Tuesday, February 5, 2008


You know you have a list of things to do in your head or maybe written down. And theres always something that you keep putting off, altho you know it needs to be done and you just end up struggling to do and not do it or remembering and then happily forgetting that it needs to be done. It might be weeding the garden, asking to borrow something, the dishes, dusting, clearing out the gutters or checking that email address thats so old its on every spam list and thats all that it gets..
My thing however, isnt any of those. Mine is talking on the phone, to strangers.. but my family and friends would probably add i dont often call them either.

yesterday i called up to book Tia back into childcare for fridays (i'd walk to the office, but then Tia would insist on going to 'little school' even tho its shut and locked up and there would be tears) I am dreading picking her up on friday.. as she wont want to leave! (and yet i on the walk up to the gate, the clinging ones are all waiting around to be taken home asap, awwww.. tia is the one who doesnt want to help pack up the sand pit, no she wants to keep playing and she runs when she sees me! hahaha!!!)

and i also called up the doctor im seeing to make an appointment for this week, which turned out to be for the next day (today) while calling the doctors is pretty darn easy, i've only just today found out how to say my doctors last name properly since ive heard it a few times over the past 2 days!

and i also called in advance to book my 18 week baby ultrasound. Today i had to book it elsewhere as the doctor said he was more confident in these machines and not the place i had booked, fair enough! he should know, as i havent used or been to any of the places i will just trust his judgement. So that means a call to the new ultrasound place and a call to the old ultrasound place to cancel my previous appointment. ugh!!!

Altho its a silly kind of thing to hate doing, it felt good knowing i no longer had to dread doing it.. it was done. All done.

Fast forward to today

Im excited about the 18 week ultrasound. While i think ive felt the baby move, im a tad umm reluctant to say yes it definately was the baby.. ive had kicking feelings ever since i felt them with tia.. its weird.. perhaps thats just digestion? and so thats what i put them mostly down too.. Its still quite little at this stage 15cms long, the size of a pen! Theres still plently of time to get kicked alot.. however it feels quite often that my bladder is turned into a trampoline or punch bag! lol! Oh i got carried away.. So thats the answer the doctor got from me today, my blood pressure is perfect-o and i got poked in a uterus finding way.. i know i still had extra skin from previous pregnancy and the tummy fat but the uterus poking i have never missed.. do they have to do it so hard? However i had no idea it was up that high.. erm coz of the tummy fat i guess. x.x

The date i made for the 18week ultrasound is thursday the 14th of feb... Nothing like doubling down on a reason for hubby to take the morning off work! hahaha! Valentines day!

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maria said...

For some reason (from my 'puter), part of your blog post, the lefthand side is cut-off. The first two to three letters of every word on the lefthand side don't appear. I read the previous post yesterday.. so I was able to comment today with just a 'skim over'.. But I've missed a few words with this post.. however I think I've got the general gist?

Great that your BP is spot-on!

I have to make an effort also to "make calls". Paul and I have sometimes argued about it. He'll say "have you called such and such?".. and a week passes.. and he keeps asking and I get my back up and wanna say "lay off, I will ok?!" He has struggled to understand why I don't just pick up the phone. Yes.. sometimes I take the bull by the horns.. and then feel a weight-off afterwards..But other times it's complete avoidance. Are you the same?

Do you feel confident at other sometimes to make those calls (like I do.. it varies).. or do you just procrastinate..and delay.. without discrimination, across the board? ie. Consistent avoidance?

It's great that Tia likes daycare.. it shows she is quite social. Jenna used to be much more social. Certain life events impacted her and because she was older.. she's not so bold anymore. She's particularly not good at 'new' things. She frets! But Age 7 and under.. she was a little trooper.

All the best for Tia's return to the centre & the Valentine's Day Ultrasound!! Will you be getting a DVD or tape of it? That wasn't available to me as a public patient when I had Jenna. Though I've heard it's common to have now. :-)