Monday, March 31, 2008


Living in Victoria, where the court cases are still being heard or yet to be heard and judged has meant that Underbelly the tv series does not air in Victoria.. every other state just not here.
And yet i know alot of people who have already seen the whole series, due to the leaks, piracy and so forth..
In truth i couldnt be bothered to even watch it..
i have no interest in it at all..
not even that its considered breaching court orders for it to be screened (mostly in public venues) makes it the slightest more interesting... to me at least.. yet to victorians who can't watch it each week.. theyve gone out of their way to purchase the season and watch it.. lend it around.. watch it via web, download it via torrents and so forth..
But what has me wondering, if why ban it on tv, when the books are ok? What's the point? that to read the book for free you would have to borrow it from the library or the alternative to actually buy it..

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