Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Everything is going up

Today on the news there was something about the price of bread, pork and lamb prices are on the rise! *sigh* We arent big lamb eaters and hardly ever eat pork, but bread?! Isnt bread at $3-$5 high enough lol! Sure everyone seems to be jumping up and down over interest rates, oil prices. Last time i looked Wheat was selling really well, which is great for farmers. I understand that to make and deliver bread they use farm equipment & big trucks which can be bought via a bank loan and uses oil.
*rant 1 over*

And rent, yes guess who got a call followed by a registered post letter about a rent increase of this crappy box thats 40years old?! With no renovations done (oh i forgot about the newly laid 2nd hand carpet they put in b4 we moved in) No backyard, No laundry, No room for anything to do laundry, the smallest hot water system i ever did see (fits in the kitchen cupboard!), the place were we had to deal with the prostitute next door, the weed dealers further up, constant bombardment of real estate letters 'sell now', 'such and such just listed', 'such and such just sold need more sellers', 'auction coming soon need more sellers', 'such and such saw such a place and wasnt what they wanted looking for more sellers' (i can live with that bit lol).
Rent has always been paid in advance, never been behind. So a rent increase, is great coz we have been trying on and off to get out of here for ages now! I know next door has been sold, new paint, new wooden floor in the living/dining area its going for $165 a week, just listed last week.
Ours will go from $130-$150 a week in 60days time.
"taking into account, factors such as increases in the landlords costs over the year, the current demand for rental accomodation in the area and the length of time you have lived in the property, we believe the increased rent to be in line with the current rental market value and fair to both parties"

Fair to both parties? I'm lost how any of those things make it fair to me? Are being penalized for being good tennants, not breaking the lease and staying for almost a year? (the only fixed thing i got them to do was the toilet as it was constantly running and we dont pay the water bill!)
Ive often thought of a bureaucratic red tape affair of the government valuing houses that they have to have certain standards like a good renovation or being less than 20yrs old stuff like that to moderate house prices, to throw a huge spanner into the market.. of course its not going to happen.. but seriously the crappy places that are listed at such prices is pretty insane. I guess there are alot of people waiting for the housing bubble to burst.. just how much longer can it go? How long will home-occupied owners be pushed out of the market coz of investors spending their equity paying off their mortages by pushing up rents that are 'fair to both parties'.
Is it fair to push up the prices because its harder to get a new place?

I seriously can't wait to get out of here and see how long it takes for someone to see this place and say 'yeah this crap box is worth $150a wk'..

I'm getting my saving boots on and we are going to save extra cash up so we can get the next good place i see with a laundry, a backyard, a fence and actually close to a school! ^^ We save up the extra to sweeten the deal with the agent by being able to pay more weeks in advance when we apply.
"please contact us if you would like to sign another tenancy agreement for the above property"
NO WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Veer Zaara

Sunday on sbs at 9.30 they have bought back bollywood movies! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last sunday was Veer Zaara. Oh boy, it was a awesome story.. so very sad but of course with a somewhat surprising happy ending which now you are bawling with happiness. I dont think ive ever cried in any movie more than i did with this one.
In true bollywood style, there was beautiful colour and lots of it, beautiful cast and as usual the evil people look damn UGLY! u heard me ugly! the songs not sung by the actors (in true bollywood style) It did have a few songs and punjabi dance but not as much as some, perhaps i was expecting more.. it didnt matter the storyline and the other points the movie was getting across; women in the workplace, girls & their rights for schools, lawyers fighting for truth vs lawyers fighting to win, hate between pakistan & india vs those who accept and love both countries and people, arranged marriage relationships vs true undying love relationships.
Sad song bit of the movie.

Happy yet is still sad if u know the movie, this is the part of ending ;) proof you can have a amazing story without it turning into a complete snogfest or bedroom scenes! lol. the movie goes for 3hrs.. 0.o But its constantly interesting, especially if you like romance movies..

CJ7 movie

cj7 movie trailer, i doubt its release in australia outside cinemas that cater for languages other than english. But gosh it looks cute.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia day

At least for the last 10 minutes left of today that is!
I hope everyone had a good aussie day! Didnt do much but shop a bit, got some birthday presents for tia (to put away til may) Cooked a steak sandwich for dinner. yum. It was a warm one today with rain and storm around 4pm, then it heated up again til 6pm when it cooled for the night.
Had a nice relaxing bath, followed by a nap in the afternoon. My feet are still itching like freaking crazy!
On the walk to the shops this morning we walked down 2 streets that someone had put a card and a little flag in each mailbox! I might be able to get a picture tomorrow.
Watched the Heath ledger tribute, 'Knights tale' and 'the patriot' (which is still on)
ah well i got distracted trying to find a good youtube vid of the knights tale, but didnt find any good ones. ;) And now its sunday!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

15 weeks now

Pregnancy is going well. Morning sickness is 99% gone. YAY! The past 2 days ive had zero energy all thru the day, i wonder if having so little caffeine has something to do with that. My dreams have been so colourful and vivid i wonder if that is exhausting me also.
Ive had a thing for corn dogs this week and given in twice. So im happy to be over that and trying to eat better again.

My feet are much better. yesterday tia and i walked to the park and then walked to the shops. I found some socks that weren't to tight and stopped above the ankle, i also had to loosen my shoe laces quite alot to accomodate my still swollen feet. I came home and took my socks off, there was weird bubbles of skin on my feet. And later that night when i could stand the constant itch of such a large area on my feet i had a go and peeled the skin off. eeew huh! Its been so long since ive peeled such big areas. Im hoping that i wont tan, lol.. as its not all of my feet and looks a bit strange.. white legs and tanned feet! lol!

Hope everyones having a good week! Not long now till the australia day weekend! wwoooohooo!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Heath Ledger has been found dead in his apartment at the age of 28. His last role was playing the joker in the batman movie due for release this year. He leaves behind his 2 year old daughter. The death is not being treated as suspicious. How sad, how shocking! WTF! Not something you would expect!!!!!!!
My heart goes out to his family, his daughter and his friends.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Lets get real about laptops & kids!

Okay so the goverment are offering tax incentives? for each child in a school a laptop or access to one via the school resources. There was something even on the table beginging with a audit on schools seeing where a resource rich and a resource poor private schools could equally fund a music room and then share it.. (but thats getting off track)
That aside from what can, may or will happen. Lets talk kids or teens with laptops.
I saw the sunrise, chanel 10 gadget guy segment today and it was all about this. Laptops and kids.
What he recommended was incredible! (but when hasnt that segment been for rich and dumb people? seriously) Link to gadgets
First off, the gadget guy just like today tonight or a current affair is obviously shameless paid advertising. E.g pete (the gadget guy) says "brand is very important" camera zooms in on HP logo. *rolls eyes*
He recommended a HP or a compaq laptop. With any laptop, if its something other than dell be ready for any warranty or malfunction problem to be a lengthy problem with hardly any support. I think the only reason he picked these laptops were because of the weight. lets think about this, kids already carry books, books arent going to be replaced because less face it spelling and writing is a must to learn! Goodness knows how many boys have messy writing! lol!
where was i? hmm..

OK lets think about laptops and kids again, 1 spill of any sugar added liquid on the keyboard and its non-repairable! Did you hear? Yes johhny just spilled his fruit juice on the keyboard and now a few of the keys are a bit sticky, $1699 down the drain!
we have 2 laptops in the house with sticky keys, one which i do not recall ever spilling juice on!

Kids dont need a light laptop if they are using a wheeled laptop case/bag. They dont need 100gb space! They do NOT EVER NEED 2gb ram! They do not need a dual core or fast processor!!!!
Im sorry do you have a dual processor and 2GB ram on your home computer?
I know i have 3gb ram, but then we use 3d graphic software and special effects video editing software (well we would if i spent hours reading the manual) You dont need 2GB ram to run photoshop, paint, word, open office.. You dont need 2GB ram to write a essay or a project, send email or view the web! Sure laptops run slower than a normal pc. Consider the space of your home computer box to the size of a 3-5kg laptop.. concessions have to be made!

As for backing up it was suggested to buy a 300gb portable hardrive. Given that we just bought a 250gb one for $130 they are a good investment. But unless your a photographer (the ones that take so many photos in like 20seconds) you dont need a portable hardrive. Portable hardrives do come with warranty (but its not much good, if its died the contents have probably gone as well or the factory will do a reset anyway if your not given a replacement!) writeable cd's are the way to go, as long as they are looked after and stored right they should last. However its worth checking them every so often (they can actually loose data or like do this weird leaky corrupt thing on the surface) or making a backup every week anyways. A writeable cd does not last as long as a factory done cd of e.g sims.

A cheap back up idea, that doesnt need another power point or create more carbon and green house gases is a $15 usb 1gb stick found at post office, office works, k-mart. I have one on my keychain! A 1GB stick can store alot of essays, powerpoint presentations, graphics.. just leave the mp3 files on a laptop, a cd (since most cd players these days can read/play mp3) or the ipod. Its easier to loose, but if a parent keeps it at home and does the back up, no issues!

Another thing overlooked by pretty much everybody is.... DRUMROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No one has considered battery power or how long it lasts. No one has considered fitting classrooms (other than a already used computer room) with extra power points. (unless tables are along walls or powerpoints up on the ceiling, otherwise all those cables are a OH&S issue)
yes when your buying you can see the specs and usually it will say how long the battery power will last. But do you know how long battery power lasts on average? about a hour or less. I'm sorry how long do they go to school for? lol. AND the thing with battery power is the more heavy programs or more programs used at one time on a laptop the bigger the drain on battery power.

Of course theres always going to be a kid with the best laptop ever.. and the kids without or a slow school one.. its another chance in schools to split the haves and the have nots. :(

what do i really want..

My feet on sunday 5 days? of sunburn, lots of red and pink dots!

A few things have been going thru my mind, what to do for the long weekend? (Lews likes to stay at home usually with a new game to play, cute) when can i put on socks or shoes, perhaps a week after my burn? I guess i should be thankful that i can walk, i can sleep now and thats makes alot of difference.
Since ive been stuck at home, ive been missing shopping. I had a look at ebay saw a few things i really liked. Isn't it weird when you select items from only in australia yet you get the odd weird one that is wanting it in GBP or US currency, i cant stand that! ><
I was looking at hello kitty stuff, which on ebay is like 1/10 of the price from the shop.
But seriously, i have little guts when it comes to ebay.. ive read peoples feedback and theres a few crazy people out there!!!!!!! (well duh! i guess..)I made these scrolls yesterday, froze it before slicing. I had some leftover bought fruit mince so i used that and a chopped apple. They are quite yummy!

In gossip news; Dr phil in regards to a britney spears thing has been fired or close to it? I think thats fair enough, oprah has always held the privacy of celebrities to a high standard. For example if you work at harpo and you see e.g Tom cruise unless he is talking to you or working with you. Theyr'e not allowed to go up and talk to him. whether its true or not.. who knows..

Saturday, January 19, 2008

kentucky fried feet

Feet update:
Still sore to touch and looking swollen, but i can walk around the house now normally and not like i had 2 sprained ankles! There's less burning feeling, less heat. Hubby bought home a few more things to try including a spray on local anathestic used on burns and insect bites, which i might use when and if it gets to a itchy stage but still to sore to touch.
I guess in a few days time i will be able to put socks or shoes on again! :D
thanks for all the well wishes.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My feet are bright red, well this morning less of my feet are bright red. Yesterday i decided it was a nice enough day to take Tia to the beach, not a scorcher day and not a weird day in between it was meant to hit 33-35deg cel. I normally avoid the sun completely between the hours of 12-3pm in summer but this was the beach and i figured by 3pm it would be completely low tide. as it was when we got there the tide was already going out, which is great. All the older kids and adults are wwwaaaaaaayyyy out there 25metres or so, and theres lots of sand banks where we go so theres lots of areas where its very shallow, about as shallow as her baths. It was great, she enjoyed it. Only walked off on the beach once too far away from me for my liking and only once went further out than i wanted her too. she made chocolates, sand castles, drew in the sand, played with a few kids..

me i tried to write down some sort of weekly organised plan of action and i bought my book along, sadly i wasnt able to read it. Anyways we were all sunscreened up, i was wearing a t-shirt and long pants. I didnt think i would have to sunscreen my feet, but in hindsight i really wish i did.
It hurts to walk, move.. i got about 4hrs max sleep. ive been dipping them in and out of water in the bath, last night i sat on the computer chair with my feet in the water... i think i'll do that again after this post. My feet are slathered in cocoa butter, ive poured vinegar on my feet, put lanolin on them only to think it was the worst thing ever for sunburn, i guess sunburn isnt a minor burn.

im certainly not going shopping today! The weather today is a nice brisk cool day with a chance of rain... im glad its not a stinker thats for sure!

*edited to add the picture of my very swollen and very burnt feet! Was taken the next day (day 2) The cocoa butter palmers brand wasnt doing anything for the burn or the pain really.
I got a seacret body lotion, cuticle oil and buffing block for christmas from mum n dad. (Yes i was dubious as i have been constantly annoyed by the sales people for weeks b4 christmas at the shops.)
But i put some of the body lotion on and pain was gone, skin soaked it up..

I vow NEVER EVER use any butter, fatty lotions on suburn ever again. Clearly normal mosturizers with a water content do much better at soaking into the skin and treating burns. i'd use aloe if i had a plant, id use a aloe gel if i had one... but im confined to the house with minimal walking as possible, i have not tried to put on socks or shoes, hopefully hubby can pick something up for me at the chemist tonight. i do have a Le tan, after sun spray. which i did use but it didnt do anything for my burns, perhaps if my feet were less burnt.

Night 2 i got more sleep, but did wake alot to re-apply cream, that and sleeping under sheet or blanket with my feet out is hard, im also a side sleeper which is hard to do at the moment *sigh*

Im on day 3 now, still quite swollen around my ankle. The burn is going down a bit around the rest of my foot except my ankle. Still painful to walk, stand, stretch.

Monday, January 14, 2008

end of the holidays

Hubby starts back at work today. So on sunday night he decided we'd go to the movies as a finale thing. Hubby went and saw I am legend. Tia and I saw Enchanted!
I thought Enchanted was great, a bit of humor there for the adults too. I dont think Tia understood the crossover at the end, but she loved the singing happy princess, the prince and knows a wicked witchy queen when she sees one!
Unfortunately it didnt stay in my mind what the prince name was or what patrick dempsey character name was. To often they were referred as 'dad', 'friend' or 'majesty'.. ah well. I loved that she kept making dresses from curtains! lol! The whole contrast of fantasy falling in love and getting married in contrast to the real world where people date for years before getting married. The whole innocent True Loves kiss, so cute! Go Pip!
My fav lines "i got something better than a fairy godmother", "Well Red likes to tell the story another way(or something like that)", "chipmunks dont talk!"......"well, no. Not here"Hubby said I am legend would have been too scary for me. Yeah zombies arent really my thing.. He said he even jumped a few times! He said it was a great movie, with alot of Christian themes 'divine appointments', ending and so on (surprisingly). It's set in 2009 where the world's population dies from a air borne disease. Of course they die and then well turn into zombies and hunter things who then attack at night. Animals are immune to the air borne virus but not after being bitten. Its just him, the zombies and his daughters dog(who is also quite a hero but with not a happy ending...) It ends with a somber yet happy end. No Spoilers there ;)

My morning sickness is almost all gone!!! yay! When im hungry now, i just feel hungry and not sick! woohoo!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas pics

Christmas trees

So this is the belated shot of the christmas tree. It is actually still there! the star never got on the top and a few lights never got on the tree the batteries on the lights never got changed, so it was a very lazy christmas tree effort on our part. not that we were here on christmas so i guess that makes it ok. But the fact its jan 11 and its still up, well thats us being lazy and enjoying hubbys hoildays. Yes the theme was silver and pink! lol! I picked them up when k-mart put them down from $4 to $1 for a pack of 4.

My parents Christmas tree (with some plaster of paris ornaments i made when i was 10 or so, christmas dinner in canberra)
My grandparents Christmas tree (christmas lunch in canberra)

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Water horse

Would you believe it? We ;) went to the movies today. While hubby and I "umm-ed and ahhh-ed" (thought, discussed) what G and PG rated movies we could actually tolerate... hubby decided to ask Tia what she wanted to see, and she said 'water horse'. (which wasnt a movie we were deciding between)
My opinion of The water horse movie was that it was a little boring for little ones (say under 5's or under 8's, even?) As a adult it was a tad cliche !!!!tiny SPOILER!!!
e.g at the end the mum says everyones nuts, theres no sea monster, just war & death.. and up from behind her surfaces the water horse she turns around zomg etc..

Apart from flashbacks/reminders of free willy(but with more passion and taste). It was a amazing movie, that had me in tears alot, it was soooo touching and emotional as weird as it sounds. But it was a lovely movie, funny, adventurous, a tear-jerker and not entirely just for the kids. It was interesting to see a aussie actor, a guy from mcleods daughters, acting great, effects great.. for me i get instantly pissed off as soon as any scene in any movie where a army just takes over a house as they did in all different wars. The scottish scenery was realistic, not overly amazing or pretty... worthy of seeing at the movies and owning on dvd. ;) see i must really think its good lol!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

scorched dry and nuts

Thanks for all the lovely comments guys!
Lets keep it real........ and quick confession one day last week i had a quarter pounder n chips & a cheeseburger for lunch, a big mac and chips for dinner. shocker! definitely a black day for my waist line! and i more bad takeaway thru the week.
Just have to make sure we eat the food thats already here before scoffing down takeaway.
This pregnancy has made a huge difference on my tummy, now that i cant suck it in and the organs have moved out and yeah now i am noticing just how big i really am.Are all these 40deg days highly weird/unusual for victoria? In nsw we would usually get 40deg days end of jan/feb.
Getting ready for another scorcher for today and tomorrow. Did wonder about going to the beach, but the reality is theres no shade out there, and any shade would be to far away from where Tia would be in the water. i guess our beach is better than in NSW as we have no surf at all! weird.. and at least thats a bit safer for tia. Think we will be staying home, cold showers and standing in wet clothes in front of the super-duper fan to cool down and i will run the bath and let tia play in it all day to keep her cool.
Britney spears has been on my mind alot(perhaps due to constantly being on or ET why do i read and watch such crap?). (shes never been a favourite celeb, singer, dresser of mine) I feel for her that shes lost her kids now. I dont support parents who abuse alcohol and drugs tho. Its a real shame that its gotten this bad.
Id never ever swap places with her. Surely it would take just a little bit of effort to clean up her act?
The countless photohogs that follow her every move is insane, and how many years has that gone on for? But the fact that she keeps going out for drives thru the night, is she trying to be normal? is she trying to have photohogs take pictures of her filling up her car with gas so theres a 'normal' picture in the magazine? Or is she really nuts, enjoying the crazy vibe, crazy driving and crowds of photohogs? Is she just waiting for a princess Di accident? I do wish there was some sort of help she could get without being further exploited and sold out.

Re your comments:
I'm glad you didn't get one of those air cooler things.. I feel guilty that I didn't have the courage to say last post that I hated ours and found them ineffective. It was hubby's idea..and I felt the stupid thing failed us and I just wanted a proper air conditioner~maria
No need to feel guilty. :D my mum got one ages ago i guess i could have asked what she thought of them as i never saw it actually being used! It had been weighing on my mind also.

Glad your experience with the new doctor was better for you. I never look when blood is being taken either.. So is it crazy-pregnant-woman syndrome that made you look? Hehehe... :-P~maria
Im not afraid of needles and i thought he was crazy in that i couldnt see any veins, i suppose i was watching to see if he knew what he was doing. As i dont enjoy the prick of pain and didnt want more!

Different strokes for different folks though.~jadey
Totally agree with your jadey. i'd love to have a doctor who i'd seen all my life! ;) what a blessing

Saturday, January 5, 2008

a big difference complete with kind scales

Went to the new doctors yesterday, was awesome! the same price=nil, but aircon, pretty, quiet a separate toy room for kids! lol! Nothing to fancy but soo much better than previous doctors!
i guess i didnt get it off to a good start, the doctor was quite friendly and had some sort of european accent, but i couldnt put my finger on which.. its another doctor with a unpronounceable name too! lol! altho this time not of greek origin.
what did i do? i tried to um bypass the pee in the cup pregnancy test, seeing as im 12weeks. he said we were 100% but he wanted to be 200%. So yeah i went and pee-ed in the cup, as you do. ho-hum.. lol.
while i was out, doctor quized hubby on previous pregnancy, twins in family(both do, but the higher chance one is on hubbys side) and how the Tia's birth went...etc
he asked me my LMP(last known TOTM). yay! i got weighed and height measured (kind scales may i add then the ones at home by -6kgs!*shock*) got my BP taken! ankles poked to see about fluid retention, listened to my heart beat and breathing.. so yes it was incredible. lol.. a huge difference! I was told that the ultrasound and checking at 11weeks is mainly for over 30's who have a higher chance of birth defects etc and it would be linked to alsorts of testing.. which im not keen on so i said id rather not have it, which he seemed pleased about. (i like doctors who dont give scripts and things that aren't necessary and just use up tax money)

My ultrasound will be at 18weeks. ;) which makes more sense now remembering back.. he didnt lie about when results would be back (2-3days not a week! geez! and i could use the pathology in the next room and not have to go to the hospital pathology.. always do your own research to what your doctor says where you have to go for tests)
i had a few chuckles with the pathology guy while my blood was being taken etc.. told him bout the old doctors mistake and he said he had a few from his old work e.g asking him to test a pap smear from a male and stuff like that.. lol.. he was pretty darn good at getting blood, with the strap and the poking in my arm no veins really popped up that noticeable, i dont know how he did it but (and i dont know how i managed to watch it actually go in) without super big blue veins popping out he just went in diagonally and filled 3vials of blood.. *felt a wee bit dizzy* I dont hate needles (unless they are the used druggy kind..*shudders*) but i dont normally watch the needle go in, the blood go out, since my year 10 immunization nurse told me to look the other way while she chatted.
Looked for a aircon, had the aircon condenser portable thingy in mind however the sales guy convinced hubby it would not cool down a hot room (then why would you buy it? for use in spring? whats the point?) and said that a different kind of portable air con $600-$800 models would cool down the house. *rolls eyes* im sure it would, but not keen on spending that much. We went to the shopping centre, had iced coffee and bought this whopper 45cm chrome floor fan from target. In comparison to our little desk fans this thing blows!! wow! last night it was too cold to be without blanket(and subject to the low setting of the fan) and to hot under the blanket, lol! what a conundrum! lol! oh and yay for more video games!
It was hot yesterday, its hot already today at like 8am.. sunday, monday and tuesday next week look a lovely 10degrees less hot! woohoo!!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

surviving NYE

wow we had a stinker for New years eve, i actually considered trying to go to bed normal time just to escape the heat.. but decided to stay up in the heat and then had crappy sleep the rest of the night. It was meant to reach 42degrees cel in the city, im not sure how close to that it got here, but yeah it was soo HOT! I had countless cold showers, then standing drenched in front of a little fan, lol! It worked a treat and gave alot of relief until i was all dry and hot again..

Still havent uploaded my pictures yet, i've found the camera but not its cable.. lol.

When do you guys take the christmas tree down? i personally drift from couldnt care that its dec 3 and its still up to gosh im over christmas, makes me feel tired to think about christmas again!

Decided to change doctor, its been on my mind. I guess the confirmation i was looking for on whether or not to change doctor i had all this time, and didnt notice. The doctor im talking bout is a nice guy, very quick almost scattered, makes his own thoughts instead of asking questions. I've worked with doctors and i guess i have a level of care i expect, im aware of them all being different but this guy isn't to my standard.. its not a case of my nose being up in the air.. im sure he does great for different type of people who dont like doctors, or wasting time talking to a doctor. :( nevermind that his little building is oddly done, the ceiling in his consulting room doesnt go to the roof, so most of the time you can sit in the waiting room and hear most of other peoples problems and his diagnosis etc.. which is pretty bad, you can also hear the reception lady clear as day, usually doctor surgeries have the tv up loud and the space between the desk and waiting chairs at a good distance as again risks privacy.
so what was the proof i found? at 11 weeks of pregnancy you get a ultrasound done, however on my form he had ticked mamography +/- breast ultrasound. not ultrasound, sure a easy mistake.. but still a mistake.. that and on the form he wrote "irregular dates, + viability dates" pardon? i go in and i said i was 6 weeks 3 days or something pregnant, he never bothered to ask my LMP, never looked it up on a calendar given out by drug companies to doctors.. great way to piss me off is to think im a idiot. sure i know the ultrasound is to confirm the age by the thigh bone, not that i give it much weight anyways. Tia was a longer than average babe, she still is.. she was born on the due date given from my dates (1week late via thigh bone date) she did have a little dry skin that comes with overcooked (late) bubs but she also has a skin condition that ive probably overlooked for ages. *sigh*

nevermind, ive got a appointment with a different doctor tomorrow, its also right next to a pathology and right next to a ultrasound place. :D and if i dont like the new doctor, theres a doctors across the road i can try.. lol. but i really hope i dont have to go to a new doctor after this.

yesterday we went out aircon shopping, didnt find any um, water condesner air cons at k-mart or target, found a few at a origin shop, not far from our ddr. We did ddr, and i guess i over did it with all the walking and then the 9 songs of ddr. I had some small pains when i got home, just a little.. enough to have me be bored in bed with some quiet.. and hubby cook dinner which was soo awesome. =D its all good now, i really had expected more problems with the previous days of heat than with the drr.

i also overdid it by this piece of cake from gloria jeans, oh boy! it was a choc, honeycomb, caramel cheesecake. the chocolate biscuit base was a bit to rich for me, on the sides it had a bit of choc ganache, on the top was pieces of choc honeycomb and pieces of toffee. the layers went (lol): sweet cooked? choc cheesecake, sweet honey/caramel cheesecake, tiny choc cake layer, honey caramel chessecake, choc cake layer, caramel fudge sauce, biscuit base. It was so tall! And no i couldnt finish it. lol!