Monday, February 4, 2008


Bollywood movie on sbs last night was Devdas.

It had a sad ending (i promise no singing in this one)

Had the absolute gorgeous Aishwarya Rai as Paro, Shahrukh Khan as Devdas.
It was a sad movie, tears in some places but most of all you just wanted to stand up and slap alot of people around so the wake up and stop being evil and so bitchy! ARGH!
The story goes paro and devdas were best friends as kids, neighbours also. Devdas family are landowners (higher class to paro's family) his father a lawyer or a judge, a harsh man who doesnt understand devdas and his wants to be with paro as a kid and in doing so punishes him and sends him away to study for 10years in london. Paro lights a lamp in belief that someday he will come back, it then turns into a 'life' flame for devdas.
But devdas is coming home, its been 10years. Devdas mother is going crazy putting together this grande home coming (the india way) dressing nicely and lighting the welcome lamp. She asks everyone else to close their eyes (her servants and her daughter-in-law) as she wants to see his face first! well Devdas goes to see paro first, but she refuses to show him her face. Word spreads that devdas has gone to see paro first and mama chucks a tantrum.. devdas arrives and his mum wont look at him, he tricks her that he has left but instead he was hiding behind her and that makes up for devdas.. however paro and her mother are now in the bad books! ugh!!!!!!!
It comes clear to everyone that Devdas and paro are in love. In comes the necessary roles of bitchy sis in law and devdas mother not helped by the father who would never accept devdas to marry one of lower class.
paro's mother gets a invite to visit next door, she believes they will ask for the marriage of paro and devdas. But no it was a cruel trick, devdas mother explains she only wanted her to come over as a dancer as she was before marriage and entertain her guests.. and that they will never let devdas marry paro. Paro's mother swears she will find a groom in 7 days for paro, who will pay a bride price and paro will marry into a much richer family than them. paro learns of this and risks her reputation by visiting Devdas in the middle of the night in his room to ask him to marry her, but he says he cannot as his father will not allow it.. DUMB DEVDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paro marries into a very wealthy family, she finds out then that she now has 3 children, one who is about her age and married to a S.O.B!!!! S.O.B vows to get back at paro. paro also finds out that the marriage is only to satasify her MIL, to look after the kids and the estate. Her husband is in love still with his late wife and mother to his kids. Its loveless and she now has a facade marriage which she despises.

Devdas is heart broken, lost.. he leaves home without paro (they could have eloped but he didnt think or see paro) that night that he refuses to marry paro on the grounds of his families wishes.
He lives with his friend and turns to alcohol, he ends up in the care of the most beautiful dancer, singer prostitute of the brothel his friend took him too. She falls in love with him, he doesnt allow her to touch him. each time he passes out or becomes ill she looks after him, she gives up and becomes a recluse, with wealth but stuck with her past profession and class. paro makes a effort to seek her out after hearing where devdas has been staying, devdas father passes away.

Paro gives her blessings to the prostitute. she invites her over to a ceremony in her house, the SOB son in law, knows who she is and you expect she will be beaten and run! But no he gets a slap in the face and she goes to tell that perhaps he has a sister who is a prostitute due to the fact that they have people of higher classes children but they are always cast aside.. That he should be ashamed of using their services.. etc.. SOB son in law also knows about devdas and has told paro's husband and his mother. They forbid her to leave the house ever again as punishment, even tho paro points out that her husband still loves his late first love and she also loves her first love.

In the end he says he loves her too. Now devdas has accute liver failure? and a drop of wine would be lethal! He gives up drink to see india by train, but is so very very ill. He meets his drinking friend on the train and the friend insists he has a glass of alcohol for the sake of their friendship, he drinks. His friend then finds out.. oh dear..
Devdas makes his way to keep his promise that before he dies he will knock on paro's door. He is breathing his last, on the ground outside the walls.. Paro finds out and runs.. only to have her daughter and son to try and stop her from going against her punishment, her husband orders the gate to close and Devdas dies as the gates shut with Paro behind them.

this has bits from the movie to the music 'bring me to life' by evanescence.

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maria said...

How wealthy was the family Paro married into!!?! Such a vulgar display of wealth - It was like the Taj Mahal.. complete with outside water features. Several quarries died to make that house and its grounds.

WoW, talk about drama in a story hey? What a tragedy! I found your detailed run-down of the movie funny in parts.. (re: the storyline MIL cracking it big time when she didn't lay eyes on her son first)!

I noticed that the actor who played Devdas was in the last Bollywood movie you posted about. I think I'll try and make a point of watching the next Bollywood feature. It's weekends isn't it?