Monday, June 23, 2008

Girl names

Since its going to be a complete surprise to whether its girl/boy...
So its bout time we look at some girl names, (since its a 50/50 chance lol)

Adora (aka princess Adora who turns into She-ra, sister to He-man)
(yes the short version is dora.. which i dont like so much)Its a latin origin meaning gift or beloved.

Aurora (aka sleeping beauty)
From a Latin expression meaning "dawn," (short version is rory.. which i dont like)
Yuna pronounced 'You-nah'
(just a few origins and meanings 0.o) (aka Yuna from Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2 games)
African- Good looks, Japanese- Superiority apple, Breton-Desire

Sophitia pronounced 'soo-feet-tee-ah'
One james keeps bringing up. (aka Sophitia from Soulcalibur game series)
Greek- Wise goddess
other names i like: Autumn (even tho its a winter baby), Aiyana, Coco... thoughts on any others?

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maria said...

Hello! I read this post the other night and I decided to look up girls names..and after about half an hour I couldn't find anything that jumped out at me. For some reason I just can't remember which names I like anymore.. lol! I used to really like Jenna! And I guessed I used it :-D I always thought I'd call my daughter "Allira"..but Jenna's Dad was Italian and 'Lira' is Italian currency and he said "I'm not having my child being worth one Lira"! His name started with 'J' he was desperate for a 'J' name..and it just so happened that I liked Jenna a lot.

Sophitia looks like a pretty name..but it could be shortened to "Sophi" I'm guessing? And you may have to set people straight.

I know someone who's daughter has a pretty name, it's "Freesia"..but not pronounced like the flower..not Free-zsha. It's pronounced "Free-sha". Their other daughters are called 'Tamar' from the Bible and 'Quinley'!!

Best wishes with choosing! I can't wait to find out whether you're having a boy or a girl and also what his or her name/s will be!! Please text message me when it happens!! ...of course..! ;)

M xo