Friday, September 21, 2007

Having a mummy moment

Hmm lets start yesterday where it was mostly a mummy/mommy moment filled day.. (as in a dumb moment)

Decided i would go to the bank and deposit my birthday money a cheque from my grand parents! woohoo! only for the life of me, (and without the normal bank book u get, we didnt with this account) so i went in and said i needed to deposit it but didnt know how and so filled it out at the counter (holding up the line.. meh!) she said i didnt need my bsb and acc number and i could use my card if i just put in my pin... im like 'yeah about that, i lost the paper before i remembered what the number was' lucky i brought along my acc details! phew! then i had to go wait in a different line and they let me choose my pin, put it on my card and checked that it worked and hey presto now i can use my atm card for the first time! (can give back hubbys atm card!)

Tia was a absolute pain, oh i wish i didnt care how much people gave me looks.. wish i had more guts to discipline Tia in front of people! I spent so long going from shop to shop looking at makeup, since my anti-glob mascara has turned globby.. and Tia loved touching all the eyeshadows and powders and putting them on her cheeks.. it was a mess she called it 'beautiful' and i told her to look in the mirror and she taken aback the first time and agreed to take it off and then went back to putting more back on and then insisted that it was 'beautiful' *sigh* and then she was determined on not leaving until she had more 'beautiful' (eyeshadows... etc)
Considering i find it impossible to not make a decision quickly (unless impulse buying) i think i will pick a brand and stick to it.. looking at everything else, their specials, freebies etc.. frazzles me and gives Tia more time to get attached to playing with makeup and thus wanting to take it all home too. I usually HATE spending that much on something so trivial as makeup, but i thought id stop being such a tight arse and buy it in a act of faith (along with a eyeshadow in this funky pot) (buy one get 50% the 2nd)

back to mummy moments.. i had the birthday cards and a block of chocolate ready to send to my brothers & dad but i forgot the address so i brought it all home again! doh! And i couldnt find a happy fathers day card anywhere! damnit!

The house cage inspection lasted for a total of 2 minutes, i put so much time into making the house cage wonderful for the lady to poke her nose in and out again and she left with a promise of a plumber! (yeah i wont hold my breath) to fix the leaky tap and the forever dribbling toilet.. she left and i proceded to un-pack the place back to its former messy glory.

Glad everyone had fun with talk like a pirate day!! ^^

today, Tia went to childcare.. i secretly envied the mums holding the kids that dont want mum to go.. i just want Tia to miss me once, to bounce up and down when she sees me again.. instead of running away from me going to one play thing to the other.. LOL!

While Tia was at childcare i went and did the washing. I did a clothes and a towels (seperately) load of washing down at the laundrymat.. being a tight arse and not wanting to hog 3 washing machines (even tho the place was empty) i decided to try out the frangipani fab that Tina talked about.. only i had bad flash backs.. and yeah i got white powdery marks over most things the last time i used it, so today i used even less and got it even worse! argh! I dont get it, i think the machines down at the laundrymat really suck, they arent at all gentle! (i had forgotten my Nintendo DS, my T3 and my book so i was so bored!)Liquid clothes detergent-stuff is much forgiving, i usually use the sensitive skin amolin one.. I know i shouldn't overload the washing machiene but ah well... i came home and gave most of the clothes a wipe down with a damp sponge to remove the white/powdery marks.. maybe i should look at the scoop and see if theres a mark much lower on the scoop..

My abs are much better, i think im all healed up. doing the abs again yesterday relieved a ton of the pain.. which is good.. did butt n abs already again today. And ive been yawning since midday! Think i might have a early night.. boo hoo! Im getting old!

Did that cupcake catch your eye? It comes from this wonderful cupcake-maker-blogger that i lurk around on.. "Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit" Some good recipes and interesting cupcake stuff there! (free-plug there for the sake of stealing that lovely picture and having it on my blog)

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Scaramouche Jones said...

Wait - is that a cupcake with a donut on top? I think that might just be perfect... :)

Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

Hey Tiffany :) Sorry to hear that the frangipani fab left the powder marks on your clothes. I'm quite "heavy handed" with my powder and use a scoop and a half for each load....mind you, my machine is a big one and my loads are big! But I've never had any probs.

Oh and I wanted to thankyou for nominating my blog for bloggers choice award...I only noticed just now!

Maria said...

Yay! You can use your ATM card!

Pirate day was actually getting on my nerves because YouTuber's I subscribe to were imitating pirates too..and I was just all "arrrrrr"d out! :-P

Re: Mascara.. I refuse to buy 'Great Lash' or whatever that pink and green bottle one is despite it being flouted as the mascara models wear. I found my old 2,000 calorie mascara (Max Factor?) or is it 1,000 calorie? Anyway.. I used it again and realised WoW it's far more superior than 'Great Lash'. As far as thickening lashes goes.. the 'calorie' one is superb.

That doughnut cupcake looks diviiiine, however.. I gained 2.1kg's in this last week.. so those images are the stuff of my 'permission giving' nightmares at present. Too much 'permission giving' since moving here.. it has to stop. I was even thinking about selling my '500 cupcakes' recipe book.