Thursday, February 21, 2008

a smell in the kitchen

and before you start wondering. No its not a good smell.

I go thru the crisper in the fridge and check the fruit n vegs on the bench. my crisper is small so not everything can fit.

And im shocked. Going thru the kitchen yesterday. Checking all the fruit n veg and heres what i found.
The pumpkin ive been to lazy to bother roasting, was going to make muffins, scones or something with it instead but never got around to finding a recipe or how to do that. Its gone off a bit around the bottom. Bye bye pumpkin!

i admit to buying discounted banana's intending to make banana bread. However 2 bananas are fully black, squishy, wet and smelly. Ive saved all the good ones, peeled them, bagged them and put them in the freezer. Its something i might try to get to today. I noticed that it has gotten rather juicy (had them up on top of the fridge/freezer) which meant i was able to ignore them for a bit too long. Some dark brown dried lines indicate its run down the side.

I keep looking. The smell is still there.

inside the fridge, the watermelon i bought 2 weeks ago. It looks mostly fine, no smell. However one side looks like its frozen. I've found out previously that watermelon frozen doesnt taste great, and even in cling/film wrap watermelon either goes completely watery tasting or absorbs fridge smells and tastes like as if you ate the fridge. Not great.

now i'm checking the cupboard. And it doesnt smell great in there.

oh my. I check my discounted brown onions. None are off, soft or otherwise. Despite being old-ish.

I hesitantly check the potatoes. After all theyre 2 weeks old. I bought them full price.. they couldnt possibly be... oh. man that smells bad. Thats the smell. 2 potatoes have gone brown-ish, slightly mushy looking. stinky. I grab the ones that dont have stinky brown juice spots on them. And throw the rest, im not risking that rinsing the still good potatoes with stinky juice will take away the stink. the discounted potatoes i got just recently are fine.

Clean all those juicy-ish spots up with a dash of bleach. And Now my kitchen doesnt have that odd smell. Horray!

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maria said...

What an interesting story.. I think it should be published in a newspaper or something.. seriously! It has all the qualities of a great short story!

I totally hear you.. As soon as I read the word "potatoes".. I thought "it had to be the potatoes"! Reason being is that it's happened to me too.. a potato that I've forgotten about at the bottom of my potato basket. Liquified potatoes.. You go to pick them up and your fingers go half way into them. They can stink a whole house out!

I'm so guilty of buying ingredients with the best intentions and then I end up throwing it out when it's off and has created clean-up work for me in my fridge. Ekk!!

Glad you got rid of the smell! :-)