Thursday, February 7, 2008

Those moments

Tia and i are at the laundrymat (3 doors up from the 'lolly shop')
"Im hungry mum!" she says.
'of course you are' i reply sarcastically.

"Lolly shop mum?".
"Do you have your money?"
"Uh, no. Wheres my bag?!!! I can't find it"
"it must be at home then. Oh well. Can't get lollies without money. You should have bought your bag which has your money in it"
"mummy, how bout the money in your bag?"
"No, your money isnt in my bag"

ROFL!!! I told Hubby that last night, and he thought it was great at the money in your bag bit.. and then loved my 'mummy' line that her money wasnt in my bag.


maria said...

Cluey gal! She knows there's money in her Mummy's bag! But that was a very good comeback.. I don't know if I would have been that quick-thinking! You'll see as the years go on.. more and more priceless things will come from your princesses mouth! My family and I have had many laughs courtesy of "Jenna-isms".

Speaking of laundrymats.. I'm going to be making them my friend in the interim as my washing machine won't spin out the first lot of water anymore.. I had to finish a load in Pauls machine yesterday (he did it for me)..but he's moving several suburbs away. I am out of touch with how much it costs to use laundrymats these days. I used them nearly 5 years ago.

maria said...

So most on your blog feel you'll have a boy heh?

You will probably prove the stats wrong and have a girl then ;-)

Just go back from the LAUNDRYMAT! It's $3 a machine.. and $1 for 7mins with the dryer (though took home our wet washing).

The clothes have lots of tiny, microscopic pilling over them.. and Jenna's Hilary Duff concert TShirt looks a bit destroyed.. .Oh well..


At least I had the $9 to do the 3 loads.