Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Very late. Superhero movie review

(Seeing marias movie review, reminded me...) I had better do a review before i forget to much about the movie!

First off, i feel kinda stupid for seeing this movie... its definitely a 'teen' movie... a movie that hubby would say (and did when i explained some of the funny scenes) that he had lost I.Q points! Its a movie i would not openly say that i went to see.. but i did.. with Tia! (there was 1 other person in the cinema.. so i did actually laugh out loud a few times.. but with the jokes, they were funny and then for the next 2 minutes your sitting back thinking, ugh enough already the farting isnt funny anymore!!!!)
"With great responsibilities comes bitches!"

The movie contains many many rip offs.. and that bit was great. We see alot of spiderman scenes, e.g missing the buss, being biten (this time by a dragonfly), assisting in someone stealing money only to have his uncle shot by that same person, the batman scene of his parents dying (however it was his fault for trying to be a 'hero' that he kills his own parents), the spiderman and love interest kiss on the ladder, theres the not-funny take off (i think i gasped at the time) about the x-men and the mutant college altho the sign says for non-asians.. im guessing thats making fun (at the studio of x-men/marvel etc) of the fact that there are NO asians in the movie x-men?

The hero is 'dragonfly', the villian is 'hourglass'. The most ripped off character is Stephen hawkings!!! Alot of bad stuff happens to steven hawkings and he swears the most as well... 0.o

Fake superheros that make 'cameos', Storm, wolverine, the human torch, the invisible woman(pamela anderson) and a take off of the two combined; professor X (but is african american) and the incredibles.. seeing as they (his family) are all dressed (in a suit n tie) like professor X (down to the little baby, they are ALL bald and all african american) oh and its a whole family each with their own super powers, he has a wife, a son, daughter and the baby. (who all live/attend the college.. follow him around etc)
they also rip off the tom cruise you tube videos...

The humor is below the table kind.. if u think farting, peeing and dumb arses are funny then this is a great movie.. however if you consider yourself a stable, intellectual, conservative, mature person well then youd be happy to know its no longer at the movies and not to buy it on dvd unless you cant think of any other better christmas present for a male 14+


maria said...

Glad to have your perspective on it. Jenna was tempted to see it with her Dad..but didn't. None of us have seen the movie except for the Tom Cruise parts. Jenna and I have had some chuckles watching that guy on YouTube.. mainly because we think Tom cruise can be somewhat hilarious himself (He's intense and takes himself seriously... with his stance on Scientology being the authority on so many things.. and you have to earn the title "Scientologist"..etc. What a burden.)!

I don't think I could get much from Superhero because I haven't seen Spiderman.. and any of the superhero movies to be honest. I might have watched Superman maaany years ago, back when Christopher Reeve played him.. but I don't even recall sitting through right through it.. I'm kind of hopeless when it comes to this genre of movies.

In the words of Austin Powers, "it's not my bag". But come to think of it..why is Tom Cruise being parodied in this..? I guess it's because he thinks he and other Scientologists are superhero's.. so well done to the filmakers on that one, LOL! Yeah.. fart jokes do wear thin.. but maybe not for teenage boys.

I love reading about the movies you see.. I hope you do more in the future?

I didn't feature a clip of 'Then She Found Me' in my review.. because I felt it didn't represent the film properly. X_X (Is that the correct pair of eyes for that statement)?

Tiffany said...

that is a correct pair of eyes for that statement. :)

i hope i get to see alot more movies this year too! Want to see: Hawking or hocking? something like that its the new will smith hero movie.. prince caspian (james says looks like its the nest 2 books of the narnia series in 1 movie) prince caspian and the silver throne? all in one?
sex in the city to breathe in all the NY, Manhattan stuff, the clothes, shoes and to see where the characters are in the years that have passed.. whoo..
and wall-e if it gets released this year.. and kung fu panda (as if i could forget) i know one is a december-ish movie the rest are june and july! and maybe if james wants to see it the incredible hulk movie.. x.x

p.s the fart scene in the movie will be a youtube hit! considering its in part of a love scene.. and the turkey stuffing scene the aunt just keeps putting the weirdest stuff in the turkey stuffing cavity.. alot of pretty immature stuff..