs thats with t' stuff at me mum n dads.. but that didnt arrive.. So i put this cleanin' sponge on t' end o' this plunger and used that t' clean t' bathroom ceilin'! Oh that was fun!"

And in wee Ol' english:
So. Wow i did my exercise dvd the bas. Id been avoiding it but the time had come for me to grin and bear it risk hurting my neck and not getting anything out of it.. when in actual fact it was pretty alright, sure id be 'feeling it' like ont he 4th crunch instead of the 8th crunch like the chick, but then i dont have the ab muscles of that woman! crikey!
So i have discovered that i have ab muscles, because today they were in alot of pain! so i decided to do the ab muscles again tonight, and it was painful but now it doesnt seem so painful.. Yay!
In other news, Tia in childcare went well, they keep saying 'she says the funniest things' to me, i know what kids say.. so i wonder what she has been saying.. lol! no doubt its her usual strangeness.. i had a laugh at yesterday and the 'giant dog poo'.. she said it in awe almost..
*yawn* i didnt get around to going out today, it was rainy and im half expecting a parcel of ultrasounds that DH needs thats with the stuff at my mum n dads.. but that didnt arrive.. So i put this cleaning sponge on the end of this plunger and used that to clean the bathroom ceiling! Oh that was fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No more push-ups please BILLY!

I mentioned yesterday that i tried the 10mins solutions toning dvd.. *ahem* hubby wasnt happy eating leftovers from last nights dinner (he also had it for his lunch that day) so he went out to get milk & maccas (for him) and that time i decided (since i hadnt put the coffee back in the middle of the room) i would try the Billy Blanks Boot Camp 2. (Is this the same me?) i was curious..
I attempted it, i think i did 30minutes of it.. and this is how it went..
hmm yes interesting warm up.. hang on billy i didnt warm up enough.. ok yes when u march or jog on the spot Billy im just going to catch my breath.. wait up Billy! I just went straight thru to boot camp 2 I skipped tae Bo & boot camp 2 im slow and kinda un-co.. Whoa Billy those lights must be hot as you are sweating ALOT.. but why isnt it showing on your clothes?! Ok billy yes i can try jumping jacks.. but push-ups?! thank you Billy i will try the super-girly push ups.. NO billy no more push-ups.. stop to watch in disbelief.. Billy?! did you not hear me! I SAID NO MORE PUSHUPS!(i dont care how different you try to make them they are still push-ups!) *turns it off* suppose id better try stretch and wind my muscles down again..
So heres a vid of Billy banks in Japan i thought some of it was quite funny.. but if u have no idea (altho theres no push-ups)

and i love this one! Its a funny skit, but then Billy comes in.. lol..

Billy Blanks is huge in japan with over 1 million copies sold of one of his dvds.. i was reading on wikipedia.. his daughter is shellie (adopted thru marriage when she was 2yrs old) she is often right next to him everywhere he goes..

*sigh* so today i've blogged away an hour.. the muscles around my knees are quite stiff and painful im not sure how i can stretch them out as its just around my knees.. odd really. Tia is at childcare, hopefully that will go well! another hour and i will go pick her up, endure the 'i dont want to go home' all the way home..

I got an award, WOW!

Thank you Maria for this! WOW!

Im passing this on *opens envelope* to Christine from 'finding myself'.

Christine i think your pretty inspirational! ;) Your cute little pictures and special touches on your blog are so light and uplifting! I also love how you change your layout of your blog so often, its never boring and whenever i go back something has changed! I really appreciate the comments you leave! ^^
I haven't been visiting your blog for very long, but its been a great read so far! And youve done great in your weight loss! Bless you! *confetti falls from the ceiling as Christine comes to accept her award* congratulations on a well deserved award! *everyone stands up, altho Tom Cruise is jumping on his chair.. (but just ignore him, ok)*

Monday, September 17, 2007

a million laughs

Oh boy!
I'd thought id crack out once of my exercise dvd's i bought last week. 10minute solutions targeted toning for beginners..
i paid only 12.99 for it from target tho.. but thats the website thats listed inside the dvd cover.. ohh jillian michaels has 2 new dvds out, frontside and backside interesting (picture featured)...
anyways back to me trying to find my balance.. lol! the funniest thing was the chick instructor on the dvd, she didnt stop smiling! and i didnt see any sweat on her.. she was real funny so peppy i almost felt like some pet 'come on, you can do it'.. lolz.. But i think it was good in the end, i didnt need that much co-ordination the only equipment you need is a towel and a pair of light hand dumbells.. (i only have 1 at the moment) the muscles on that woman! crikey she had a chest that only a guy would envy tho.. i guess thats what happens when u loose that much body fat.. u kinda loose those 'puppies'! anyways it was great!!! theres some rule out there not to drink or eat what 30mins-60mins after a workout??.. but i had to stop and get water twice out of the 40mins (i did thighs, butt, powerstretch and arms.. avoiding the abs! eep!) and then after that i downed another 600ml of water and was soo hungry and had 3 sweet chilli rice cakes & 2.5pts of WW fruit slice biscuits both which i cannot live without.. yum. The rice cakes are flavoured so there isnt much point in putting marg/butter on them.. so i don't.. :p i think ive had enough snacks for today tho! (better make a mental note of that and id better not make that a habbit to eat after working out)

As an update i have not had any bad takeaway for just over a week now! 2 more weeks to go!
(i can have good takeaway=ww muffins from muffin break, maccas lite muffins, maccas yogurt, maccas chicken tandoori deli choices sub, subways 6inch 6g of fat or less subs, chocollo ice cream)

Today being monday, cleaning day.. i cleaned up the house, washed the bath, taps & basin/sinks, did a load of washing down at the laundrymat, directed & supervised tia on cleaning her room, cleaned under the computer desk.. (i dont know how things fall down there and end up being forgotten about..) i attempted to clean up the zillions of cables we have going everywhere.. so they look a bit better.. not that much can be done about that..

I am so glad tonights dinner is leftover stirfry from last night! my thighs have gone to jelly..
hmm, what else? I coloured my hair after my birthday.. not that colour stays much in my hair.. but its darker browny/red.. hmm our 1st cage(house) inspection is on thursday so i had better get a mop to clean the bathroom ceiling soon.. Tia has half day childcare on tuesday and friday.. last night she woke up crying saying she was sick.. oh boy.. just go back to sleep tia.. i woke up so many times last night it was crazy! ugh! it wasnt a good idea to think spring had sprung and we could minus 1 blanket right when that crazy cold snap came thru.. at least the sun is out today!

Im enjoying so u think u can dance, my fave guy would be the B-boy Hok. Im in awe of the poppin & lockin masters.. (and i just looked it up and saw who won.. dont worry i havent given it away..)

How bout Australian idol.. was rock night.. and they all pretty much could have done better, picked better songs, sang in tune or actually rocked it?! even the rockers werent that great.. i think its pretty dumb they have the rock, swing, disco nights.. it should be their style all the way as in the end the winner makes an album in their style.. but then they will do whatever they can for ratings/phone revenue from voting..
Hmm i clearly watch too much tv, americas next top model well its some season waaay behind the current so no spoilers there for me.. but this had me thinking
check out the before & after makeover (season 7 not our current one on 10).. some are absolutely gorgeous after! Im wondering how photoshopped and airbrushed they are also..

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh crap childcare,cushions n calamari

Well friday came, i was happy Tia was going to childcare, as she loves it.
I had her tidy her room, get dressed i did some cleaning.. i keep looking at the piece of paper checking the times and days for the childcare.. and my mind was screwed up (lets blame it on hubby being home for 2 days and so it felt like the weekend and friday was monday..) as it creeps up to the time i thought it was going start i looked at the same piece of paper again and realised i stuffed up and that we had better run now so Tia could play for 5-10minutes.. oh dear.. they have 2 half days and 1 full day and i got the times for the 2 half days mixed up.. i was happy to pay the full fee for the half day but the lovely chick said i just had to pay the 5bux penalty fee.. doh! and i booked tia in for both half days and then its the school holidays..

I felt so bad for making her tidy her room when she could/would have been playing with kids.. so then i decided to take Tia shopping.. and i got 3 cushion covers to go on the lounge... (1 embroided and 2 sequiened ones) and a ribbed hand towel for $10.50! Whoot!! Ah Better homes and gardens would be proud.. LOL! No i take that back, they would be stunned that i didnt spend $50-$100 on cushions.. meh!

Today being saturday, went out shopping and from the same place i got the cushion covers we got a new quilt cover! whoot! for $16.99 a nice big sale all sizes one price.. ^^ I like this sale! (have u noticed?)

I also attempted at cooking calamari... i bought calamari rings from the fish shop on friday.. (i looked at the full squid for $3.99 a kg but they were huge! and the eyes.. eeewww) so instead i bought pre-cut rings a handful for 3 bux. DH whipped up a eggwhite for me (i burnt my fingers)
and i dipped them in plain flour (not rice flour) and fried them up in a shallow (coz im cheap) veggie oil (which meant i had to turn them over) and the end result? hubby said im not to cook calamari for him again! (hey no argument there!) he didnt finish them, a bit chewy, too salty (hey that wasnt my fault i didnt add salt!) apparently the batter was great oh and Tia choked on one ring and spat it out then didnt touch the others on her plate.. Me? i took a bite.. and bite-tasted it to check the texture and flavour and spat it out too.. nah i cant digest that!
and then i set about exorcising the house from that odd smell..

Friday, September 14, 2007

The artifical biscuit

As i expected, Tia didnt like the idea (first off) of drawing on her food.. but once i had a go she decided to join in too.. I also then noticed that its not just colour the markers where flavoured too.. (yay more chemicals on a biscuit!)
this is tia drawing on her biscuit..

this is tia eating her biscuit, but yet still wanting to colour it in.
sorry bout the pics being the wrong way around, ive yet to figure out if i can take vertical shots without having to manually rotate them using microsoft image viewer each individually..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

*mind blank*

I tried out Maria's florentine recipe.. with my own uh, version.. i didnt have the ww cereal so i used just right cereal and i then decided it needed much more.. when i should have added rolled oats but i couldnt find any.. and OMG skim condensed milk is awesome.. it didnt quite work.. my 1st batch the condensed milk ran out of the mixture and just burned ontop the paper.. and so my 2nd attempt with more almonds, cherries and more cereal (and eating some excess condensed milk, lol) worked out better altho i still had burny bits so i basically scrapped the biscuit off the tray and pinched it together and left to cool. I did use the honey (not that ive made it more often, but i didnt find the honey making it to sweet more handy as a glue for the biscuit i think) and dipping it in the chocolate, cemented it more into a biscuit form.. yay! in the end the biscuits wore sooo yummy. i will be wanting to make it again, hopefully i will have rolled oats, a museli or ww museli!
so scrummy yummy..

I had too much for dinner.. ouch! (beef roast n vegs) ive been good all day. I still havent had any takeaway (bad takeaway that is.. subway 6 inch subs under 6g of fat are ok, diet muffins are ok) and right now im not missing it either.. let's hope i can keep this up. Im going 3 weeks without bad takeaway!

ive got some dancing bug at the moment, watching 'so u think u can dance' at the moment.. need to dance and get my fix! wow, loved the zombie vagabond dance! whoo..

Tia goes to 'lil school' (childcare) for 3hrs tomorrow.. still bummed that tia cant do a full day there. This whole thing is for Tia really, i dont really need the time to myself.. but she really needs kids to play with, she needs friends and it works. Making bub No.2 is taking quite awhile *sigh* its getting easier each time it fails to happen so thats good.. i dont want to turn into a complete mess over this.. and i totally understand that im partially if not completely to blame for the weight and also for taking so long to decide on the right time for No.2. ah well. All in God's time and plan, we still need to move into a bigger place and do more work on our project and i know morning sickness would make it a real challenge to put effort in that stuff. (hope that made sense)

Hubby hasnt been feeling 100% so he has had the past 2 days off, its been great to have him around.. and the same time i wish he wasnt on the fast computer! LOL! gawd im selfish!
It was nice to do some errands together out after his doctors appointment, batteries for the scales, a new shopping trolley and me shopping while he was at the doctors for my new dvds.

Feeling absolutely exhausted..... i feel i could just fall asleep if i went to bed.. but its still too early.. *yawn* and i have to call my mum..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i'm back.. well almost

What i ended up bringing back from the city trip/meet maria trip. Im a sucker for pocky (biscuit stick with icing or chocolate on it.. not that unhealthy and best to stick with the stuff from japan and not thailand! so i always go in a asian supermarket when i see one just to get this brand!)

I went back to the chocolate shop (when i was re-tracing our steps to get back to the train) and since the trip was a tad rushed in that store (could spend days in melbourne central i think!) rushed due to lil tia needing a toilet break *argh!* wheres the nearest loo scenario.

i went back and got caramel bar which was crappy as but was pretty decent and changed when put in the fridge from chewy to rock hard.. interesting.. and some 'galliano bombs' (the chocolates with the yellow tops in the photo) for hubby.
The groovy thing thats a 'colour in' biscuit! (now wont that warp little tia's mind.. shes crazy for drawing wonder if i will catch her drawing on her food now..)
"Present for you mum! " (this is the most un-blurry shot of 5 or so pics of just her holding the present.. she moves soo much!)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
I didnt end up going into the city for my birthday.. for some reason i was quite panicky/nervous/anxiety which makes me feel sick and feeling sick in public (outside the comfort of my home) makes me panicky and anxious.. and its a vicious cycle and i have to talk myself out of it. (so not going to the city was a bit of a relief from the stranger crowds and being 1hr away from home)

So what did i do on my birthday?
i got to pick my fave clothes for hubby to wear and tia.. (insert maniacal laughter)
i made up some 'sakura' pancakes okayokay its really glace cherry pancakes.. but it jus looks pretty..

We all went to the local mall and had gloria jeans coffee.. yumm yes, caffeine will calm my nerves.. (for some reason it does..) then i picked a few shops to go in and look at.... we had a snack and then did some hubby shopping (somehow??!!) looking for a bluetooth headset for his phone and the computer.. what the??!! anyways killing time until the movie started in the afternoon. Hmm i got another silly sim game to occupy-my-time-and-ignore-housework-dinner-family (oops!) Its called Emperor a $10bux cheapie and can run on our current cheapie video card its the china version to cesear (sp?) the roman building game.. basically u build a city, pay wages, collect taxes, harvest wood, ores, build farms, warehouses, trade with other cities, make armies, have crime, firefighters/engineers and fakey gods (handy to offer crap taking up room in warehouse)

and anyways i also got a manga(comic book) rozen maiden.. altho i found it in toys r us and as far as i know or could find they dont sell any and only yesterday i found the reciept and it said 'world of warcraft' and it certainly isnt that.. i think i just bought someones lost property, but im not sure.. weird..
i also got a nice candle from dusk.. can u guess what scent it might be? knowing me? its easy-peasy.. yes i will just see if u can guess.. its from their travel range (if thats any help, its a limited edition they brought back oh and its a pinky/red.. now seriously ive given away too much) certainly cant buy much from that shop! ouch, sure hurts the pocket!

We went and saw the simpsons.. and i forgot the mm's i got on special from woolworths and ive now reminded myself stupidly that they are still in the house.. all 3 kinds, crispy, peanuts and normal.. *hopefully im up so late today, now 1:19am that the fact i have chocolate in the house will be erased when i wake up in the morning!*

I thought the movie 'the simpsons' was great! it was about time! and gosh they really milked all the stuff they couldnt show/do on tv they did in the movie.. lol.. Tia sat thru the whole movie and loved it (i think amazing grace would bore her to tears and drive me to tears coz tia wont behave) besides i wont miss out on anything by getting amazing grace on dvd the partial reason for seeing the simpsons movie was because it was a movie and on the big screen and not on the boring old tv.. i had very low expectations of the film to begin with (much like transformers) but i really got into it and enjoyed it..

ugh.. id better save this as a draft and get some sleep so i can tackle tomorrow...

-ok back-
decided to take a small break from the blogging/internet world for 2 days, i got really miffed at my bank for taking forever to process a payment and then to bounce it back..
Ive been busy instead trying to get 100% completion in the transformers game and its tough... u have to collect 100 energon cubes in each level (theres 4 levels for decepticons and 4 levels for autobots) and in 1 level i have 100 and for 3-4 other levels i have 99! ARGH! so annoying! which works out well due to DH downloading heavy chunky stuff..

Maria: i dont mind at all what u said about me.... ive been shy for as long as i can remember, i usually end up being good friends with those who can 'talk under water' as im pretty good at the 'listening' bit.. lol..
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Saturday, September 8, 2007

City trip

Loved the birthday card!! Thanks Maria!

(ahem just had to answer the door.. not mormons.. i think 7 day adventists? they offer the watchtower and awake magazine.. i was all smiley and said 'no thankyou but thanks anyways' and they said 'thanks for coming to ur door' um yeah in my pjs on my birthday..)


Went to melbourne central. (id been thru melb central train station and seen a food court on my way out to the city.. i had no idea it was a huuuggge shopping place!)

I met Maria!

Yay! I thought she oozed self confidence! Go chicky.... and so very thoughful! And patient with me being such a city-noob, oh and that we were a bit late coz i missed the 9am train as the time on my mob was 2minutes slower and apparently the train was running on time if not a wee-bit early.. i almost went on the train without buying a ticket for Tia, she is now 4 and now she has to have a ticket

me im a bundle of nervous energy (but then when aren't i?!) even on my birthday im a bundle of nervous energy.. i tried to think of some sort of conversational piece but my brain was either scrambled in awe or blank..

i thought maria was a awesome, brainy conversationalist. Maria gave me a nutrimetics foot balm and foot scrub and a awesome new bible with a fancy cover, never had one with a spunky cover! Thank you sooo much!!!! Its so special ;)

First off was Max Brenners... and yum! Heres the shop bit:

lots of yummy chocolates! & u can buy the hug mug suckatoo and other fancy mugs & powders to make the drinks...

Maria's drink.. suckatoo? i cant remember the spelling.. way to sweet for me!

Heres my drink the dark java chocolate with orange zest in the hug mug. yumm... rich and filling for a drink!

tia & her $2 dip n lick.. melted chocolate

Looking at steve madden shoes, i saw one pair i liked, tall steep chunky for $229.00 definately out of my budget! (and for most normal people too!!!!!!!!)
Tia loves shoes!

the blue fire grill place had a chocolate fountain!!

And the pizza was ok.. but i like my pizza to have cheese on it not just a cheese sprinkle was meant to have mozzarella & Parmesan (sp?) Tia wasnt interested in pizza or sitting still, there was this big ottoman and a mirror.. and she loves looking at herself in a mirror.. i think tia was a bit more behaved in that, yes she was not doing the whole 'being good eating out' thing but there was a group there that were heaps rowdy, loud (altho happy) to be cont..

Friday, September 7, 2007

off to the city

well i had kfc for lunch yesterday and pizza last night for dinner. left over pizza for breakfast and now im going out to have some yumm hot chocolates and gourmet pizza for lunch and then tomorrow its my birthday so i will be having no doubt more takeaway or eating out, plus peanut MM's (from the cupboard) if we go to see a movie... & my bday cake this year is going to be a pavlova with cream and fruit..

so um what challenge was i doing? good grief!

(suppose its a good thing the batteries in the digi scales need replacing.. then again probably not) and i have to remember to get some measuring tape!

But today im off to the city and im going to meet up with Maria! horray!!!!!

ive been wanting to go back to the city for so long now, seems like a waste moving closer to a city and not visiting for like 6 months.. i havent been back since we moved! Oh and wasnt that just grand! Our luggage falling to pieces (the wheels shredding around the outside lucky there was a harder plastic wheel inside that wheel) when we got to the real estate and then we walked the 1km or so back to our new place..

i got a cheque from my grandparents for my birthday and then yesterday we also got our electricity bill. OMG! the biggest EVER! lets just say its only a 'on' peak time (we have a tiny hot water thingy that fits in the kitchen cupboard!) so im definately going to try to get a better quote somewhere else.. and probably not pay the extra 40bux to save 4tonnes of carbon pollutants.. sure if we all thought lets just leave it to the rich people to be greener the earth would die more quickly etc etc.. but in reality they still fly their private jets and drive in huge SUV?'s. surely energy companies make enough profit that they could pay the extra for 'greener' electricity sure they can afford the 40bux instead.. (what if they are just frauding us anyways? how can they prove 30% of our electricity comes from the wind generators anyway?!)

gotta fly! see u

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I think i was "officially busy" today.. i often dont get things done and when i say i was busy (not that its a huge thing) hubby doesnt get it.. true a lot of my days are where i am at home i do cleaning, cooking and the rest i have to get stuff done on the computer... but today i was offically 'busy' (except for right now where im blogging and ignoring some housework..) today i was rushing around getting Tia ready for her 1st day in childcare.. walked tia to her childcare *cried there* (how embarrassing.. and i cry more coz im super embarrassed argh!) walked to hubbys work and dropped off his cd wallet then walked back the other way for some shopping (money to cheer myself up) and i went to target and pick up $224.94 stuff FOR JUST $38.25!! I got 2 pairs of shoes, 2 tops and a matching suit jacket and suit skirt.. and ahem.. none of the clothes fit! So i really have to do this challenge!!!! i really needed new shoes, i wear them out very quickly with all my walking! so i shopped at both far ends of the shopping centre (got stuff for my pav birthday cake). Walked home, grabbed the dirty laundry walked to the laundrymat.. walked home, hanged up the clothes to dry then walked to childcare and picked tia up and later i will go out and walk to hubbys work and then walk home with him.

picked up tia from childcare, turns out the reason they only have kids older than 3 at the centre is because 1 child is deadly allergic to dairy, nuts and eggs and Tia kept getting up from her chair at snack time... (well we have never had a big enough place to have a dining room with tables and chairs) so because of that she isnt welcome to come back on thursdays til she can sit still with her food. bummer.. instead she will go tuesdays, i guess. but other than that and her problem hitting kids apparently.. oh dear! (something she has to learn i guess) they also said she was very polite and very funny and went to the toilet very well.. YAY!
Of course we were the last to leave and *oops just remembered i forgot to sign her out* tia did not want to leave..

now ive got a half hour to do some more cleaning til i go out again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I got a really good night sleep apart from more strange dreams.. bleh.. but thats another post in itself if i can remember it all. 0.o Today after giving lil miss a shower and washing her hair (removing liquid candy) decided i would get her backpack ready for tomorrows childcare visit. But then of course Tia thought she was going to the park or to the childcare and she was happy to leave the house but only with the backpack. So i unloaded it and gave it to her and we got out the door!

Went around looking for shoes, i usually find some really nice almost new shoes at op shops.. but today no luck there was a pair that looked about her size (but she wasnt in the mood to try on shoes) hardly worn on the inside or at the heel but the buckle was somehow all broken so i decided on not getting them..

But it was also half price day at the op shop and i ended up coming home with that lot for $6.30. not bad.. i got dominoes, 2 bday cards with badges, beads, a tambourine, fairy wings, 2 dolls a paper lantern and a glass pyrex bowl and a untouched BH&G's pink lantern (only i got home and got it out of its packet and opened it up as i can't resist paper lanterns!)

Might go back out and have a look at the opshop out near hubbys work as i wanted to find some shoes that look good and that are easy enough for lil miss to put on/off, she has these silly Hi-5 runners/shoes from k-mart that are badly designed and are super tight still after 3 months... wondering if i should do that roald dahl thing where you but a bag of water inside the shoe and put it in the freezer.. but maybe that only works for leather shoes?! i need to basically weaken the elastic somehow...

Did some grocery shopping and walked home *yawn* oh and we had lunch.. i thought id be good and go halves on a ww muffin (they are half the size as normal muffins! and for 3.5pts for such a small thing i think i'd rather go halves in the real thing!) and as i waited i switched it to half a double choc muffin from muffin break and i waited and then decided screw this im going to maccas. Poor kid working at muffin break, 1 kid! And all the myer snobs getting their coffee and muffins..
so i ended up having a cheeseburger, 1/2 a crappy chocolate thickshake and 1/2 a crappy small choc sundae. the chocolate sundae was tasteless and the sundae, well their fudge heater wasnt working so the fudge was thick and messy and i worried about salmonella poisoning as i noticed they were using a normal maccas tray under the machine and it had lots of melted ice cream on it?! what the?!

i remembered the glace cherries today, so i hope to make some florentines b4 going to hubbys work and the op-shop.. *yawn* think tonight will be a early one!
hope you all had a great day!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I could so go a coffee right now! (pic of lil miss, with a hot chocolate ring on her face.. lol!!!)
ugh! I hope everyone had a great day today!

It must have been something in the air.. or cabin fever..

Tia has been a right royal pain in the bum. She usually behaves herself, but today she started out silly and it just got worse..

I was developing a headache, went to do laundry and Tia wanted to be silly.. as my load finished Tia announced she needed to go wee. So we hurried off home. (and got there in time)
I was craving hot chips badly and my head was lying to me saying "have the chips, you will feel much better!" so i ordered the chips and walked to the childcare centre got the forms for Tia to start on thursday, went back go the chips walked back the other way to the park (thinking that a bit of a play could do Tia some good) I go to leave and Tia is throwing her wordie tantrum.. pick up a 2lt milk and a loaf of sunblest bread (for $7.80!) continue home as im unlocking the door Tia announces that she needs to go wee... struggles in getting her lil shorties down and wets herself. So i put her in a bath, and then she cuts her finger on my razor (which is kinda hard to do, but yet she well and truly cut her lil finger) i need to pick up a shower caddy thingy-bob when i go shopping next..
its 4pm, tia is in her pj's with a snack and drink watching one of her strawberry shortcake dvds. And im still waiting for my painkillers to kick in! (but there is now peace here!)

last night i was posting on LITS and i remembered that i hadnt had any water all day (this is around 8-9pm) so i joked about drinking alot of water before bed.. and that waking up at night and walking to the loo would be considered as 'exercise' lol! Well in that case i got alot of exercise last night.. *yawn* ive been sleeping like crap the past 4 days, its been colder (but thats not possible? surely! its the start of spring)

so this is the other thing empty schnapps bottles are good for! Keeping the shower curtain in the bleach/hot water.

take care!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Are you serious?

Im looking at the time.. 5pm? no way! where has today gone?
What did i get done today:
  • Dishes.
  • Recycling out in the bin.
  • Got little miss to put her toys back in her room.
  • Bleached the shower curtain.
  • Cleaned the kitchen.
  • Cleaned the bathroom.
  • Did the vacuuming.
  • organized the wardrobe and hanged up more clothes.
  • folded clothes *gasps*.
  • found the clothes that have acquired that musty-ive-not-been-worn in ages smell and put in laundry bag.
  • found the socks with holes in them & thrown them out
  • Rang my dad for fathers day that i had forgotten! oops!!!
  • Uploaded more deviant art.
  • catch up on blogs.
  • catch up on forums.
have u seen the new weight watches adds on tv the ones for the food? It has kate richie from home and away.. interesting (not a fan)

have u seen the awful lite n easy adds? wow do they suck, its paid actors the whole 'say no to fads' if u watch the actors they are all (okay 2/4) shaking their heads saying 'no' while they are blabbing on how its so easy and i lost weight blah blah blah. my hubby picked up on it and now it bugs me alot watching it! argh! basically if ur lying sometimes you might be shaking ur head. eg you say 'that dress looks great on you' shaking your head u really meant to say 'nope. thats awful, but gosh it would look great on me!' HAHAHA..

the picture is of my quilt/duvet cover set oh and my handbag! I miss my duvet and its cover so bad! (i need to organize the delivery of our stuff!)
our duvet would have been so nice this winter, it was only new and we only used it for last spring/early summer til we moved.

Ive been buying reduced to clear capscuims lately, which is great $$ wise. i bring them home wash and cut them up and then put them in the freezer and then i have capscuim on hand already cut up when i need it. (unfortunately they go soft when thawed which is ok for cooking but not ok to be used in salads or uncooked)
Also i chopped up some carrots awhile back (for when im lazy) and put them in the freezer ready to be put into a hot frying pan (i miss my wok) for stirfries..
i chop everything that needs to be chopped before freezing it as i only have 1 crappy sharp knife (i miss my knife block)

Whoot! aw hubby is being sweet and while he is out getting sake he is going to do some grocery shopping also. what a honey-pie! its been rainy all day so i didnt bother to venture out into the wilderness to go grocery shopping (i have to walk everywhere..) besides i didnt have time today..

tonights dinner is left over spag bol (meat) on hot roasted potatoes with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce. yum.

last night i made up a home pizza, it was delish! wish i took a picture! hehehe red capscuim, onion, lite ham, lite cheese & mushies! oh and 4 pieces of garlic bread.. so nice and so naughty!

i also found out that empty schnapps bottles make great rolling pins! lol! and today i found another great use for them! *just wait and see, i havent uploaded the pics to the pc yet!* dont hold ur breath, lol.. its not that interesting..

*excuse my scatter-brain-mode* its monday after all!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

;) Fathers day

<~Breakfast art. LOL! Its a butterfly. Now i know what your saying, a butterfly breakfast for a male?! ;) well i had one too, it was a spur of the moment thing. I think i will challenge myself to make some sort of transformer pancake or bacon & eggs brekkie.. i love mucking about with food. This is the first time i attempted to poach a egg using cling wrap. So in reality its not really poached, more like a boiled egg. Ive never had a poached egg before but hubby says they are very soft, id love to try it one morning where im not trying to get the timing of coffees, bacon, toast and eggs correct so we aren't eating some part of it cold.. lol. To put a egg inside cling wrap, i put the cling wrap over the top of a bowl then smoothed it down inside the bowl (so the egg doesn't just spill off) empty the egg onto the cling wrapped bowl then gather all the edges up twist it and tie it up a bit. Then its cooked in a simmering (i suppose) water not boiling like i had! (it did melt a bit of the cling wrap on the bottom i guess my eggs had cooked enough before it melted and thats why it didn't flop completely!) i will have to try the 100% original vinegar poached eggs version next time.

On another note the challenge starts tomorrow! *time to stop stuffing around.. or rather stuffing myself with crap!* (says me who just polished of some licorice bullets!)

I've made a mental note to catch up on a few blogs, i feel so behind right now.. =D

Update on me: I'm 100%. Im not sure what it was, probably influenza the virus (not just a cold) Theres been a scary influenza going around making alot of lil kids very sick.(not that we know any) :( bless their lil <3's *i somehow just lost what else i had written* i know it wasn't gastroenteritis in english thats 24hr tummy bug with projectile vomit and for that i am thankful! So now we are all great! Thanks for all your kind prayers and thoughts!

last nights dinner, was roasted beef and roasted potatoes.. i got to lazy to cook up carrots and in the end i was greatful that there wasn't anymore on my plate (not that it was stacked up on my plate) i guess my stomach got very full quickly from a big hit of protein. (i think my body was still healing up) Im counting down my birthday, nothing special (just want to be more aware of it approaching this year and so i don't forget!). i do like birthdays, i grew up with birthdays being the best day of the year besides Christmas! My mum would always bake a cake, there would be a family party (before high school there were the friends-over-birthday-parties) it was a big thing! i was thinking on doing the tourist thing in the city and only today thought of making my birthday list!

tadaa!!!!!!!! surprise, surprise! must be doing something right!

The Cure - Burn (The Crow Soundtrack)

Sakura sunday

Photo taken from a tree in my neighborhood!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

sickie saturday

Update on Tia: She had a fever! Woke up through the night for some water and in the morning she was well and now she is 100% again.
update on me.. well i felt unwell (stomache pains) after eating anything that was dinner last night and up til now basically.. so im 80% ok now! YAY!

Maria you asked about the painting i was doing awhile back. James's boss is working on a project thats pretty cool and basically i was just painting some gel compound to give a canvas some texture.. but i think i went a bit over the top, but they did learn a few things.. and i know thats rather cryptic but im not sure how much i can disclose about this.. so hopefully when the project is in full swing i will let u guys know what im going on about!

my 5cents on the 'so you think you can dance': that crazy producer/judge dude is on it again, *sigh* and i really am not keen on watching auditions where they show the worst dancers.. same with idol theres just some auditions where the pitch, tone or costume makes you change the channel! i cant imagine they get great ratings for the audition-part of reality tv as thats what happens you loose interest or someone comes on and its a complete turn-off.. bleh!

I've been a real sook today and ive just remembered (as usual) im behind in that i havent got my dad anything! Its fathers Day tomorrow! Ive bought some chocolate for james and he knows he is able to go out and get whatever it is he wants.... im so behind in presents! its shocking! 4 birthdays (all in august) and i havent gotten them yet!

anyways best be checking on dinner. Roast beef n veggies!