Monday, February 11, 2008

A great weekend!

started on saturday, i was itching to leave.. early.. but no we left on time.
Got into the city, got off at central. remembered what street the hotel was on, william st! and that is errr where? all i could remember was flagstaff station (inconveniently closed on weekends) flagstaff gardens was opposite and it was north of chinatown. Hubby was happy and kept saying that if he saw the map where it was we would have no problems getting there. lol.. so it took some walking, some consulting of those handy map poles and a long walk.. but we got there
Darn the batteries are flat in the camera! Discovered this on the walk.. Went up to the top 10th floor.. ah luxury!!! What a room! and a real bed! 2 tvs.. hot chocolate, decaff, coffee all waiting to be used or taken home.. hahahaha
But wait... theres wine in a ice bucket and a ox of chocolates.. that wasnt planned.. lucky theres a card.. and gosh its a card from hubbys boss and his wife congratulating us on a year in melbourne!
I dont think we are still over that, how superbly generous and kind.. wow.. i guess the chocolates are for me? i claim them anyways ;) lol
After hubby has a few drinks we go and get some batteries, walk around the place. Checked out minotaur and the sanrio shop! Were im flustered is it being surrounded by hello kitty everything or the prices? $40 for a hello kitty shopping bag?!! i settle for a $8.50 lanyard for my keys and $8.50 on 2 hello kitty hair clips and 2 hello kitty hair ties.. OW! But wait ive already got $7 store credit on my HK membership card!!! whoot! perhaps every $10 spent i get $1 store credit.. awesome..
back to the hotel room with batteries, hello kitty stuff! and sore feet..
Thinking of dinner, not wanting to go far by now.. hmm lets have room service.. lol. never done that before! My lasagna n chips i felt ripped off, where was the belchamel(sp?) sauce? it was just layers of sheets n meat with shavings of parmasan(sp? stinky cheese) cheese. the chips, were amazing! No joke.. Hubbys fish n chips was whiting fillets bout 5 of them pretty small with chips, lemon, tomatoe sauce and some other mayonaise-ish mustardy sauce.
That night we watched foxtel for some reason.. and then went upstairs and checked out the small gym and the spa/pool.. and had a great time. Came back to the room and put tia to bed..
i got in our spa bath, but turned it off as it was noisy and im over the whole spa thing by now.
Into bed and asleep..

next morning we went to the queen victoria markets, which we havent done before. It was massive, always repeating and tiring. *yawn* we went pretty early and by the time we were leaving it was starting to get busy! i found a stall selling churros and got one for all of us... we then tried in vain not to get our clothes covered in icing sugar. doh! Found a stall that was selling fudge! OHMYGOSH! real fudge! And how many flavours?! crikey!!! I got one $3.50 caramel.. Watched the suga factory people make some lollies and found a present for the boss. Rock candy with the words 'thank you' inside.. it was great fun, some of the t-shirts were funny, but you can get those.. also got a awesome heat pack that once i saw was different to the ones u just microwave i had to have it! ;) And hubby has taken it to work today, to show people..

Then it was off to breakfast, magnation on elizabeth st, a games shop, chinatown and the crowds. I was disapointed, perhaps by the time we got there it was 12, last year i thought the lion dances were around 12-1pm, this year they seemed to be earlier. Still there was dragons, massive dragon and lots of lions dancing around and a crowd that followed them everywhere. Dont forget the loudness of the fire crackers ouch! The markets up the top were a joke. this year it seems they were mainly just from banks and boring companies.. the joke was that it being on the road. there was a massive amount of dangerous crowds pushed next to the markets so one lane of the road could be kept open for those to use the car park!!! i kid you not.. the space you get to walk/squeeze thru is about 2m wide. im so glad people didnt get trampled to death! we got out of that quickly, what i thought was quickly but we had not gotten far at all.. i was really pissed at how rude people were considering we had tia. So hubby stayed with our stuff and tia and i went off to get some footage of lions and dragons.. and fire crackers..
it was great, loud and im about to really get nasty at the next person who decides to interfere in my personal space.. as it turns out i didnt have too. Im watching kids making paper lotus flowers with a incense stick i was given when this lady does so and ends up wearing the end of my incense stick ash, stupid woman! It put it out alright, i thinking that might have burnt.. she notices on her red (meant to be lucky) t-shirt that it has ash on it now.. including the black ash.. i cant stop thinking of how dumb she was.. and glad that God gets his own back without us having to do anything..
we found the sonic manipulator guy, getting ready and straight up asked for his cd. i think he was kinda shocked about that, but i did say the next time i saw him we would get his cd.
after that we are walking back to the hotel and then to southern cross station to get a train back home. What a day! Used the heat pack on the train home on my back, hips and knees... got home and went and had a nap. Hubby woke me in time to watch the biggest looser, awww...

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maria said...

Thank you for this update!!

How nice to have had the surprise in your room from the boss! And nice of you too to get the thank you candy's in return! :-)

When I saw chocolate in your tags I immediately assumed you went to Max's! ;-)

The store credit deal on your HK card is pretty good! I'm glad you were able to pick some stuff up.. do some shopping for yourself.

What's Minotaur? I only remember it as a creature from history in High School? ;-/ What kind of store is it?

Re: Lasagne. Man... I have often asked (when ordering lasagne) if there is any bechamel sauce because I've been disappointed to get what you described (and showed us in the pics). Often I've been told "grated cheese on the top only" and then I change my mind about ordering lasagne.

The other day Jenna and I ordered a standard lasagne from a place called "Encore Pizza" here in Geelong. Cheap, franchise pizza. The lasagne served both of us (plenty for two people if you have a salad alongside of it or another side dish). And it was only $5.90.. and I ordered it as a quick meal because it mentioned the sauce in the decription. And boy was there sauce! Heaps of bechamel.. a cheesy lasagne with about 6 layers? (not so good for the weight of course)..but it didn't let us down.. It was very impressive, especially for the price! I remember watching a snob cooking show once and hearing that a true lasagne has 12 layers. I've never eaten one that tall! You? The best lasagne I've eaten in my life (and Paul would concur), is @a wedding reception. Paul and I received different entree's. I had a small serving of lasagne.. and it gourmet-in style..without much cheese. But! The meat was the best thing ever! It tasted like the most delicious roast lamb.. it was deeeelish! We discussed it with other guests at our table LOL... And we all agreed it tasted like "twice cooked" lamb. Like BBQ'd first..then slow cooked into a delicious bolognese!

I don't think I would have been happy with the limited space/noise and crowds this weekend.. going from your description. Jenna would have especially disliked that environment. (And we managed to avoid it at Rod Laver Arena too.. leaving before the last encore song was finished! Arriving right before it started!)... But I love things like markets and stalls.. generally. And a weekend in the city.. that appeals!

I'll put my photo comments under the Smilebox!