Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back into the zone

First off, i'm talking bout diet, exercise... no that kind of zone is still beyond-ish me.

Back into the zone.. and totally hooked!!!!! (how much longer can i last?)

I'm playing my new game, which james surprised me with. He knows what i like. Its really special when he brings me home a video game without finding one for himself. hahahaha

The new game is harvest Moon for my DS.

Harvest moon is a game that ive played over the past 8years? Every so often a new version would come out or you'd get the one thats new to the console. So i played one on the old playstation 1, the playstation 2 and now the ds version. Fine its only 3. But its a H-U-G-E game, never really finished it. But then for me, i did finish it in that my character got married, had a kid got all the upgrades.. so yeah

Harvest Moon on the DS is great. However the stylus is very under used. The biggest pain is in your rucksack you have all your items, tools, ores, accessories. Whatever you havent put away in your tool box etc. And when you harvest a whole crop, of say onions. theres 8 onions, they all go on top of each other. which is great it means 8 onions is only taking up 1 spot, not 8. But the pain comes when you want to give one away as a present. not 8, just 1. i havent quite worked it out other than it requires tapping the stylus like a nutter on the screen. x.x ugh

In Harvest Moon, your a young single adult male. Your on a quest to make your family proud. Build a profitable farm, seasonal crops, ducks, chickens, cows, sheep,a horse, a cat, a dog. With that you have seasons to deal with, ground to turn over, seedlings and plants to water each day (no water restrictions! hahaha) snow storms that keep you inside (usually back to bed) to survey any damage the next day. The products of your animals, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, mayo, wool(sheared), yarn. Cows and sheep to make pregnant (potion-a-la-pregnancy) chickens and their eggs go in the hatchery for more chickens.
then theres the tv channels, in this one they need to be unlocked thru hard work. argh! The channels are usually; tutorial, weather, shopping. However in this version there are alot more channels!
In this version (im getting exhausted just explaining) you build all the sheds minus the horse house. Theres a silo, poultry shed, livestock shed, pond, mushroom shed, basement. These usually take alot, alot of gold. And then theres the collecting or buying (ow) the hay/wood/stone whatever your building it out of. Which requires either growing grass for the hay. Chopping sticks or stumps for wood, stone houses require using the hammer to break stones. (is this the right time to mention you are partially human in this game. You have a fatigue and stamina which when you exhaust.. well just that you pass out... and some nice person drags you home.
Various House upgrades like kitchen, bathroom and a big bed (required before you get married)

Oh yeah, and when you have that time... try and fit in a life. Women! Gah!!! Each girl is different, different families, different locations, different likes/dislikes when it comes to gifts. Theres a guy in the town already chasing them your 'rivals'. You can do stuff to make them dislike you, there are different heart levels depending on how fond they are of you (showing off all your hard work) Theres town bloody festivals, different dates thru the year. You dont have to go to them, but all the shops are closed, the people are all at the event.. nothing gets sold, nothing gets built, upgraded.. however the farm goes on, it must be kept after! If you want to go, you'd better have the animals fed, brushed, milked, sheared. The crops watered, harvested.. *gah*

In the winter, it snows. Nothing grows, the trees go dormant... the animals still need their care. But this gives a much needed break to get out to the girls, festivals and the mine. Mine? Oh yes the mines.. i now have 3 mines in total to conquer (get to the bottom of) without passing out.. taking alot of save/loads, alot of energy drinks, alot of food. And theres alot to collect, depending on the mine. Either ores to upgrade your tools once youve used them enough. Jewelery to give to the girls, creams etc strangely enough for the girls, gems to sell or give away like ruby, topaz and all important diamonds. your using your hoe and the hammer in here! Theres also animals that don't like you that you need to wipe out. in the mine theres holes (where u can fall 1-3-10 or 100 levels) falling 1 or 3 levels is fine.. i dont know about 10.. not sure if ive done it yet. Or you can find the stairs using the hoe. Mine 1 has 10 levels.. the others have INSANE amount of levels.

Ive got targets to meet to unlock harvest sprites (oompa-loompas/gnomes) who i can hire to help me out on the farm. yee-ha for hired help!

*yawn* yup now im feeling sleepy....
(are you tired yet?)

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maria said...

I noticed the review of the DS game..which led me to this post. How did I miss this post? Sorry about that.

I called Jenna over so we could read all about it. We are very interested in DS game reviews. Usually you don't have much info when you're in a shop re: what the games will be like.

This one sounds intense.. and you're not likely to get bored? Had a laugh about having to chase girls and give them gifts.. and animals that hate you? Lol!