Friday, September 5, 2008

the queen of whisky fudge

Lets skip the usual, "yeah ive been busy" thing and get into it eh.. ;)

My latest addiction is 11 ww points to a box. A box of 150g scottish malt whisky fudge. Yes i regulary contribute to global warming by indulging and getting addicted to imported foods... not ashamed of it either.. may as well make sure that the packaging, shipping was worth it than let it go to waste right? My box of fudge is use by this month so its come down to $1.95 a box at the imported/mass lolly shop. Ive been thru 2 boxes since wednesday! Its obviously not a overpowering whisky flavour.. (and its flavouring not actual liqour in the ingrediants list) If i can smell alcohol i usually know i wont like the taste that goes for drinks and foods. I dont like real wine in food.. i dont mind real rum tho in rum balls.. i do drink alochol but in eye dropper amounts! LOL! Ive never had the head over the toilet drunk experience, ive never gone past tipsy! control freak alert!! ^^

next to get on the soap box. I know the republicians havent stopped the whole lets dump the queen thing. But honestly doesnt anyone else find it offensive that just because the role of GG has been given to a woman that it some how makes it (the GG) even more redundant?! Also that they have to bring it up again on the eve of a history making woman GG instead of like tomorrow?! Does anyone else get up my nose more than Mr bob brown?! hmmm id have to think about that! He said wouldnt it be even more history in the making if the first woman GG handed it over to a president. hmm uh, NO! pfft.

Alyssa is home from her walk.. cranky still.. (and of course its dinner time, no less!)


maria said...

That's something I've never tried before.. whiskey fudge. I don't like whiskey, but you have me curious about the fudge!

I'm a sucker for imported too.

maria said...

I keep coming here expecting more updates.. so come along!! lol ^^

I bought ingredients to make choc/espresso brownies (my sister designed the recipe card at her media job). It's basically butter/sugar/chocolate ^^ !!

I bought some 70% cocoa Lindt.. 2 x 35gm mini bars.. for that purpose. Maybe after weigh-in this week. I've had enough sweets already.

I hope you and your beautiful family are going well xox