Friday, May 16, 2008

is there a emergency exit?

(what a clever comic eh!)

Ugh, for awhile now it ive been feeling verrrrry uncomfortable in the preggy belly. Its as if the little one is trying to swim north or west, east.. as if it was looking for a emergency exit or something.. it can get like that.. a extreme tight feeling. I swear i felt like a foot once pushing out in one of thoose extreme stretching feelings...

Ive figured out what the hiccups feel like. When the bub has hiccups this far along at 31 weeks it feels like i have a extra heart beat down near my hips. It has the hiccups alot lately. I can feel the hiccups are quite south and then i get prodded up north of the belly, so im hoping that it is upside down.. ready to go already. im in and out of the looop this time around... trying to remember it all..

In other news;
Tia's lip is all healed up! She really needed the pain relief after it was split, it really did look painful. It got the swelling right down, calmed her somewhat... For some reason they only had 7 ages + kids panadol which the doseage is worked out in weight anyways which suited her and then we halved the doseage still.. and then she only had a few sips of it after that anyways.. she ended up with a bad cold, which has gone back to a snotty nose.. which i prefer over coughing..
She went on a walk with her daddy and he told her they were going to a rocket ship shop (jaycar) she (being space captain tia at the time) was pretty disapointed and asked him where the rocket ships were?! lol..

Nori had some 'playing' time out the back, altho we did loose track of her and then she was found still in our yard.. thank God! She was driving hubby nuts as i was outside prunning all the dead stuff and Nori was constantly crying, wanting to get out! (and a few times she did runners out the door when I, hubby or Tia tried to get outside!) So need to get her a collar.. seeing as she can climb the fence?! She is a killer cat.. that i wish was more fat and lazy... theres still hope that perhaps when she reaches adult age around christmas she will get over alot of stuff.. like tackling playfully the backs of legs, playing with beads on the floor boards at 3am.. I dont like the idea of her going out, not unless she is on a leash??.. keeping her inside away from other cats was a great saving on vaccinations, worming, de-fleaing (to a degree) she gets wormed all the time since im paranoid about worms!!!!! That and our council has rules on cats being inside 24hrs or something like that.. Also unless a tick got really big, it would be hard to see on a black cat... eeewwww ticks.. or is it too cold down in vic for ticks?

Hubby wants to have a bbq in 2 weeks time, inviting everyone from work over.. first off it was going to be held outside. (until i brought up how cold it is outside come 5pm and later!) Then i bought up chairs, tables... stuff we dont have like say... A BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl.. to which he said could all be supplied... but im still anxious, nervous bout the whole thing.. (tho ive been told i dont have to be.. and theres no reason) oh and the entertainment for the night is ddr????!!!! yes, im afraid every function we have had, video games is the entertainment.. one time it was the playstation eyetoy, which went well.. everyone had a laugh at everyone standing up and looking silly. For some reason im just worried about the house tour.. the general emptiness of the house.. the lack of decorating, furniture etc... which i will have to get over b4 i drive myself nuts!!!!!

theres no one living on either side of us at the moment. The one on the otherside of a bit of green park comes with a homeless man.. who sleeps under the pine trees on the back fence, with all his rubbish, wine bottles etc.. the otherside is a pretty nice place, bit more expensive than here, a extra room.. So its been extra quiet lately!!!


maria said...

Thanks for the update!

Not long to go now... and you'll have two children, a killer cat and a hubby! Our cat Phoebe can fit into the 'fat and lazy' category..however, she still has her frisky moments and wants to play. She'll play soccer with a biro on the floor... gift ribbon.. Christmas baubles are her fav. Because she's semi-fluffy it adds to her fat appearance!

Glad Tia is over her lip accident.. and her cold too? So many people around have colds at the moment.

We've been invited to a BBQ.. one of Paul's work mates.. a woman.. who is hosting a BBQ to farewell some nurses from Utah, USA who have been visiting. I don't feel like going and being among the nurse crowd (they're all 'tight' with one another.. I always feel like a black sheep around them). But Jenna and I were asked to come to.. and I think this lady who invited us would be hurt if we didn't want to go. It's BYO everything..and hubby and I joke about this.. because he knows that me being from Europe.. it's not the European way. But of course I've been to many "byo everything" BBQ's like this. It's just so "the opposite" of the tradition I grew up with .. where the host supplies everything and the guests bring nothing. If the guests bring something it can be seen as an insult actually.. eg. "Is our food not good enough for you?" type of thing. When I had my 30th.. I catered and even supplied beer, wine and softdrinks. Some of my Australian friends kept asking "Are you sure we don't need to bring anything?".. One family couldn't help but bring more beer (but they kept it in their car boot). When I ran out of beer about 10 minutes before the party ended..the guy goes "See.. I told you - you wouldn't have enough grog"..and he went out and got his own.. Pfft! Yes.. the party cost me a fortune.. I even had games/prizes.. but it was fun (and a lot of work for one person to do).

If you do have this BBQ I hope it goes well.. and yeah.. I guess you'll just have to forget about what you do and don't have in the house for your own peace of mind. Maybe some people may see what you don't have and then offer you their spare appliances or furniture or something? :-)

p.s. what exactly is this 'jaycar' (rocketship shop)? hehe

maria said...

P.S. It's lovely that you are recognising the hiccuping.. and there is lots of movement happening. I hope you are comfortable though.. at least able to sleep?