Saturday, January 5, 2008

a big difference complete with kind scales

Went to the new doctors yesterday, was awesome! the same price=nil, but aircon, pretty, quiet a separate toy room for kids! lol! Nothing to fancy but soo much better than previous doctors!
i guess i didnt get it off to a good start, the doctor was quite friendly and had some sort of european accent, but i couldnt put my finger on which.. its another doctor with a unpronounceable name too! lol! altho this time not of greek origin.
what did i do? i tried to um bypass the pee in the cup pregnancy test, seeing as im 12weeks. he said we were 100% but he wanted to be 200%. So yeah i went and pee-ed in the cup, as you do. ho-hum.. lol.
while i was out, doctor quized hubby on previous pregnancy, twins in family(both do, but the higher chance one is on hubbys side) and how the Tia's birth went...etc
he asked me my LMP(last known TOTM). yay! i got weighed and height measured (kind scales may i add then the ones at home by -6kgs!*shock*) got my BP taken! ankles poked to see about fluid retention, listened to my heart beat and breathing.. so yes it was incredible. lol.. a huge difference! I was told that the ultrasound and checking at 11weeks is mainly for over 30's who have a higher chance of birth defects etc and it would be linked to alsorts of testing.. which im not keen on so i said id rather not have it, which he seemed pleased about. (i like doctors who dont give scripts and things that aren't necessary and just use up tax money)

My ultrasound will be at 18weeks. ;) which makes more sense now remembering back.. he didnt lie about when results would be back (2-3days not a week! geez! and i could use the pathology in the next room and not have to go to the hospital pathology.. always do your own research to what your doctor says where you have to go for tests)
i had a few chuckles with the pathology guy while my blood was being taken etc.. told him bout the old doctors mistake and he said he had a few from his old work e.g asking him to test a pap smear from a male and stuff like that.. lol.. he was pretty darn good at getting blood, with the strap and the poking in my arm no veins really popped up that noticeable, i dont know how he did it but (and i dont know how i managed to watch it actually go in) without super big blue veins popping out he just went in diagonally and filled 3vials of blood.. *felt a wee bit dizzy* I dont hate needles (unless they are the used druggy kind..*shudders*) but i dont normally watch the needle go in, the blood go out, since my year 10 immunization nurse told me to look the other way while she chatted.
Looked for a aircon, had the aircon condenser portable thingy in mind however the sales guy convinced hubby it would not cool down a hot room (then why would you buy it? for use in spring? whats the point?) and said that a different kind of portable air con $600-$800 models would cool down the house. *rolls eyes* im sure it would, but not keen on spending that much. We went to the shopping centre, had iced coffee and bought this whopper 45cm chrome floor fan from target. In comparison to our little desk fans this thing blows!! wow! last night it was too cold to be without blanket(and subject to the low setting of the fan) and to hot under the blanket, lol! what a conundrum! lol! oh and yay for more video games!
It was hot yesterday, its hot already today at like 8am.. sunday, monday and tuesday next week look a lovely 10degrees less hot! woohoo!!!!!


Monnie said...

Im glad you finally found a doctor that wasnt going to check your prostate :P

Jadey 0:-) said...

I'm glad you found a new dr. Your old Dr is my Dr has been for most of my life and I wouldn't trust another soul with my health. Different strokes for different folks though.

Maria said...

I've been using a fan at night as our aircon is up the front of our unit and ineffective for the bedrooms.. Plus I don't want to be running an aircon during the night. Glad you found a more powerful fan!

You need 'inbetween' bed coverings.. I completely hear you re: too hot with the covers on and too cold without them. I seem to have 3 or 4 levels of covers to suit our crazy weather. Right now I have a comforter-style bed covering on me. It's got to be 18, 19 years old.. wow.. I can't believe it. I bought it with my 1st work paypacket.. it was over $100.. They are much cheaper these days.

Glad your experience with the new doctor was better for you. I never look when blood is being taken either.. So is it crazy-pregnant-woman syndrome that made you look? Hehehe... :-P

Be well! Eat well! Sleep well! Enjoy your games :-D xoxoo

p.s. I'm glad you didn't get one of those air cooler things.. I feel guilty that I didn't have the courage to say last post that I hated ours and found them ineffective. It was hubby's idea..and I felt the stupid thing failed us and I just wanted a proper air conditioner. I wanted to share that with you but also didn't want to make a negative comment.. I was torn. That probably made me a sucky friend?! Thank goodness God put the salesman in your path to trash the air cooler instead of me! Anyway.. take care .. we have more high 30's days coming Thurs/Fri by the looks of things on the telly? Enjoy that fan!

Shar said...

Awwe, your post brings back lovely memories of being pregnant with not so lovely memories apparenly forgotten. It's really important to have a Dr you feel confident with, so good on you for ''shopping around"

Maria said...

Tiffany! Sending xoxoox your way. I still have an email in drafts for you (sigh)! AND the magazines I'm still to post you!! How's it going? Bracing yourself for the heat of Thurs & Fri? BLEH!! How is Tia? I hope you are feeling good? DH too?

Doing DDR? Does Tia want to do it too? Lot's of little Q's huh?

xoxoxo More kisses and hugs.

Gail said...

ah the pee in the bottle days, I'm so glad I'm past Stay cool my friend. Cheers Gail