Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventures of Lil Alyssa

Hello! My name is Alyssa ;) This is my adventure.... (pic below is me in my new playpen.. read on ;) )

Im a bit young to put 2 and 2 together.. or even know about numbers... but i kinda figure that this new "playpen" bought from a toyshop! who knew my fav shop (other than a milk bar) sold such a contraption! (note to: Tommy from rugrats mine has no door.. screwdriver hidden in nappy is useless what do you suggest?) At least this keeps my toys within a 1m radius... which i suppose is a plus.. anyways im a bit young to know how to keep on track.. but i noticed ive rambled and to finish my point i guess this is why i got a "playpen"....

My big sister was given hot cross buns for breakfast... i found them really nice!! I think plate sizes should come in baby sizes (as in floor sized!)

Next on my big sisters my menu was strawberries! You thought strawberries would be too hard? think again! I have the bite of a shark (whatever they are.. some sort of furry cat thing?) my mum says that alot when i catch her unawares *sneaky grin* Im on the "baby led solids" diet so i'm really into feeding myself, trying new things (i hate eating purree stuff now too.. like how uncool is untextured drippy stuff in a jar! Am i spoilt or what!! *angel smile*)

Here is proof that i did take a break from the crawling/rocking pose & comando crawling (using my toes, legs straight) duties... i can stay still for awhile.. Anyways i really had a thing for wanting to chew electrical cords (like the furry cats).. and there is alot of them where my mum & dad like to be.. not to mention i liked to play with the volume control of the surround sound especially early in the morning.. i also managed a trek into the kitchen all by myself where i discovered a powerpoint.. (but my mum was watching me) and i also managed to get around the side of the couch, my head or bottom stuck under the couch (thanks mum & dad again)

Also its a shot of my new 24/7 milk source... its like mum in a way... only it doesn't scream when i bite it *which i think is funny* I can't pinch it like mum.. but i can hold it the way i want to without being wrestled by my mum which is a plus! I know i need to roll onto my back before i can have it. i know that if i loose my bottle, i can roll over grab it, roll back and stick it in my mouth! You can imagine how long that took to ace! (actually not very long..)

Thanks for reading! :) If you like my story be sure to give me credit and milk.. lots of milk hehehehehehheheehehehehehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehe!!!!! j/k

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!

Hope youre having a good one!!!

Observations on how to celebrate being australian on Australia Day in our house:

-There was talk over wearing a aussie flag as a super hero cape & getting drunk (to a american xbox360 friend... Yes having a xbox360 is a VERY CHEAP OPTION FOR LONG DISTANCE CALLS/CHATS!!! ($299 console + $60 headset. lasts until 1) kitten chews thru headset cord 2)you have no broadband 3)xbox360 dies) so far the boys have had a few drinks... (but it is still only 5.30pm-ish here as a type!!)
it would be polish imported vodka they are drinking too.. lol.. shame its not the aussie made & exported sake made by Sun Masamune *link*( they usually drink. Go shu nama, Go shu blue & go shu... with the expensive Go shu 40 only at special occassions!)

-Someone had vegemite?!?! I found it left out.. not sure if someone just wanted to smell the australian spirit? lol!!! As people had for breakfast: cheesy baked beans n toast (boys), fruitloops (tia) and lite PB on toast for me. :)- Someone (no guess as to who eh!) had gone shopping and bought food! Coming back with the very australian.. wagon wheels, steak, white bread, frozen chips, some brand of salt n pepper squid and a box of beer battered flake... oh and the very cute finger buns in safeway today (4 for the same price of 1 at brumbys!!!!)So Lunch was steak sandwiches with white bread (tom sauce for me, HP sauce for the boys :/ yuk!) With the yummy rice bran butter or is it marg?! gah.. anyways its on special this week @ safeway 2 for $6 (save $2) and the oil is on special too $2.78?

I finally got a calendar for this year!!! Its actually a 17month calendar but those extra 5 months have long gone! (last year) Ive been eyeing it off at officeworks... i saw alike ones in k-mart etc but after christmas and the sales all that are left are boring calendars.. altho i did see a slow cooker recipe a day calendar you know the little ones the size of a post-it on sale at myer but still $20-odd! :/ and of course the day i had $0! ah well... ;) one that got away! hehe
anyways my calendar was $14.. it has 5 spaces at each day, stickers and a pocket for ("reciepts, coupons etc... lol) ive noticed it has international holidays marked on it e.g martin luther king & a coming of age day in Japan..

anyways have a good one!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hope & Joy a historic day

Well you'd have to be away on a no contact retreat or a underground bunker to NOT hear bout what happened today..

Obama has coated our tv hours much like the solid chocolate (milk, dark or white) on a magnum ice cream.. no doubt we started to suffer after the 6th hour of obama-news... (morning show, 4.30ppm news, 5pm? news, 6pm news, 6.30pm Current affairs, 7pm news.. every news update inbetween... the replays of the walk down penslyvania ave to car, the Beyonce .."Aaaattt lahssssssssssstt..... my love" obama's waltzing, the lemongrass yellow to the ball gown all beautiful... gah x.x

much like that magnum... the chocolate is irrestible, amazing.... and towards the end youre feeling a little bloated and not so keen anymore. (no offence)

I do have (magnum craving aside) a big expectation now.. There is Hope again! (not that ive had hope b4 or anything. Im just older now.. my priorites are higher than the price of a icy fruit cup from the school canteen lol)

Obama has the task of cleaning the chopping board of bush's mistakes (iraq, terror suspects & their rights, economy, regulation of banks n lenders, education, health care).. there will be that stain left ingrained in the chopping board.. but with some good coarse salt im sure Obama will get it clean! ;) Well we are all hoping anyways.. Seems his first act already done (and we all thought he was busy waltzing and groovin with beyonce eh?!) A halt to the military trials of those terror suspects for 120 days.. hmmm interesting. But he sees more than just fixing Bush's errors and ways.. i thought he hinted at starving countries, dictators (mugabe yeah?) Well with a clean chopping board why not put it to use and create some masterpiece eh?

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Off the boob..

Just thought you might be interested in a update..

Im happy and sad... Its just like last time too (with Tia now 5yrs old)!

Ive breastfed Alyssa for 6months and 2 days. What was different this time around is Im Pregnant and my nipples r sooo sensitive.. also Alyssa has had a 4-5pm bottle every day since she was 5months? Tia however went from all breast milk to all bottle. I stopped with Tia as i was Over the leaking thru the night, leaking thru the day, leaking during feeding.. messy side of breastfeeding...
This time my supply seemed to even out or even drop some days i suspect due to falling pregnant. So i had a earlier relief of that wet feeling!

On saturday morning I got the WORST bite from her i screamed! It was sore all day (preggy sensitivity not helping) I put off feeding her breastmilk till the afternoon.. i felt her go for a bite and took her off.. I put it off again till the 5.30am sunday feed and felt her go for a bite and took her off & put her to bed. (she did feed one side and apparently that was enough for a hour) Each time the fear would build up more and more.. ive gotten thru fear of baby on my nipples alot with Alyssa a few times now.. but enough was enough. (Alyssa hates the nipple shields now lol)

So im happy that i no longer have to hide away in a parents room to feed her.. happy that she could even go to occasional care.. you know just that relief knowing if im not around (like out shopping) she can be fed by anyone (minus tia)

Its also pretty cool as Alyssa is awesome at holding her bottle. Her hands would pinch, scratch and be sooo busy when i breastfed her.. for a long time i would have to wrestle her little hand/arm as she liked to push my boob like she was holding a bottle.. not nice!

She is on some pretty expensive :/ formula at the moment..its nice this time around that she isnt on the cheapest formula like tia was (from memory it was a nestle tin)
Alyssa is on "s26 gold alpha pro. 0-6months" How on earth do they come up with a name that?! Whats so Gold about it? (besides the amount of $gold u spend on it!)
Anyways the biggest downside is we all HATE the smell of it! IT SMELLS LIKE VOMIT!!!

Alyssa may have vomited maybe 5 times when she was on breastmilk. she was awesome (unlike her sis who didnt have reflux but just the normal lil spew with burp) However now on formula she does puke after a feed.. probably due to the fact that once she has finished her bottle she is up on her tummy (and sometimes hands and knees) getting around on the floor. :) So that probably is the cause of it..

That's right, Alyssa will be crawling in a few days. At the moment she is awesome at "comando crawling" (on tummy using toes to go forward) shes had turning around while on tummy down pat for awhile now too... lately its been alot of up on hands and knees rocking while sometimes a hand might move or the knees might move just a little shes taken a few one-off crawl steps.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More of Christmas 08

chair decoration
Christmas dinner meat on the table
hubby with his big helicopter.. flown it once and shredded a butterfly :/
Asha not sure on the new "carpet"
Alyssa chewing on a little box.. girls with santa hats on.. Tia got one with "bah-hum bug!" written on it.. not knowing how 2 read or what it meant she didnt care..

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Christmas 08 phots just a tad late..

Happy bubby in her new dress! With Granma Rose
Tia in her new dress with a bubble blower from Grandma Kay
Alyssa eating christmas wrapping.. (i knew i 4got 2 serve something at christmas dinner lol!)
Uncle Mat & Grandad Leo with their helicopters
Alyssa approving of a picture? lol..

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New tickers for 2009. less confusing? :)

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