Friday, May 8, 2009

feelin' sleepy...

first off the picture sorta explains itself.. lol. However alot more went into than just going "oh darn spanish subs" first there was the searching, i looked at a few options, decided on this one... waited for it to download, went to play it using quicktime and got a "error 2002" some movie atom error x.x searching that error only gave me the ways to fix it if u had vista, ipods etc (not helpful in my case at all) considering we run XP and its just a MP4 file. Tried using microsoft media player and no it didnt have the codec for it to run, therefore it would not work thru the 360. Anyways (hope im not boring u with all this..if so go to next paragraph) decided on converting the file from MP4 to avi.. seeing that it would take 90mins on this slow pc i decided i'd use a feature in the converting software that plays the file.. hmm yes it did work. Ok now then.. lets check the subs takes screenshot (the preview window is so small i couldn't work out the words). Finds screenshot and oh darn?! spanish?! gah x.x looks up file again reads "spanish subs" ROFL!!!!!!!!!

My lack of good sleep... thankful that i can sleep.. i am just now entering the phase of where i have to wake up to roll over, and no i cant sleep on my back (bad for circulation) *sigh*

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Mario said...

haha must say it's a funny entry xD and boring? girl now you are talking my language!

i got my Macross Frontier from Lunar, english subs, give them a try

maria said...

Well... it isn't talking my language when you talk about gaming and XBoxes and stuff like that..but it's still funny that you downloaded something Japanese with Spanish subtitles. Sounds like it would cause a headache if you tried to watch from start to finish!

Thanks for the mini-preggy-glimpse-update too :)

Jenna said...

subtitles hurt my eyes