Thursday, September 25, 2008

247 photos downloading....

This week i remembered to buy AA batteries... after much deliberation at woolworths, trying to remember the adds did the duracel bunny over take the everready battery guy or vice versa?? lol.. and then comparing the huge packs of 16/20something batteries to the price of the woolworths select? brand of batteries (which work out to be $1 each in a 4 pack) and decided on a pack of 16 duracell batteries for $16 or $17 which is almost the same (on special this week)

I am just now downloading the movies and pictures off the camera that were on it before the batteries died (all other batteries in the house for remotes etc did not have enough juice left to power it) The pictures go back to around august 10th-ish when Tia did not have a fringe (self inflicted) and now its almost time for a fringe hair cut for her.. soon she will have a straight fringe (kinda hard not to notice it being right in the middle of her forehead!)

Hopefully will get some photos out to family & close friends and post some here too. I need to get a photo of Alyssa smiling since she has been doing that for awhile now.. and i need to get a picture of our neighbours flowering plum tree/cherry blossom tree as it looks totally funky like the branches are pink sausages.. lol.. just masses of flowers!

We survived the gale force winds alright... had to move Tia's cubby house back on the deck a few times as the wind was strong enough to push it! Unfortunately the roof on the deck suffered some damage am yet to get the info over to agents.. my bad.. so busy, forgetfull and all..

Nori has gone missing, she did her usual rush out of the house at a time of oppurtunity (door opened or left opened) on saturday/sunday and hasnt been seen since. Hopefully she will turn up again soon, everyone keeps saying that cats do often go away for a week and come back again.. so hopefully she will!

Hubby decided to re-format our pc and has yet to put it back to how it was, with my login etc.. all our photos are on his portable HDD that he takes everywhere he goes.. otherwise id have a flyer out already with Nori's pciture on it.. *sigh* i miss my bookmarks i had on that pc also... u know how it is with computers.. u have everything set up just fine and then its gone... i dont have the time to put it back to how it was/how i like it

Ive been kiinda avoiding the laptop & pc as it seems the instant i go to post or comment Alyssa wakes up from her sleep!

Tia has had a cold and has a bad red mark under her nose from using toilet paper?!! to wipe her nose (and i gave her a box of tissues and the next morning they are all used and all over the floor in her bedroom... not happy!!!)

have to leave this here... as Alyssa is awake and wanting cuddles/milk/nappy/burping one or a few of the above..

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Subway dumps Anzac biscuit from the menu Article from: The Advertiser


September 22, 2008 12:01am

THE traditional ANZAC biscuit has been dropped by one of the world's biggest fast-food chains because it cannot be made cheaply and correctly by an American corporation.

Subway restaurants have stopped selling the ANZAC biscuit, which has been part of the nation's diet for 93 years.

Earlier this year, the Department of Veteran's Affairs ordered Subway to bake its ANZAC biscuit as per the original recipe, which is protected by federal legislation.

When Subway's U.S.-based cookie dough supplier could not cost-effectively duplicate that recipe, the biscuit was deleted from the menu.

Returned and Services League South Australia president Jock Statton said Subway's decision was "ridiculous".

"I find that bloody insulting," he said.

"So many companies try to jump on the ANZAC bandwagon and they were obviously trying to appeal to Australians by having the biscuits in their stores."

But Subway's Australia and New Zealand regional manager Brian Tap said the decision was not meant to offend.

"Our intention was not to upset anyone, but to show respect to the Diggers and the term ANZAC," he said.

"It's got nothing whatsoever to do with our product coming from, or being made in, the U.S."

Under federal law, only biscuits based on the recipe used at Gallipoli may be called ANZACs.

Mr Tap said the department gave Subway a "time frame" in which to bring its biscuits up to standard.

"For us to make sure our recipe is correct, it would be about six months' work for us . . . we made a pragmatic decision to delete it."

He said the ANZAC had been outsold 15-1 by chocolate cookies.

"Our supplier has already expressed interest in producing the biscuit,'' he said.

"If the community says it wants Subway to carry ANZAC biscuits, we will put a team behind it.''

Mr Statton said Subway should leave the biscuit alone.

"The biscuits made in Australia are the only ones that should be sold – money from their sale goes to the welfare of veterans," he said.

World War II veteran Jack Dickens said he would have liked to have seen more ANZAC biscuits while fighting in New Guinea.

"Soldiers who were issued an ANZAC biscuit would be most delighted," Mr Dickens said.

"Back in our day, getting stuff like that to the places we were was very difficult, if not impossible."

Very interesting.. theres a anzac biscuit in subways range??? i wonder how many other people had no idea that the plain looking golden biscuit was meant to be a anzac?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rice bran oil spray & spread Alfa One Review

Been meaning to try the alfa one range of Rice bran oil products.. but the price and thinking.. well its not dairy, its not canola will it taste weird????? has usually deterred me from buying it...

See Rice Bran Oil wikipedia page

The Rice bran oil spread- is now my favorite spread! It doesnt exactly taste like butter.. and it is slightly salty! It passes the toast test! LOL! melts nicely, nice colour. Im wondering if most spreads/butter/marg have hydrogenated oils or not.. as the 'normal' one says it doesnt yet on the light version theres no mention or claim that it doesnt contain hydrogenated oil. I used some when browning some onions, it was quite alright for cooking. :) It also gets soft very quickly when left out of the fridge!

The Rice brain cooking spray- has no weird taste. Sprays clear (im used to the ones spraying white whether it was the cheap no-name ones or the old ww endorsed canola sprays) Not bad... nothing fantastic either.

The brand 'Alfa one' do u think its pronounced 1) 'Alpha one' or 2) 'All for one' hmmm

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Birthday Girl! 8th sept

I had my birthday on monday. Thats right i turned 26!
I cant remember what i did other than the usual trying to get something cleaned in the house (floors or dishes), possibly tried to play video games, watch tia play outside and the usual hands-on little bub Alyssa stuff.... i do remember that Hubby didnt say happy birthday to me b4 he left work, i called him in his lunch break and he said that he was the first one to wish me happy birthday at midnight last night (while i was asleep and i grunted..) LOL!
i do remember that i started cooking dinner at 11am, meatballs... this was while Alyssa was asleep and i thought id make it easy on hubby or myself when it came cooking time later that night. (This interuppted and less sleep IS making me nutty!! Me, ok with cooking dinner on my bday?!!!! LOL)
At 4pm i realised i wasnt going to get my birthday present wish in time to make my own cake. (its the breville wizz mix professional)

So us 3 girls headed off to the shops to find a ready-made cake.. to my absolute horror (ok not so bad but still..) ALL of their choc mud cakes had "happy fathers day", "no.1 dad" on them!!!!! So i decided to boycott the woolies taste-like-packet-mix-fake-cake and go get a frozen choc bavarian cheesecake! Hubby left work 15mins early than everyones normal knock off time (he usually does 30mins overtime each day) to buy me a present.. so we met up, had coffee and went to find my present... however it was then somehow 5.30pm and the shops were all closing (as in kicking everyone out closing) Hubby said he was surprised i didnt want take-out to which i said yeah chinese woud be great! lol. So we got rainbow beef, chinese sausage, fried wontons, steamed rice & green chicken curry. YUM!!!!

mum sent me a giftcard & some cards she had made (no pics yet)
my brother rang me yesterday (a day late) to wish me happy birthday, thinking that he had the right date, lol.
also yesterday our gas meter got read, sure to be scarier than the last bill, for sure! EEP!! So might have to put my bday prez on hold?? hmm

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Friday, September 5, 2008

the queen of whisky fudge

Lets skip the usual, "yeah ive been busy" thing and get into it eh.. ;)

My latest addiction is 11 ww points to a box. A box of 150g scottish malt whisky fudge. Yes i regulary contribute to global warming by indulging and getting addicted to imported foods... not ashamed of it either.. may as well make sure that the packaging, shipping was worth it than let it go to waste right? My box of fudge is use by this month so its come down to $1.95 a box at the imported/mass lolly shop. Ive been thru 2 boxes since wednesday! Its obviously not a overpowering whisky flavour.. (and its flavouring not actual liqour in the ingrediants list) If i can smell alcohol i usually know i wont like the taste that goes for drinks and foods. I dont like real wine in food.. i dont mind real rum tho in rum balls.. i do drink alochol but in eye dropper amounts! LOL! Ive never had the head over the toilet drunk experience, ive never gone past tipsy! control freak alert!! ^^

next to get on the soap box. I know the republicians havent stopped the whole lets dump the queen thing. But honestly doesnt anyone else find it offensive that just because the role of GG has been given to a woman that it some how makes it (the GG) even more redundant?! Also that they have to bring it up again on the eve of a history making woman GG instead of like tomorrow?! Does anyone else get up my nose more than Mr bob brown?! hmmm id have to think about that! He said wouldnt it be even more history in the making if the first woman GG handed it over to a president. hmm uh, NO! pfft.

Alyssa is home from her walk.. cranky still.. (and of course its dinner time, no less!)