Monday, September 17, 2007

a million laughs

Oh boy!
I'd thought id crack out once of my exercise dvd's i bought last week. 10minute solutions targeted toning for beginners..
i paid only 12.99 for it from target tho.. but thats the website thats listed inside the dvd cover.. ohh jillian michaels has 2 new dvds out, frontside and backside interesting (picture featured)...
anyways back to me trying to find my balance.. lol! the funniest thing was the chick instructor on the dvd, she didnt stop smiling! and i didnt see any sweat on her.. she was real funny so peppy i almost felt like some pet 'come on, you can do it'.. lolz.. But i think it was good in the end, i didnt need that much co-ordination the only equipment you need is a towel and a pair of light hand dumbells.. (i only have 1 at the moment) the muscles on that woman! crikey she had a chest that only a guy would envy tho.. i guess thats what happens when u loose that much body fat.. u kinda loose those 'puppies'! anyways it was great!!! theres some rule out there not to drink or eat what 30mins-60mins after a workout??.. but i had to stop and get water twice out of the 40mins (i did thighs, butt, powerstretch and arms.. avoiding the abs! eep!) and then after that i downed another 600ml of water and was soo hungry and had 3 sweet chilli rice cakes & 2.5pts of WW fruit slice biscuits both which i cannot live without.. yum. The rice cakes are flavoured so there isnt much point in putting marg/butter on them.. so i don't.. :p i think ive had enough snacks for today tho! (better make a mental note of that and id better not make that a habbit to eat after working out)

As an update i have not had any bad takeaway for just over a week now! 2 more weeks to go!
(i can have good takeaway=ww muffins from muffin break, maccas lite muffins, maccas yogurt, maccas chicken tandoori deli choices sub, subways 6inch 6g of fat or less subs, chocollo ice cream)

Today being monday, cleaning day.. i cleaned up the house, washed the bath, taps & basin/sinks, did a load of washing down at the laundrymat, directed & supervised tia on cleaning her room, cleaned under the computer desk.. (i dont know how things fall down there and end up being forgotten about..) i attempted to clean up the zillions of cables we have going everywhere.. so they look a bit better.. not that much can be done about that..

I am so glad tonights dinner is leftover stirfry from last night! my thighs have gone to jelly..
hmm, what else? I coloured my hair after my birthday.. not that colour stays much in my hair.. but its darker browny/red.. hmm our 1st cage(house) inspection is on thursday so i had better get a mop to clean the bathroom ceiling soon.. Tia has half day childcare on tuesday and friday.. last night she woke up crying saying she was sick.. oh boy.. just go back to sleep tia.. i woke up so many times last night it was crazy! ugh! it wasnt a good idea to think spring had sprung and we could minus 1 blanket right when that crazy cold snap came thru.. at least the sun is out today!

Im enjoying so u think u can dance, my fave guy would be the B-boy Hok. Im in awe of the poppin & lockin masters.. (and i just looked it up and saw who won.. dont worry i havent given it away..)

How bout Australian idol.. was rock night.. and they all pretty much could have done better, picked better songs, sang in tune or actually rocked it?! even the rockers werent that great.. i think its pretty dumb they have the rock, swing, disco nights.. it should be their style all the way as in the end the winner makes an album in their style.. but then they will do whatever they can for ratings/phone revenue from voting..
Hmm i clearly watch too much tv, americas next top model well its some season waaay behind the current so no spoilers there for me.. but this had me thinking
check out the before & after makeover (season 7 not our current one on 10).. some are absolutely gorgeous after! Im wondering how photoshopped and airbrushed they are also..

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Gail said...

HIya, congrats on the award from Maria. I so love reading both your blogs.
cheers Gail

Maria said...

(Shudder)... I'm so anti-food/drink rules when it comes to exercise as it's a MYTH. I have lost weight successfully now and in the past not following any of those rules. AND.. at the beginning of the year I followed a 'no food' after exercise rule/suggestion I'd read on LITS actually.. and if anything, I was losing weight slower than ever before. I can only say what my experience has been and I've tried everything. Calories in/calories out... I don't even listen to my sister re: 'eat nothing after 6pm'. Maybe this will help once I only have 5 or 10kg's left to lose..but I can eat any time I want and still lose's the actual amount of calories (or points)I consume in a day.. that's the bottom line. No 'rules' as to when to space meals or fluid intake.

Good on you for drinking water while working out! Your organs need it!

I'm so disappointed in this years Idol contestants too. My sisters feel the same way. I think ratings will be lower?

Scaramouche Jones said...

I started drinking a lot more water over the past few months... I can't seem to stay away from the toilet now :)

Interesting - Jillian Michaels - I'm in Ireland right now and they're showing the first Biggest Aussie Loser on TV here right now...

M said...

LOL I watch the same shows as you. I am loving America's next top model but spewing that Kim left on Sunday. I think she was amazing and had some really great shots.

And thank you for not giving away the winner of NYTYCD. I thought we were getting it live and will now have to restrain myself from checking :). And I could not agree more re Idol. I was shocked at the songs they chose and could not work out how they could have thought they were rock songs. I think the Idol staff need more of a hand in song choice as how can they expect these young kids to really understand what makes a song..

OK I too watch too much tv :)

Thanks for your review of the DVD's. I have a few walking DVD's but have been thinking about getting some 10 min solution ones for toning and tightening.

Have a great day :)