Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia day

At least for the last 10 minutes left of today that is!
I hope everyone had a good aussie day! Didnt do much but shop a bit, got some birthday presents for tia (to put away til may) Cooked a steak sandwich for dinner. yum. It was a warm one today with rain and storm around 4pm, then it heated up again til 6pm when it cooled for the night.
Had a nice relaxing bath, followed by a nap in the afternoon. My feet are still itching like freaking crazy!
On the walk to the shops this morning we walked down 2 streets that someone had put a card and a little flag in each mailbox! I might be able to get a picture tomorrow.
Watched the Heath ledger tribute, 'Knights tale' and 'the patriot' (which is still on)
ah well i got distracted trying to find a good youtube vid of the knights tale, but didnt find any good ones. ;) And now its sunday!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to u and hubby on your upcomming bubdle of joy!!!

Maria said...

That's interesting.. a card and a flag in each letterbox! I wonder what that was about? Any pics?

Steak sandwich.. Mmmmmm!! I'd be curious to know how you do yours? I don't think I've made many steak sanga's in my life.. or eaten them either to be honest. I do hamburgers more often! I guess with buying steak for a sandwich I'm always afraid the meat will be inferior quality.. chewy..and result in a bunch of what we call "spit balls" on the side of the plate.. you know..chewed-up beef that never gets swallowed?

Maria said...

P.S. Re: "I wonder what that was about".. I meant what was the motivation to do it? Was it a company doing it promoting something or did someone get very patriotic and pay for flags and cards and do a letterbox drop? Hmmm.