Sunday, March 2, 2008

angry and stinky

ugh. Yesterday, i decided to stop putting off doing the laundry. I rarely ever do any housework on the weekend. Not wanting to spend time away from hubby.. but i had put off doing the laundry all week.. and a girl only has so many underpants, socks and maternity-tops.
2 loads of washing and all of it in one dryer.
I had the whole place to myself, which isn't that unusual.. altho not having Tia around was..
The dryer is half way thru drying the clothes, where i get out all of hubby's work shirts, 1/2 dry. (i find that if they are dry and i squish them into the lil shopping trolley/buggy they get crinkled beyond the ability of my crappy $10 iron. So instead 1/2 dry/wet in the buggy and put on clothes hangers to dry)
half way... i'm very happy playing my DS.. still addicted to my new game.
when teenagers decide they will sit in the laundromat and smoke, all 4 of them. They were definitely under-age smokers. One a girl, didn't buy in straight away that they could smoke in there. But there is a smoker-fill-me-with-cancer-ash bowl that does get used. All 4 of them took up all the seats.. Oh and yeah did i mention they weren't doing laundry, they were waiting and then consuming their chips from next door.. even tho the chip shop has tables n chairs outside.

I wait for the dryer to finish playing my ds, outside the laundromat. As i can't breathe inside, its like putting your head right into a chimney.. my cold is easing up and getting better.. but with that much smoke... damn right pisses me off..
makes me ssssooooooooooooooo want to move out ASAP so i can get my own washing machine again! The lease is over, its now just a waiting and praying game of finding a new place..

i walk in to get the clothes out of the dryer and into the buggy asap.. they wanna look at my underwear go ahead.. do i care?! no..

I leave pretty upset, pissed off.. i stink!!!!!! I'm shocked, i tell myself that the smoke just be in my nose or something.. but no it isn't. i walk in and hubby says 'have you been with a smoker?' err and we can leave out my reply to that! :( My hair stank, my skin stank, my clothes stank.. i had to shower and wash my hair, i couldn't stand it any longer!!!!
Hubby says to me, wow did your hair stink! I am so glad your not a smoker!!!!

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maria said...

What a sucky laundrymat experience.. Man.. You needed someone with you to tell those chip-eating smokers to *get packing*! Sorry that you had that experience.. I feel sorry that you did :-(

I don't like visiting Paul's brother because he and his wife smoke and even though you're sitting outside on the verandah or in their drinking garage... your clothes still stink of smoke..and yes.. it's in your hair too.

Will keep you in my prayers for a new place my friend.. I can hardly wait myself until you move.. it will be a happy day! :-)