Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Progressing along...

Im now 28weeks pregnant. I need to get a wriggle-on with some things that NEED doing.
They are:
1) book in with the hospital midwives. Answers questions when i feel like they are just thinking "ok why did she leave it this late? whats wrong with her?" When in simple truth.. i feel fine re pregnancy! Everything is progressing well, im getting a big belly.. lots of kicks.. reflux, veins... and stuff thats TMI ;)

2) Looking at a double pram. Alyssa will be 13months old. She will be walking by then.. but have u ever walked at baby speed for anything longer than a few minutes? lol..

3) Figuring out Alyssa & Baby sleeping arrangements. Will Alyssa still be in our room + the newborn? How will Tia's room be changed to possibly even fit Alyssa's cot in there?!

4) Move or not to move... gah x.x i think this is up in the air, much like the sleeping and living of all the girls. If we find a place big enough & still be a fair price then i guess we would move. It would have to be somewhere between the shops and Tia's school. (not that i'd feel particularly safe living in those streets. I know alot of people in government housing or 1-2bd flats are NOT crims but our first place down here REALLY has me scarred!)

5)catch up with all the mail & stuff.. ive got prez, bills and cards that i need to send off. The post office moved & I'm silently protesting! x.x

Alyssa is slowly undoing the filing.. and eating it apparently. Better sign off here then! Hope everyone is having a great week and getting stuff done!

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Jenna said...

its gud that the pregnancy is doin well.. hope you find what you need/want for a gud price.. i make jackson TRY to walk at my speed.. he's getting REALLY heave!!

maria said...

I agree.. great that the pregnancy is progressing well!

A double-pram sounds essential! I know how much single prams cost.. can't imagine what doubles cost. Are you planning a new or secondhand one? My girl didn't walk until 18 months.. and boy there were plenty of peeps telling me "Oh mine walked at 9mths!" .. words to this effect! I was i constant touch with the 'mothercraft nurses' or whoever they are now.. the one's you have your regular appt' with? --And they always assured me she was progressing fine.

You guys will be a sizey family.. being '5'. It does sound like you need a bigger house? But I hear you re: concerns about the neighbourhood and it being affordable too. And moving is so stressful!

I can relate to being behind in posting stuff. Didn't even post MIL's Mother's Day card until *after* the date. It was a big week with finishing up work, P sick & J's bthday too.

Anyway, sending hugz ^^ xox