Monday, March 17, 2008

where have i been?

Busy playing tetris with my mum on the 360, out shopping and showing off all the lolly and the lincraft & spotlight stores among everything else shops we have locally.

***NOTE if anything doesnt make sense and i dont use grammar and everything just turns into 1 big sentenance with sp mistakes its coz its damn fracking hot and the laptop is like typing on a heater. so deal with it. i might be nice and come back when the melbourne heat wave is o-v-e-r. my sympathy to all those in S.A****

umm so anyways i'll have some pictures up tomorrow when i have control of the pc.
i'll let u in on my rash... digestion.... horray.. err

and probably rant about china locking down tibet and making it impossible to get any info out of the area or pictures on any human rights abuses and so forth. come on china, u need not hide it.. we already know ur as guilty as O.J simpson and getting away with it.. olympics anyone????? PAH!!!!!!!!!!

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maria said...

I'm not here to judge your grammar and spelling.. so any posts you can do are good :-)

Good choice of words "control" of the computer. With Paul/Jenna and one computer @Pauls..I never seem to have much control of that one computer for long. Now we have one at home now.. as you know.. And I guess I'll have to stand my ground sometimes with Jenna.. As she's been doing a lot of PC Sims lately.