Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ok first off Nori is mellowing... as opposed to a extremely stressed *in heat* teenager (who eats kitten food) there is peace in the house... she showed signs of going back to normal on sunday(as in she could walk without her tail kinked to the side and quiet) Then she had a day of full on, I NEED CUDDLES! I WILL NOT LET U PUT ME DOWN, GIVE ME LOOOOVEEEEEE!!!!
*just great when im trying to get her not to jump up me, or up on me(the difference is in the claws) as with the bub coming, i cant have her jumping up on me if im holding or feeding the baby*

Onto the baby stuff.... The cot and change table from toys r us got delivered on monday at 9am! wow! It cost $20 per item for delivery, the delivery guy drove a ute?! Not only that but he carried a 31kg (says on the box) box that was the cot by himself! Not only that but he was 50+years old easy! WOW!! Finally done what ive wanted to do for ages now!!! Wash the baby clothes, blankets and sheets! Just 4 weeks to go (if it decides on appearing on the 'due date')
Only now ive realised the baby doesnt have its own furniture for clothes.. so they will have to stay in a basket somewhere out of the reach of Nori and Tia!!!

Onto Tia stuff, well..... she is loving it when i read her a book... i watched a bit of the new *hit* with the kids since teletubbies was taken over by boo-bah which is now replaced with 'in the night garden' the character names are as usual over the top, names that can only be repeated by kids.. altho the girl is called upsy daisy.. Tia also discovered where the band-aids were in the bathroom and quietly played with them, sticking them on toys and more recently today she put one on her forehead and one across her nose... a new fashion trend perhaps? err...

Ive been out in the garden attacking some weeds, especially the ones flowering! eep!!! So dont need any more weeds! I cleaned the place up alot today! Considering i attempted to put the change table together by myself and that just didnt work.. the change table came with packaging stuff including thin sheets of polystrene to which Tia turned into 'snow' in the lounge room.. Ive found the overnight bags and started to put together my bags for the hospital. I found my last stay in public hospital with the food interesting. The food was mostly good, i remember missing out on breakfast one morning as Tia bub and I had been up mostly thru the early morning.. that sucked! (it was delivered and not eaten by the time they came back) This time im taking along chuppa chups and museli bars for those times i feel like im starving!!! Not that im planning on staying for very long. When i say very long to people they say, 'yeah 3 days is good'... LMAO. To me 3 days is a very long time!!!

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maria said...

Yes, I'm amazed by the strength of some delivery-men! Makes me wonder if their backs ever hurt? Ouchy about the $20 per item for delivery..but I guess that's the going rate and some places might even charge more?

I still remember washing all the new baby things for Jenna too.. that was an 'ahhh' moment to read that you'd done that! :) ^^

I enjoyed the public hospital food I received in '95. I'm told these days none of it comes from the hospital kitchens and nothing is cooked on site. It's done at a big kitchen out of town with the 'cook-chill' method and then reheated. Paul says that even the food at the private hospital where he works can sometimes be flavourless..(that comes from cook-chill too). Though sometimes he sings the praises of a dish. They always have extra meals left over.. usually a 'gluten free' one as they chuck one onto the trolley just incase someone turns up on the ward who is gluten intolerant who hasn't had a chance to pre-order a meal. It's usually steamed chicken breast and vegies.

I'd be curious to know what your food will be in hospital. I was in hospital 8 days with Jenna because I had cellulitis (after an emergency caesar under a general an.) and was very sick.. I **hated** being in there and I kept being told to enjoy it because I had less responsibility in hospital than I would at home. I was in too much pain to even change or hold Jenna until about day 6. I just wanted out of there I distinctly remember that. Though prior to going in I probably would have thought I'd love to stay in and have meals delivered to me. It was just a different story once I was there. There were some bitch-nurses..But strangely the night shift nurses were all lovely.

I really hope all goes smoothly for you my friend.. and that the birth plan in your mind (and hearts desire) comes to fruition! :-)