Friday, September 28, 2007

i love the rain

Yes, altho it makes me stay indoors and i dont usually go out shopping.. or so much. My favourite time for when it rains would have to be at night when i go to bed.. hearing the wind and the rain drops, for me is very soothing. i try to stay up to listen to the rain but end up falling asleep very quickly. (it rained last night & this morning)
I can look out to windows on opposite sides of the room, at this moment one window is grey/white and out the other window is a brilliant blue. Funny, but that happens alot lately.

I've been thinking alot of the 7kg whopper of a newborn bub.. obviously from the early ultrasounds they knew it was going to be a big one! And along with the bad care given to mums n bubs in trouble with hospitals ive been thinking about it alot. This clearly isnt a one-off thing, it happens alot and not just with bubs n mums..
But thinking about my experience. You go to the doctors you say ur pregnant, they whisk you off to the toilet to pee in a cup.. they ask u when ur cycle started and then get the pathology back to estimate how far along you are.. with that info they gave me the due date of 11th may. it made sense, i went to the first ultrasound where they smear cold jelly on ur tummy and tell you that pixelated image is your baby they take photos of its arm bones, face, feet your cervix etc.. From the measurement of Tia's arm bone from the ultrasound they said she was older and my due date was then the 6th of may! (and now i can think back on that and say thats impossible..)
to cut this part of the story short, Tia was born on the 11th may! her original due date!
It was mothers day, i decided not to go to church that morning as i didnt feel well! I told my mum i was having some pain like a period pain.. and from then completely forgot it was mothers day until it was over..
I could have made a scientologist envious at the birth.. i was very quiet except for a "oh my god" when Tia came out.. oh the relief! lol! I was quiet during labour didnt ask for any pain meds and so the nurses were telling me i could go home!!! I had to ask for them to to a internal check and they were shocked! (so despite reading the bub magazines of other mums stories of nurses wanting to check all the time and then the birthing class constantly telling us not to let them do internal checks till the very end) (apologies if your eating your breakfast!!!)

In other good news, its friday!!! YAY!!

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Maria said...

I had my head buried in my girl's father's shoulder and I howled and screamed like an animal. Never in my life did I think I'd ever do something like that with 'other people' around. It was that bad it was like an out of body experience. I ended up never dialating past 5cm after 21 hrs and had an emergency caesar. (I was a public patient and was told by a few sources afterwards that had I been a 'private' patient they would never have let me go that long). The epidural around 15hr mark didn't work (it affected my heart.. they had to withdraw the needle) - So when I read/hear stories about drug-free birth's I cannot relate and I'm certain that not everyone feels the same pain!! I've had three gastric ulcers at the same time that were at 'bleeding point'.. and at hospital beggging for pain relief, I still think that was worse..because that lasted for months (the aftermath even after they healed there was pain). But with childbirth.. the rippling after effects don't usually last that long. My pelvis was too narrow (pelvic disproportion they called it). Hence failure to progress.

When I read your experience I was like "Wish that was my experience!" I was envious of all the 'natural birth' Mums at hospital because I became very sick after the birth..infection.. cellulitis.. I could have died.. LOTS of pain..every joint in my body hurt because of high fever.. I couldn't walk, couldn't feed the baby or change her.. it was a horrible time with intravenous antibiotics ..3 kinds, 4 times a day. I wanted to be in trakky dacks strolling the wards like the other Mums. But then a nurse reminded me that "50 years ago you would have died, there were no caesarians back then.. or drugs like this to help you"...

The day shift nurses were dragons and I hated being in there so much but at night time I had respite because the night shift staff were far more placid and kind! My hubby who is a nurse says this is the same in non-maternity area's of a hospital too. Interesting! Did you get nice treatment in hospital?

I don't mean to say any of that (my birth story) to big note myself and to detract from your birth experience.. You said yourself a scientologist would have envied your experience!! You would be great encouragement for newly pregant Mum's who are terrified of childbirth! Tell them it was "ok", drug free.. and even noise free! But I hear from others with more than one child that the 2nd isn't always the same experience.. I'd be curious to know how you'd go with another one! For your sake I hope it'd be the same kind of experience! I'd be curious to know how big Tia was at birth? Jenna was two weeks overdue and weighed 8lb 4.5oz --which was 3725grams. 53.5cm long. Not a petite thing! I sometimes wonder if she were a 3.2kg baby (more average) then could I have given birth naturally?

P.S. I LoVE winter..and the rain too!